General Measure New Linear Feeder Packing Machine LF-5K

General Measure New Linear Feeder Packing Machine LF-5K

General Measure Technology Co. Ltd. (China) - Press Release: General Measure LF-5K is a linear feeder for granular materials and some powder materials. The vibratory feeding mechanism achieves multi-stage feeding. The pneumatic cylinder drives fast discharging. LF-5K linear feeder has a wide weighing range from 0.25kg to 5kg with ±2~5g accuracy and 15pcs/min, which can be widely used in quantitative packaging machinery of grain, feed, chemical, rubber, and plastic industries. 

LF-5K has an automatic weighing type dosing function with two-speed vibration feeding control. Easy operation design leads to setting the target value only, it can automatically adjust to the optimal dosing speed within the guarantee of accuracy. SS304 stainless steel is used for packing material contact parts. Historical data can be stored and exported by USB.

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