Meet graviCAL – A (weighty) new player

Meet graviCAL – A (weighty) new player

graviCAL GmbH (Germany) - Press Release: graviCAL – A (weighty) new player.

Sales of quality weights and a DAkkS-accredited service laboratory:

“What doesn’t fit is made to go fit”. If anyone hearing this phrase thinks of an unsubtle, motorised “bending” of work results, in graviCAL’s case they’d be quite wrong. Here, everything is indeed made to fit, but always with great precision and meticulousness. Because at this new service provider, everything revolves around weights. And these are used, among other things, in areas where a few micrograms of difference can be decisive. Weights are usually used together with scales. That’s why graviCAL also offers professional, one-stop precision scale calibration.

Precise, fast and certified:

As a subsidiary of a renowned specialist in weighing technology, graviCAL can draw on many years of experience in the weight measurement field. Our climate-controlled calibration laboratory complies with the internationally recognised DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 standard. Our service portfolio includes the calibration of mass standards, weights and scales as well as test equipment monitoring. graviCAL is accredited by the German Accreditation Body (DAkkS) and is a member of the German Calibration Service (DKD) and ILAC (International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation), an international association of accreditation bodies.

Why so precise?

As a rule, you need a scale to determine a weight. It’s fundamentally important that the measured values displayed by the scales are also “correct”. This is because incorrect or inaccurate measurement results can quickly have economic consequences and result in high costs. Therefore, the testing equipment (weights) used to check scales for accuracy should also be checked regularly. During this process, they are calibrated correctly straightaway and adjusted if required. In the case of calibration according to DAkkS specifications, the entire procedure and traceability to the national “standard” (a scale manufactured with particular accuracy, in this case a weight) is precisely documented. In this way, an electronic scale, test weight or other measuring device becomes a reliable measuring and testing instrument.

As a company with integrated, certified quality management (e.g. according to ISO 9000ff, TS 16949, VDA, FDA, GLP, GMP, ...), we’re obliged to check our measuring equipment and scales regularly. We fulfil this normative requirement with an internationally recognised calibration certificate according to DAkkS specifications, which confirms an audit according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005.

Large selection of quality weights:

The weight specialists at graviCAL offer a large number of weights in various classes (E1, E2, F1, F2 and M1). Likewise, weight sets and accessories for almost every application. Naturally compliant with the specifications of the OIML (International Organisation of Legal Metrology). Available in robust cast iron or highly polished stainless steel. You can order weights, for instance, in our online shop individually or as a set in their corresponding professional, padded containers (also including tweezers and cotton gloves). In this way, users can ensure that their scale(s) have a constant weighing performance and accuracy at all times.

Expert contact persons:

Qualified staff who receive regular training updates are happy to help customers with any questions they may have. For special requirements, customised solutions are devised and put together. The company’s own laboratory, which is equipped with high-precision mass comparators, helps in this regard. Regular employee audits ensure that our high standards are met at an international level.

Informative website including online shop:

At the website (see link below), potential customers and any interested party are able to obtain information on the subject of weights and order test weights and accessories in our easy-to-navigate online shop. graviCAL staff can also be contacted via email or phone for any enquiries.

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