HBM’s PW22 Load Cell meets requirements of scales manufacturer and certification body

HBM’s PW22 Load Cell meets requirements of scales manufacturer and certification body
HBM - Hottinger Baldwin Messtechnik GmbH (Italy) - Number of weighing operations in multi-head weigher doubled.

In 2006, HBM developed the PW22 single point load cell in cooperation with the Italian company Simionato, producer of linear, batching and multi-head weighers combined with vertical packaging machines. HBM produced various prototypes, certified the load cell and made possible the industrial manufacture of the product with several measuring ranges. The load cell is still successfully in operation and allows to double the number of weighing operations.

Specially developed for use in multi-head weighers:
Simionato placed high demands on the load cell's properties: “The PW22 load cell has been designed by Simionato and HBM specifically for RCW Simweight multi-head weighers. It meets all the precision, speed and thermal stability requirements of the OIML R60 international recommendation for load cells”, explains Francesco Renzulli, responsible for the Metrology Sector.

However, the load cell not only had to fulfill Simionato's requirements. OIML criteria had to be met as well. The OIML recommendation indicates the specifications a load cell must meet to be considered conforming to static and automatic weighing system requirements. The PW22 load cell has been certified by one of the most recognized accredited laboratories in Europe with a reputation for being also one of the most severe in terms of regulatory compliance.

PW22 for dynamic weighing:
HBM's PW22 load cells are competitive products offering the very highest performance compared to other OML R60 certified load cells on the market. The load cell has a minimum verification interval of 0.5 g and 6 kg maximum capacity, with a guaranteed 12,000 real reading points. This high level of sensitivity means that a multi-head weigher can be homologated with a scale division of +/- 0.5 g.

Number of weighing operations doubled:
The Simionato R&D division also tested the settling times (reading speed and result stability), which were half that of competitors' load cells. Thanks to their fast reading times, multi-head weighers fitted with PW22 load cells can perform twice as many weighing operations as other multi-head weighers on the market. The temperature chamber test was equally important. It confirmed compliance with the zero and gain drift required by OIML R61-1.

More certifications will follow:
As well as having been certified by PTB, the PW22 has been tested by accredited laboratories (EUROTEST and CERMET) in all the Metrology tests during the homologation of the Simweight multi-head weighers and the new ATOM line. The RCW will soon also be MID (Measuring Instruments Directive) certified.

About Simionato Integrated Packaging System srl:
Simionato has been developing and producing linear, batching and multi-head weighers combined with vertical packaging machines since 1963. The combined offer makes the Simionato solution unique. The company takes pride in the constant innovation of fully-functional packaging systems. Today, Simionato is part of the HayssenSandiacre Group, and can develop an even wider range of machines and services.

About HayssenSandiacre:
HayssenSandiacre is a world leader in FFS technology and services. Its VFFS and HFFS (Vertical and Horizontal Form Fill Seal) machines are innovative and extremely fast, filling and packaging thousands of foodstuffs and a wide range of other products for the industrial, institutional and retail distribution sectors. HayssenSandiacre is based in Greenville-Spartanburg, South Carolina. The company is part of the Barry-Wehmiller Group, the top automated packaging group in the western world.

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