HLC-2000 Wheel Loader Scale helps A.L. Hearon Trucking & Contracting increase profits

HLC-2000 Wheel Loader Scale helps A.L. Hearon Trucking & Contracting increase profits

MOBA Mobile Automation AG (USA) - A.L. Hearon Trucking & Contracting has been hauling various aggregate materials to customers in and around Chattanooga, TN for over 40 years. With a recent expansion of his hauling operation and more inbound customers that buy masonry sand and gravel directly from his yard, company owner Alvin Hearon started to become concerned about losses when trucks were not loaded properly.

Realizing a Problem:

Alvin is quick to point out that certain grades of sand and gravel are expensive. Unknowingly loading a customer dump truck with too much material, without charging for the right amount, begins to cut into profits. But how does a loader operator know if he is loading the correct amount of material… or not?

“We felt we were losing a lot of material”, Alvin says reflectively. “But we didn’t know exactly much we were losing.”

Alvin believed there had to be a better way to load trucks than just by sight. Loading loose commodities by volume is always a visual guesstimate at best. The only way to really know is to weigh the product(s) onsite. This is something not easy to do unless there is an in-ground scale close by; something Alvin did not have.

Finding a Solution:

With some research, it became apparent that an on-board scale system would be a better solution to Alvin’s problem. More specifically, a scale system mounted onto the wheel loader to weigh each bucket of material would be best because this would allow instant feedback during, not after, the loading process. But with several wheel loader scale systems on the market, which one would be the best fit for Alvin and his team?

Positive Results with the MOBA HLC 2000 Scale:

MOBA Mobile Automation has been developing and manufacturing mobile weighing and automation technology since the early 1970s. Wheel loader weighing systems from MOBA determine the exact weight of material quickly and reliably to improve production efficiency and loading cycle times. The system adds up the weight of the material in each bucket and displays a running total loaded onto the truck for easy load management. With its special focus on ergonomics, it excels where other systems fail.

For Alvin, a reliable yet easy-to-use system was the most important factor in deciding which company to go with. Having someone to set-up, calibrate, and train his team to use the system was also a must. MOBA emerged as best company to fix Alvin’s problem. By incorporating the MOBA HLC 2000 Wheel Loader System, A.L. Hearon Trucking & Contracting has streamlined their operations, boosted their bottom line and they have a tool to grow with and continue their success.

“My experience dealing with MOBA has been phenomenal”, Alvin says. “I would recommend anyone to just talk to them and give them a try. They will be perfectly satisfied.”

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