Intercomp Announces Release of Ultra-Low Profile Portable Weigh-In-Motion Scales

Intercomp Announces Release of Ultra-Low Profile Portable Weigh-In-Motion Scales

Intercomp Company (United States) – Press Release: Intercomp, the world’s largest manufacturer of portable vehicle weighing and measurement products, announces its new LS788-WIM™ Portable Weigh-In-Motion (WIM) Scale System, designed with groundbreaking features and a highly-transportable, low-profile form factor. 

The foundation of the new LS788-WIM™ Scale System is Intercomp’s robust, proven strain gauge technology, offering superior field dependability, accuracy and ease of operation compared to hydraulic or quartz-based scales. With a total system capacity up to 60,000 lb (30,000 kg), the scales are deployed in a pair of easily transportable, aerospace-grade aluminum platforms that are solid-state, and offer wireless communication in reliable, solar-powered rechargeable operation.  

Providing both in-motion and static weighing, the LS788-WIM™ delivers accuracy of 2% to 3% dynamically at speeds of up to 10 mph (16 km/h) and exceptional ± 0.5% static weighing precision. The 35 inch (89 cm) wide low-profile scale platforms allow the LS788-WIM™ to handle dual-tired vehicles with ease.  Used along with roll-up portable ramps, the system measures just 0.87 inches (22 mm) in height and can easily weigh vehicles either statically or in motion. 

“The LS788-WIM™ System is our newest advanced, low-profile strain gauge scale designed for ease of operation, field accuracy and easy transport,” said Jon Arnold, Market Specialist at Intercomp. “One person can set it up in less that 15 minutes, and the entire system fits easily in the back of a vehicle, making it the ideal system for rapid deployment in portable enforcement sites.” 

The LS788-WIM™ system features Intercomp’s RFX® wireless-ready remote communication capabilities as standard, allowing the scale system to communicate weight data wirelessly to RFX®-enabled WIM indicators, displays, CPUs or PCs. With line-of-sight connectivity up to 300 ft (90 m), the technology facilitates multiple scales onsite while protecting the safety of officials on the ground who need no longer approach scales around moving vehicles to get a weight reading. 

To learn more about the new LS788-WIM™ Scale System, visit or contact Intercomp at 800-328-3336 or worldwide +1 763-476-2531.

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