International RADWAG Technical Meeting 2023

International RADWAG Technical Meeting 2023

RADWAG Balances and Scales (Poland) - Press Release: The “International RADWAG Technical Meeting 2023” was a gathering of technicians representing companies distributing our products. The event was held on June 20-21, 2023 at the company’s headquarters. The main highlight of the program were the workshops, during which engineers had the opportunity to learn from the inside about our latest products, such as:

  • MYA 5Y microbalance
  • XA 5Y and XA 5Y.A analytical balance
  • PMV 50.5Y microwave moisture analyzer
  • AP-12.5Y automatic device for multichannel pipette calibration 
  • CY10 industrial scales and their head – PUE CY10 weighing terminal
  • E2R software

Day one (June 20, 2023) was devoted to seminars, which were held in the auditorium. The first was dedicated to the 5Y and CY10 series of products. After their characterization, the presenter demonstrated how the on-site installation should be carried out, as well as the after transport test and filter adjustment corelated to ambient conditions.

The topics of the second and third lectures were, one by one, the PMV 50.5Y microwave moisture analyzer and the AP-12.5Y automatic device for multichannel pipette calibration, specifically the on-site installation and the on-site test of both devices. The last seminar dealt with E2R software – installation, cooperation with balances and scales, and troubleshooting of typical errors.

After this powerful dose of knowledge we gave our distributors a moment of respite, that is, we invited them on a tour of RADWAG. In the evening, the guests participated in a festive dinner in Old Polish style.

The second day complemented the knowledge imparted on the previous day, i.e. practical activities in the form of workshops. Their participants were divided into five groups, and the workshops were held simultaneously, within separate stations. The subjects of the stations were the following products and issues: MYA 5Y microbalances, XA 5Y analytical balances, XA 5Y analytical balances in the context of quality control, XA 5Y.A analytical balances and PUE CY10 weighing terminal. The final highlight of each station was Q&A and troubleshooting.

The culmination of the “International RADWAG Technical Meeting 2023” was the award ceremony. We RADWAG rewarded selected distributors for long-standing and successful service cooperation.

This is another such event that we were honored to host. We organize them gladly, because nothing tightens ties like face-to-face meetings. We would like to thank all our Distributors for coming.

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