New Cubiscan S9 Pallet Dimensioner

New Cubiscan S9 Pallet Dimensioner

CubiScan (United States) - Press Release: Worldwide dimensioning solutions provider, Cubiscan, recently announced the addition of the Cubiscan S9 to its pallet dimensioning product line. Built to benefit shippers, the Cubiscan S9 integrates with a stretch wrapper to dimension and weigh palletized freight as the freight is being wrapped.

The Cubiscan S9 helps shippers eliminate and reduce invoice surprises by providing accurate and timely shipment data to carriers. As a result, shippers' invoices match their original carrier quotes and both shipper and carrier benefit. Shippers that use a Cubiscan S9 also benefit from better shipping rates. Carriers price in risk when they don’t have shipment data up front to cost freight and ensure appropriate revenue is earned.

The Cubiscan S9 can accurately measure objects ranging from 8”x 8”x 8” to 5’ x 5’ x 8’. A built-in camera provides images of each side of the pallet, helping mitigate damage, shortage claims, and carrier chargebacks.

Cubiscan’s Director of Sales, Jeff Wade, is excited about the addition of the S9. “We’re excited to roll out the Cubiscan S9. This system allows shippers to minimize touches by dimensioning their freight during the stretch wrap process while saving photos for verification purposes. This pallet dimensioner provides great value for distribution centers with volumes ranging from a few pallets up to 150 pallets per day.”

He continued, “One unique feature of the Cubiscan S9 is that it can also be installed without the stretch wrapper. A turntable scale combined with an CS S9 pallet dimensioner provides an accurate dimensioning option in a small footprint. Imagine dimensioning pallets near a wall in your warehouse that’s considered wasted space.”  


About Cubiscan:

For over 30 years, Cubiscan has led the automated dimensioning industry. In the 1980s, it became clear that accurate dimensions and weight were essential for warehousing, distribution, right-size packaging, and freight-manifesting applications. By the mid-1990s, the company had established itself as an innovative supplier of static and in-motion dimensioning systems. Today, Cubiscan continues to innovate and guide its customers to effective material handling solutions by offering the broadest range of dimension-scanning technology available. 

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