Kistler is awarded best-in-class OIML certificate for Weigh In Motion system

Kistler is awarded best-in-class OIML certificate for Weigh In Motion system

Kistler Group (Switzerland) - The 9835A Weigh In Motion system from Kistler was recently awarded a second OIML certificate. This provides official confirmation that the system accurately measures overall weights and axle loads of trucks at speeds of up to 120 km/h (and even 140 km/h for vans). The performance was achieved using only two rows of Lineas sensors ‒ making it the best system currently available on the market.

Soaring traffic volumes in many parts of the world are confronting governments as well as road owners and operators with major challenges. Overloaded trucks demand particular attention, because vehicle weight exerts an exponential influence on road wear and tear. With this knowledge in mind, growing numbers of operators are seeking solutions that can efficiently monitor their road infrastructure and ensure detection as well as direct enforcement of overloaded vehicles.

Traffic monitoring and weight enforcement made easy:

Weigh In Motion (WIM) solutions in the KiTraffic series from Kistler deliver a comfortable, automated solution for monitoring traffic and protecting roads against damage by overloaded vehicles. Lineas sensors integrated in the road surface accurately measure gross vehicle weight and axle loads, with measurement data available in real time as the basis for further action. And now, one of the solutions in Kistler's portfolio ‒ the 9835A Weigh In Motion system ‒ has been officially certified for correct measurement of different truck types at speeds of up to 120 km/h as well as vans at up to 140 km/h.

The sought-after certificate was issued by the Czech Metrology Institute (CMI), a member of the International Organization of Legal Metrology (OIML). Valid throughout the world, OIML certificates are generally acknowledged as proof of the excellence of measuring equipment. Tomas Pospisek, Global Market Development Manager for Road & Traffic at Kistler, comments: “Every country applies its own regulations for direct enforcement, but the OIML standard can be viewed as a common starting-point for local legislation.”

Several hundred test runs were completed with vehicles of different types (5-axle, 4-axle, 2-axle and vans), either in loaded or unloaded condition and at varying speeds of up to 140 km/h.

Pospisek again: “We met the requirements of accuracy class F10 for all vehicle types at all speeds ‒ but that's not all. We actually achieved this result with only two rows of Lineas sensors ‒ proving that the 9835A from Kistler is the best system in its class that is available on today's market.” - Tomas Pospisek, Global Market Development Manager for Road & Traffic at Kistler.

Best OIML certificate of available WIM systems:

The WIM solution from Kistler offers many more superior features: it can handle very high axle loads (up to 30 tons each), and there is no overall limitation on maximum measurable weight. Lineas quartz sensors have a 20-year track record of successful operation at temperatures ranging from  ‒40 to +80°C. Benefits such as these make the system suitable for universal use throughout the world ‒ and now it comes with the additional advantage of proven, certified accuracy under real-life conditions.

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