New Signal-Pack Grading, Weighing and Packaging Line for Semi-Finished Duck Meat Products

New Signal-Pack Grading, Weighing and Packaging Line for Semi-Finished Duck Meat Products

Signal-Pack (Russia) - Grading, weighing and packaging of chilled semi-finished products from duck meat.

In June 2020, a new line for grading, weighing and packaging of chilled semi-finished products from duck meat into thermoformer cells was launched at the production facilities of a large Russian meat processing plant.


Formation of a target weight of two product units (duck breast fillets or legs) for its subsequent packaging by a thermoformer   

The line consists of:

  • Conveyor scales with a grader,
  • Semi-automatic linear combination weigher model SP12-1L,
  • Infeed conveyor,
  • Gapping conveyor to set the gap between products,
  • Step-type Z- conveyor to move the product from a weigher to a thermoformer,
  • Product unloader to the thermoformer (for operators).

Production output of the line: 18-20 dose/min (up to 25).

Operating principle:

Conveyor scales with a grader.

Duck parts (duck breasts or legs) are placed manually on the conveyor with cells (one piece for each cell). The conveyor provides a necessary gap between the products for accurate weighing of the product by the conveyor scales.

When pieces of product pass through the conveyor scales, they are weighed and graded into four fractions by weight in accordance with a specified tolerance.

Parts which do not correspond to the set fractions of the product go through the conveyor scales directly to a feeding conveyor of semiautomatic combination weigher model SP-12-1L to weight the portions of two product pieces with the desired weight for further vacuum packaging or skin packaging of the product.

Semiautomatic linear combination weigher model SP12-1L:

An operator loads pieces of the product on empty weighing trays. The product is weighed and the weighing tray drops a dose to a storage tray by flipping over. The value of the piece weight in the storage tray is saved in the controller. Then, after the storage trays are loaded, the controller selects the combination of product weights closest to the set weight out of the twelve storage trays. The shutters of the storage trays used in combination are opened and the product dose is discharged on the take-away conveyor. The product dose is formed from two pieces of duck breasts or duck legs. Further, the product is conveyed to a thermoformer.

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