UTILCELL's New High Capacity Digital Load Cells MODEL 740D for Large Silos

UTILCELL's New High Capacity Digital Load Cells MODEL 740D for Large Silos

Utilcell (Spain) - Press Release: UTILCELL introduce the new high capacity digital load cells Model 740D for large silos, with nominal capacities of 100t, 200t, 400t and 600t per support point.

The use of these digital load cells in a large capacity silo offers multiple advantages, based on being able to read the weight at each support point individually, which allows you to continuously verify the levelling of the silo and have the best tool for maintenance of this large weighing system.

These Model 740D digital load cells are mechanically compatible with the Model 740 analog load cells, as well as sharing the same accessories specially designed for silos, with their built-in horizontal retention arm and a lift-off prevention system.

For the connection of digital load cells with RS-485 output, we have the SMART D and MATRIX II electronic weighing indicators, which in addition to provide the accurate weight reading, have specific screens to help with the levelling, diagnosis and maintenance of the weighing system.

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