New PT Limited PT210DIN Release - Smart indicator for Industrial Weighing

New PT Limited PT210DIN Release - Smart indicator for Industrial Weighing

PT Limited (New Zealand) - The PT210 is a smart indicator for industrial weighing process applications offering powerful PLC integration facilities; standard serial ports such as RS-232C, RS-485, up to 4 digital inputs and 6 relay outputs.

The PT210DIN is DIN rail mounted for easy installation in control cabinets and has analogue output and Modbus interface for system integration. The 6 relay outputs can be controlled by Modbus making the PT210DIN an ideal instrument for controlling weigh systems and peripherals.

The PT210 Series is available in a range of versions to connect by various fieldbus protocols such as Ethernet, Modbus, Profibus, Profinet, CANopen and also a version with analogue output.

Powerful calibration options including vCal, Electronic calibration without test weights supporting fast easy setup and service. The PT210 features adaptive filtering for fast settling, high display resolution and a speed of up to 1600 conversions per second.

It’s small size with a clear display and requiring little space in control cabinets makes it a good choice in control systems.

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