WeighPack's New Side Load Bagger Now Available

WeighPack's New Side Load Bagger Now Available

WeighPack Systems Inc. (Canada) - Press Release: WeighPack unveils its new Swifty Bagger Side Load automatic bagging machine, offering new features for customers that require product orientation within a pre-made pouch.

This compact machine can load pillow and gusseted bags ranging in length from 150 to 350 mm and in width from 120 to 260 mm, either with zippers or without. Additional options are available to provide a nitrogen gas flush for customers looking to increase product shelf life as well as a labeling configuration to print expiration dates on the bag.

“We reimagined the Side Load to meet the demands of our customers across industries. From pet treats and beef jerky sticks to face masks and diabetic syringes, and for products that cannot be gravity-fed, this machine allows precise control over how the product will be viewed within the bag,” said James Morris, lead technician at Paxiom Automation.

A perfect solution for products that are required to be standing up “soldier style” within a pouch or single items this automated solution can be used in food packaging, consumer goods, healthcare, cosmetics, personal hygiene, hardware and more.

The Swifty Bagger Side Load is economical, easy-to-clean and its straight-flow design provides easy accessibility while allowing the operator to monitor the entire filling process from the front of the machine. An accumulation table can be positioned prior to manual case packing or can also be fully integrated with complete end-of-line systems to include case erectors, pick and place case packers, drop packers, case sealers and palletizers.

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