New HBK SLH700 Strain Transducer

New HBK SLH700 Strain Transducer

HBK - Hottinger Brüel & Kjaer (Germany) - Press Release: Cost-efficient force and mass measurement. The SLH700 strain transducer can endure rough environments, for example in silo weighing or structural monitoring tasks. Other typical applications are press monitoring, welding force measurements or force measurements in c frames.

Strain transducer SLH700 – Hermetically sealed and with minimal influence on the measured object allowing use for lower strain to force comparatives.

Extensometers, such as the SLH700 series measure forces indirectly and are distinguished by their simple yet effective functionality. When a force is applied to the structure on which the sensor is mounted, deformations whose magnitude depends on the applied force, occur. Therefore, even large forces can be measured with economically once the SLH700 has been calibrated.

SLH700 strain links are made from stainless steel materials, are hermetically sealed and have a high degree of protection (IP68). Their cable is resistant to most oils and many other potentially aggressive fluids. The transducer is built as a strain transformer. Therefore, the output signal is six times that of the single strain gauge.

The SLH700 strain link series can be purchased with or without an integrated amplifier, providing a selection of analogue output signals. All variants have an extremely low force shunt and can easily be mounted, requiring only two standard M6 screws.

  • HBM accuracy class: 0.5
  • Nominal (rated) measurement ranges: 150 µm/m
  • Outputs: 1,5 mV/V, 0... 10 V, or 4... 20 mA, depending on variant
  • Degree of protection: up to IP68

Economic measurements:

  • Inexpensive yet reliable – especially when measuring large forces
  • The SLH700VA with integrated electronics and standard analogue outputs provides a particularly cost-efficient solution

Cost advantages over other methods of force measurement, especially for large forces.

For monitoring or manufacturing tasks:

  • Easy mounting with two M6 screws
  • Oil resistant and highly flexible cable, suitable for drag chains
  • High degree of protection (IP68); also suitable for permanent outdoor use

Robust and long-lasting force measurement even in unfavourable environmental conditions. 

The complete package:

  • HBK supplies the sensors required for the calibration of the SLH700 strain link
  • A service team can calibrate the measurement chain for you if required

Contact us to discuss a comprehensive and cost-effective solution for your measurement task.

Flexible for different applications:

  • Extremely low restoring force
  • No impact on the stiffness of the system

The SLH700 is suitable for use on both large and delicate structures.

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