New Laumas Tutorials in Arabic, Malay and Vietnamese

New Laumas Tutorials in Arabic, Malay and Vietnamese

Laumas Elettronica SRL (Italy) - Press Release: The 8 very short tutorials that collect the “GUIDELINES FOR THE IMPLEMENTATION OF A WEIGHING SYSTEM” are now also available in Arabic, Malay and Vietnamese.

The videos clearly explain how to install load cells, weight transmitters and indicators within a weighing system, avoiding the most common errors.

You can find precise answers to many doubts and technical questions that you may have encountered in your experience.

  1. Load Cells installation, capacity, support plates
  2. Mechanical Constraints, Frictions, Piping
  3. Load Cells Connected in Parallel
  4. Welding
  5. Constraints against Lateral Forces and Anti Tilt
  6. Silos Weighing/Structures with Legs
  7. Electrostatic Charges. Grounding of the Weighed Structure
  8. Correct installation of weight Transmitters and Indicators

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