New Version of Laumas Instrument Manager – What's New

New Version of Laumas Instrument Manager – What's New

Laumas Elettronica SRL (Italy) - Press Release: New version of Instrument Manager – WHAT'S NEW.

From November 2022 the new version of the Instrument Manager configuration software is available, which contains 3 new features:

1 - New instruments supported by the software:

  • the weight indicator WLIGHT;
  • the weight indicators for weighbridges BR (WDESK-BR, WTAB-BR and WINOX-BR);
  • the weight indicators for weighbridges BGE (WINOX-BGE and WTAB-BGE).

2 - For BR and BGE models:

  • Ability to customize print headers, with receipt headers and footers available to include, for example, your own details or those of customers.

3 - For BGE models:

  1. Ability to manage a fifth wildcard language, in addition to the languages already supported (English, French, Spanish and Italian).

For customers who have already installed Instrument Manager on their PC, the update is automatic (when there is an Internet connection).

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