T-Scale Releases New Structure ELW Platform Scales

T-Scale Releases New Structure ELW Platform Scales

TScale Electronics Mfg (kunshan)Co.,Ltd. (Taiwan) - Press Release: T-Scale recently released the ELW Platform Scales with a new structure, which provides high precision and versatility for basic weighing applications, and offers customers a very competitive price to thank all customers and partners for their support.

  • The ELW Platform Scale is an economical platform scale with 5 operation keys and graphic symbols, and the operation is very simple;
  • With various weighing capabilities, full function: accumulation, Gross/Net shift, unit change, printing, animal weigh function;
  • The weighing range is large, capacities from 30 kg to 300 kg, which can meet the weighing of various ranges;
  • Generous and simple design, equipped with 1.2-inch digits LED display;
  • Battery provide up to 50 hours of continuous use (without backlight);
  • Optional RS-232 interface can connect to computer or printer;
  • ELW Platform Scales have received CE & OIML certifications.

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