The All-New Stevens Traceability Systems Vantage 3 - Faster than Ever

The All-New Stevens Traceability Systems Vantage 3 - Faster than Ever

Stevens Traceability Systems (United Kingdom) - Press Release: For over 15 years, our Vantage range terminals have been helping businesses save money and level up their day-to-day operations. Digitising your weighing process with a 15in touchscreen display and digital data processing, the Vantage 3 also guarantees best-in-class accuracy with clear and accessible feedback to the operator. No more product giveaway, no more manual data processing on fiddly paper, no more overspending on stock you just aren’t using. The Vantage 3 will transform your production process.

Giving you the advantage:

To provide businesses with the tools they need to maximise their production, the Vantage 3 has been built using UK sourced parts to be the most powerful terminal of ours yet…

A brand-new quad core processor provides faster system operation, and SSD storage makes loading times a breeze.

A 15-inch, touchscreen LCD display provides crystal clear visuals and feedback to the operator and allows for easy operation in a busy environment.

The toughest IP66 rated enclosure, built from marine grade stainless steel, provides guaranteed protection against corrosion, water, and dust.

Modular configurations:

Like everything we do here at Stevens, the needs of your business come first, and we understand those production requirements might differ to another business. That’s why the Vantage 3 is available with different modular scale configurations to suit your weighing needs.

Vantage 3 is the latest iteration of our premium weighing solutions, now faster than ever and with added versatility to better fit into your operations. 

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