The Walz Scanner achieves first ever Legal-for-Trade NTEP Certification in the USA

The Walz Scanner achieves first ever Legal-for-Trade NTEP Certification in the USA

WALZ Scale (United States) - Press Release: Walz Scale has achieved government legal for trade certification for their Walz Scanner volumetric measurement technology. This NTEP certification is the first of its kind in the USA and verifies the Walz Scanner to be the most accurate volumetric bulk measurement system in the market.

The Walz Scanner utilizes laser technology to scan and measure bulk material loads in trucks and rail cars. The system operates similar to truck and rail scales, but allows operations to achieve legal-for-trade volumetric load measurements while the vehicle is in motion. This is a big step forward in improving operational efficiencies for our customers.

NTEP legal-for-trade certification for this technology opens up the opportunity for operations to utilize the Walz Scanner in replacement of or in conjunction with their scales to improve their business processes.

While truck and rail scales provide load weights in a static state (vehicles must stop), the Walz Scanner provides load volumes while the vehicle is in motion. This dynamic operation is ideal for operations looking to increase vehicle throughput and track material loads by volume.

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