Watch How Intercomp’s Quik Rack Makes Corner Balancing Easy

Watch How Intercomp’s Quik Rack Makes Corner Balancing Easy

Intercomp Company (United States) - Intercomp’s Quik Rack™, with Quik Weigh™ RFX™ Wireless scale pads and levelers, allows for easy measuring and adjustment of corner weights at the track, or shop, for most race vehicles. The lightweight material is easy to move and can be adjusted to fit a variety of wheelbase and tire track dimensions. Levelers allow for repeatable measurements on most solid surfaces.


  • Single-Person Setup 
  • More Portable than Aluminum Setup Racks
  • Accommodates Most Vehicles
  • Roll-Off & Ground Clearance Allow for Efficient Adjustments
  • Eliminates Need to Raise car with Jack or Lift

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