Weighing Review Readers’ Choice Awards 2015 - Winners have been announced!

Weighing Review Readers’ Choice Awards 2015 - Winners have been announced!
The second edition of the Weighing Review Readers’ Choice Awards has reached the final stage and the winners have been announced. Once again the Awards were a huge success. Here are some statistics of this edition of the Weighing Review Awards (with more companies, more products and more votes from more countries):
  • 32 Weighing Companies Nominated
  • 50 Weighing Products and Solutions Nominated
  • 1281 Validated Votes
  • Votes from 72 Countries
Thanks for your participation this year and we are looking forward to your participation next year.

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Here is the Winner of the Salter MiBody Bluetooth Analyser Bathroom Scale. Congratulations!

Miss S. Nikoolkarn from Thailand.

Here are the Weighing Review Readers’ Choice Awards 2015 WINNERS. Congratulations!

Best Weighing Company 2015 - First Place

METTLER TOLEDO (Switzerland)
METTLER TOLEDO is a global manufacturer and marketer of precision instruments for use in laboratory, industrial and food retailing applications. The Company has strong worldwide leadership positions. A significant majority of our instrument sales are in segments in which we are the global leader. In addition to a broad product offering, we have one of the largest global sales and service organizations among precision instrument companies. We focus on the high value-added segments of our markets by providing innovative instruments that often integrate various technologies including application-specific solutions for customers. We design our instruments not only to gather valuable data but also to facilitate the processing and transfer of this data into customers' management information systems.

Best Weighing Company 2015 - Second Place

Scotload Ltd. (UK)
Scotload has an extensive load measurement cabled and wireless product range for sale and hire which includes the innovative SmartLoad® wireless load monitoring system, load links, load shackles, ATEX products and compression load cells. Scotload also has the capability and expertise to manufacture a wide range of high quality load transducers and bespoke solutions to suit a variety of applications.

Best Weighing Company 2015 - Third Place

Chatillon (USA)
Chatillon is a registered trademark of AMETEK, Inc. AMETEK acquired Chatillon in 1997. The John Chatillon & Sons Company was formed in 1835 in New York and 2010 marked the 175th anniversary of Chatillon products and innovations in force measurement and weighing. The Chatillon brand is part of the AMETEK Test & Calibration Instruments business unit. Chatillon force measurement products are engineered and manufactured in Largo, Florida USA. Chatillon weighing scale products are also engineered and manufactured in Largo, FL with additional manufacturing at Mexico and China facilities.

Best Laboratory Scale/Balance 2015

XPE Precision Balances with SmartPan Technology
METTLER TOLEDO (Switzerland) - METTLER TOLEDO has launched the new XPE Precision Balance line introducing the innovative SmartPanTM weighing pan.

The XPE precision balance offers two (2) integrated weigh pan options: the standard solid and flat weigh pan cover and the newly innovated SmartPanTM weighing pan.

Specifically optimized for minimal flow resistance and easy cleaning, the SmartPanTM makes it possible to weigh with 5mg readability without the need for a draft shield, still providing the robustness and the high capacity of a top-loader balance.

With the use of the SmartPanTM the user achieves reliable and repeatable weighing results in most of the harshest lab environments- e.g. fume-hood, safety cabinets, dispensing booths and under air conditioning vents.

Compared to similar models with a standard weigh flat solid weigh pan, the SmartPanTM demonstrates up to two (2x) faster stabilization times with repeatability improved by up to two (2x) fold.

The new XPE precision balance introduced additional and noticeable features such as the StatusLightTM on the weighing terminal indicating to the user that balance is ready for weighing, the digital LevelGuideTM which notifies the user of the leveling status of the balance.

XPE Precision balances features also the optional ErgoStandTM which reduces the overall balance footprint while providing an ergonomic alternative to neck-strain risk associated with repetitive weighing.

Best Retail Scale 2015

Chatillon Century Scales
Chatillon (USA) - With the classic, elegant design of the Century Series mechanical hanging scales retailers add a touch of modern simplicity and nostalgic charm to their store without compromising on quality.

The Century Series are world-renowned for their accuracy, dependability and reliability. The rugged design makes these classic scales last for at least a “Century”.

The Century Series feature glass covered 7-inch dial with large numbers that are easy to see and simple to read. The Century scale also has an optional rear dial face that allows both customer and merchant to see the weight at the same time of the item being weighed.

These scales feature springs that are made of elastomeric steel (temperature compensated) to qualify as “Legal for Trade” in the US and conforms to NIST handbook H44Class III.

The scales feature a corrosion-resistant red band with a bezel housing and rugged, steel inner frame. Full Scale capacities 20 and 40 lbs. are reached in two pointer revolutions.

The Century Series can be supplied with a CG (Galvanized) scoop for easy pouring of grains, beans, fasteners or other small dry items into a bag or container. The popular CAS (Stainless Steel Sieve) circular pan with drain holes are used for wet items such as seafood, pickled / marinated foods etc.

By design, the Century Series hanging scales blend well into every shop environment regardless of the its size. The scales can be placed wherever you see fit as they do not require a table to stand on nor electrical power.

As an added benefit, the Century Series are low cost compared to the digital retail scales and are able to operate inside and outside in both dry and humid conditions.

Best Industrial Scale 2015

Siemens Milltronics MSI Belt Scale
Siemens (Germany) - The award winning MIlltronics MSI belt scale from Siemens has more approvals than any other belt scale in the world! It has proven ultra sensitive triple beam parallelogram stainless steel load cells that do not react against horizontal forces from the conveyor belt.

Quick ship delivery times and the combination of use with a SITRANS WS300 speed sensor and Milltronics BW500 or SIWAREX weighing module make the Siemens belt scale solution one of the most flexible and easy to use scales on the market.

Best Load Cell 2015

SmartLoad®: the revolution in load measurement
Scotload Ltd. (UK) - SmartLoad® is an intelligent load monitoring system that helps reduce costs and improve safety during lifting applications. Developed in response to the needs of customers, SmartLoad® is an innovative intelligent load cell system that enables users to identify, and protect against, overload events during lifting operations by remotely examining load weight event and calibration data, in real-time or retrospectively as required.

SmartLoad® logs all overload events and peak loads, and also records all events with a date and time stamp. Load measurements can be monitored over days, weeks, and months with just the load cell. All data is logged on the cells, so if signal is lost data continues to be logged inside the load cell’s non-volatile memory for download later. The base station PC software can be used as an asset management tool for owner operators as well as hire fleet operators. The system has already generated significant interest among major oilfield service companies worldwide who are looking to reduce maintenance costs and downtime and improve safety and reliability. The Smartload® technology is easily adaptable to various applications and is set to appear in a wide range of solutions for hazardous area operations.

Importantly, SmartLoad® can be retrofitted to any equipment, turning all existing load cells into an intelligent load monitoring system. With remote upgrades to load cells and handset firmware as upgrades become available, operation of SmartLoad® could not be easier.

Do you know the load cell you’re using is safe and accurate?

A calibration certificate does not tell you load cell calibration is still valid, so how do you know load cells have been overloaded or not? If overloading occurs:
  • A load cell’s safety factor may have been reduced, increasing the risk of catastrophic failure
  • Load cells will no longer read accurately, but continue to provide incorrect data!
You need to know it hasn’t been overloaded since calibration – but how?

SmartLoad® is the only load cell system available that permanently records overload events, so you will never knowingly use an unsafe load cell for your lift.

Reasons to switch to SmartLoad®:
  • Simple to use – no user training required, straight forward plug and connect
  • Automatically links with load cells – no pairing required
  • Handsets connect to multiple load cells for greater flexibility
  • Instant results saving time
  • Overload protection – usage logs detailing calibration dates and any overload data
  • SmartLoad® can be retrofitted – no need to upgrade or replace existing equipment
  • Remote support and future proofing technology - SmartLoad® can be upgraded when further developments are made
  • Reliable wireless connectivity – reduces the set up time, increases the wireless range and suffers from less interference when it is used in the field
  • ATEX certified system now available

Best Onboard Weighing System 2015

Onboard load cell H10J
Zemic Europe B.V. (Netherlands) - Over 30.000pcs of our H10J load cells are exposed daily to one of the most harsh environments, being on board a truck.

With the increase controls on the roads, due to high risks and fines for overloading, the H10J onboard load cell has become an essential part of the onboard weighing system. The load cell mounting position is unavoidably exposed to the high levels of shock and vibration that these working vehicles endure on a regular basis. The robust H10J load cell is IP67 rated and housed in an alloy steel, nickel plated, bending beam design with a special adhesive sealing for onboard applications.

The H10J series load cells provide the payload, tare and overload security measurement for tipping vehicles up to 32 tons with vital information that is essential for safety. This means it must comply with rigorous standards and provide high reliability and totally dependable accuracy.

Best Weighing Instrumentation 2015

Siemens SIWAREX WP241
Siemens (Germany) - Siwarex WP241 is a weighing module of Siemens weighing Technology, specially designed for belt scale applications. It is a completely integrated module of the Simatic S7-1200 series and can be used in stand-alone mode alternatively. Sophisticated functionality and the small size ratio make it ideally suited for a wide range of different industries – from cement through steel to food processing.

Versatile on-board communication ports offer a wide range of connection- and integration possibilities. Typical standard functionalities like totalizing of the conveyed material, monitoring of belt speed and belt load can be individually defined, adapted and analyzed. The integrated simulation mode offers the possibility of a complete function test without – even without a connected belt scale. On top the Siwarex WP241 offers a wide range of diagnostic functions which allow a fast troubleshooting and analysis of the belt scale system.

Best Dosing, Filling and Packaging Solution 2015

ALFRA Medium Component Dosing System
KSE Process Technology B.V. (Netherlands) - Accurate dosing:
The ALFRA Medium Component Dosing System provides traceability of raw materials, accurate and reproducible dosing and limited handlings for the operator.

Stationary weighing hopper:
The machine can be executed stationary. The machine then automatically doses the appropriate amount into the weighing hopper using an ALFRA Dosing Slide. When the recipe is complete, it discharges the correct weight onto a transport belt or into an under hopper or a mixer positioned below the machine.

The machine can be executed moveable. If moveable, it automatically doses the appropriate amount into the weighing hopper using an ALFRA Dosing Slide. When the recipe is complete, it discharges the correct weight onto a transport belt or into an under hopper or a mixer positioned below the machine.

The ALFRA Bulk Component Dosing system can be executed with a weigher-in-weigher system. This system incorporates two weighing hoppers for a very wide dosing range. Large quantities are being dosed directly into the large weigher. Small quantities are initially being dosed into a small weigher and afterwards it is being emptied into the large weigher. This system reduces the number of silos required since large as well as small quantities can be dosed from the same silo.

Best Truck Scale/Weighbridge 2015

Weighbridge PCM M1500
Balanças Marques (Portugal) - The PCM M1500 is a modular construction weighbridge designed to weigh up to 80 tons, capable of withstanding the highest efforts resulting of carrying out the more demanding weight, with improved resistance to fatigue. The PCM M1500 is built with metallic or mixed (metal and concrete) modules standardized width of 1.5 meters, enabling platforms set up to 18 meters long and 3 meters wide, with two modules arranged side by side, occupying the entire width of the scale, which eliminates the use of directional louvers, thus allowing a perfectly safe circulation of vehicles. The PCM M1500 has a very reduced assembly time due to the great ease of module fitting and the minimum amount of necessary hardware. Because of its features and quality, the new weighbridge for weighing trucks Marques is synonymous of total guarantee of performance, accuracy, effectiveness, efficiency and durability. Installing a PCM M1500 takes less than a day. It has been developed so that it can be mounted easily with the use of few human and technical resources, through a fully modular factory prepared. The PCM M1500 has the advantage of being easily disassembled and transported for use at another location, with total use of the equipment. Balanças Marques guarantees its customers all the convenience and ease of not needing to hire other services following the acquisition of a PCM Marques, since Balanças Marques provides a full turnkey service. The PCM M1500 can be used in multiple locations and without related costs to construction or destruction of civil work, at least significant, and because it saves the customer from hiring other companies in other related services, such as the CE verification and legalization of equipment.

Best Weighing Software/Solution 2015

ALFRA dose&weigh
KSE Process Technology B.V. (Netherlands) - Our experience has shown that many animal feed producers are simply not yet getting the best out of their machines. There is considerable opportunity for improvement. With the right automation software it is not necessary to separately fine-tune and optimize each individual parameter or material. Our machine control is applicable for both new and existing machines. The performance improvement is huge and the results consistent.

ALFRA dose&weigh is an intelligent control application for quick and accurate dosing based on unique software. It automatically optimizes the dosing parameters during and after each dosing action and can increase performance by 20%. Dosing of materials is no longer a potential process bottleneck.

More accurate and reliable dosing:
The benefits include shorter and predictable batch times and more dosings within the preset margins – saving (expensive) raw materials. Adaptation is automatic so the dosing is not affected by environmental conditions or the flow characteristics of raw materials. The system reacts automatically to changing flowability of raw materials during each dosing.

Optimizing performance with less effort:
The system has a user-friendly control panel that provides all the information an operator needs. The performance is optimized and the knowhow is captured in the dosing algorithm. The information from the screen of the dose&weigh control panel can standardly be duplicated to a central control room and can be used for full remote service.

Best Medical Scale 2015

Marsden M-650 Multi-purpose Wheelchair Scale
Marsden Weighing Group (UK) - The Marsden M-650 wheelchair scale has a large weighing platform to accommodate almost every wheelchair and a gentle incline on the ramps to enable ease of use. The wheelchair scale is a one piece unit and lifts onto fitted castors so that the wheelchair scale can be easily and safely transported, as well as providing a compact unit for easy storage.

The scale has a Tare or pre-set tare so that the weight of the wheelchair is deducted before weighing the patient. The scale weighs up to 300kg in 100g increments and has a rechargeable battery offering over 40 hours of continuous use. The wheelchair scale offers the option of Bluetooth to send weight, BMI, time and date to data collection points in hospitals or care homes.

Best Animal Scale 2015

Marsden Vet Scale
Marsden Weighing Group (UK) - Marsden 20kg Vet Scale.

Best Train Scale/Weighbridge 2015

Trainweighing loadcell HM9J
Zemic Europe B.V. (Netherlands) - The HM9J loadcell is a specially developed force sensor for train weighing. This loadcell gained the OIML R60 approval and is available in 15t and 20t capacities. With an Y-value of 15.000 this loadcell has an high reliability. The HM9J is hermetically sealed and has an ingress protection (IP) value of 68.

Datasheet and OIML approval is available on request.

Nominated for the Best Personal/Fitness Scales 2015

Nominated for the Best Weigh-In-Motion Systems (WIM) 2015

Nominated for the Best Green Scales 2015

Nominated for the Best Kitchen Scales 2015

Nominated for the Best Aircraft/Airport Scales 2015

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