Wipotec: A Pioneer in Energy Autarky and Innovative Batteries

Wipotec: A Pioneer in Energy Autarky and Innovative Batteries

WIPOTEC GmbH (Germany) - Press Release: Energetic Autarky Planned Within the Next Two Years.

The German medium-sized company Wipotec has made impressive strides towards achieving energetic autarky and plans to become completely independent from the public energy supply in the coming years. This is made possible through the clever integration of various energy sources such as geothermal energy, solar panels, and future wind power.

Wipotec has utilized innovative technologies like geothermal and geomegastorage to store excess energy for use during the winter months. The company has also installed solar thermal systems on its factory roofs as well as photovoltaics and is employing intelligent sector coupling, where different energy sectors are interconnected to more efficiently meet energy demands.

While the initial investments were substantial, energy autarky is paying off for Wipotec as energy costs increase and the demand for renewable energy rises. This not only helps the company remain competitive but also contributes to reducing environmental impacts.

The increasing demand for renewable energy will continue as Germany intensifies its efforts to decarbonize. Companies like Wipotec, which skillfully interconnect various energy sources, could shape the energy supply of the future.

Furthermore, Wipotec plans to enhance its energy efficiency through the use of redox-flow batteries and is working on permits for wind turbines. The company continues to set standards in the energy transition and contributes to paving the way for a sustainable and decentralized energy future.

Wipotec goes a step further by embracing innovative battery technology. In collaboration with Liva Power Management Systems, the company has introduced the Vanadium Redox-Flow Battery to efficiently utilize self-generated solar power and bypass lithium batteries. These batteries are durable and ideal for industrial and grid storage applications, and despite higher initial investments, they pay off over their lifespan. In addition to Vanadium, Wipotec is also exploring iron and sodium batteries as promising alternatives to lithium-ion technology.

The combination of energy autarky and innovative battery solutions demonstrates that Wipotec is not only a pioneer in the energy transition but is actively shaping the future of energy supply.

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