With the Vei Weighing System, you Receive Work Orders on Board

With the Vei Weighing System, you Receive Work Orders on Board

Veigroup (Italy) - An important Italian company installs HelperX the most advanced onboard weighing system in the industry. The choice of HelperX as a product for weighing on a wheel loader was dictated after a careful comparison between existing technologies and companies that propose and support these technologies. According to wheel loader operators HelperX was the most suitable for ease of use.

Today, the Company can create a job order on the ipotweb.com cloud and the wheel loaders receive it in real time; the operator has nothing more to do than select and load it, all the data concerning the load such as loaded customer, loaded product, destination of the product and many others are part of the order.

We can imagine the satisfaction of the operators being able to load with a simple touch and concentrate on the loading of the material and or the management of the plant. Yes, because HelperX is multitasking, that is to say it allows you to do more loads simultaneously, always through the ingenious interface of the HelperX wheel loader weighing system.

The Company, equipping the 5 wheel loaders of the loading site with the Vei tool, was able to reorganize the management of work orders, of truck traffic at the loading site, reducing waiting times and reconsidering its customer package, denying the loading to some, for obvious reasons.

We are expecting a new release for the end of the year that will lead to an even more automatic load document management.

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