Zemic Elevator Weighing Kits Used in Euromast Elevator

Zemic Elevator Weighing Kits Used in Euromast Elevator

Zemic Europe B.V. (Netherlands) - Vebo Liftsupport is specialised in elevator installations and is engaged in maintenance, renovation and repair of lifts. With their many years of experience, they provide these services for all different types and brands of elevators.

Recently they were asked to head the renovation of the elevators in the Euromast. This was when they contacted Zemic.

Vebo Liftsupport believes it is important to listen carefully to the wishes of the customer and to look together for the best options. In addition to quality and reliability, they also need to take the economic aspect into account. They are increasingly seeing lift companies scrapping older elevators (too) quickly and replacing them completely. However, it is often possible to modernize the installation at much lower costs. The experienced technicians apply the latest techniques and work exclusively with high-quality materials. In this way Vebo Liftsupport always provides tailor-made solutions for its customers.

At Zemic we strongly believe that our focus on creating value for our customers will help them to differentiate themselves in their market. Our slogan is therefore "We believe we make you stronger!". To achieve this, Zemic also develops many tailor-made solutions for its customers.

Zemic & Vebo Liftsupport:

  • Maintenance and renewal of all types of elevators
  • Overload and child protection
  • Tailor-made elevator renovations
  • Elevator technique and architectural work

How Zemic consulted Vebo Liftsupport:

The renovation of the elevators in the Euromast was a special and exciting project. With a height of 185 meters, the Euromast is the highest tower in the Netherlands that is open to the public. From this tower you have a magnificent view of Rotterdam and the surrounding area. There are a few elevators that take you to the viewing platform at almost 100 meters in a matter of seconds. With the Euroscoop lift you can then continue to a height of 185 meters. Both elevators had to be renovated.

Vebo Liftsupport described the project as follows: “We have been coming to the Euromast for years, we do weekly maintenance on the Euroscoop. The Euroscoop looks like a lift but is a tourist attraction that turns around while it goes up. A very special installation, all our engineers can work on this installation.

In 2018 we were instructed to rebuild the elevators. We have installed new controls there, which are also special installations."

For this project Vebo searched for the most appropriate solution and found its perfect match with Zemic Europe. Zemic has 3 lift weighing sets in its range, based on 3 different ways how lift producers integrate weight determination into the complete lift system. These are complete solutions for measuring the weight under the cabin, under the cable springs or integrated into the cable springs.

Vebo and Zemic discussed what was the most suitable solution for the passenger lifts up to 100 meters and opted for 2 "under cabin" systems. This is a complete Elevator weighing kit with 1 ton capacity load cells. Vebo has chosen this system because it is very accurate and because it is possible to set parameters that detect how full the elevator is.

About the Zemic elevator weighing kit: Cabin:

The engineering teams at Zemic worked together with key elevator manufacturers to develop a new and innovative solution for elevator overload protection. The elevator manufacturers indicated that overload is a main feature, however it would be more optimized when this could be combined with topics such as energy saving motor management and child protection based on a minimum weight.

In addition to the above functional properties, there were also physical challenges for this product such as the shape of the loadcell, installation requirements and specific market requirements. Based on this input, 3 different lift weighing sets have been developed.

For this project we have chosen the "Elevator Weighing System: Cabin". This system has the following features:

  • Indicates when elevator is loaded to 90%
  • When less than 15 kg load weight, the elevator does not move (child protection)
  • Determines if the elevator is overloaded
  • Adjusts engine power to actual weight
  • High accuracy
  • 4 Aluminium IP65 compression load cells
  • Easy installation, plug and play

Alternative Elevator Weighing Systems:

As previously described Zemic offers the weighing kit under cabin, into springs and under springs. All 3 sets have the mentioned unique features. For more information about the other two systems:

  • Elevator weighing kit: Into Springs
  • Elevator weighing kit: Under Springs

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