Zemic Launches New Mounts

Zemic Launches New Mounts

Zemic Europe B.V. (Netherlands) - Zemic Europe has extended the mount portfolio. The new mounts are designed based on the feedback we received from the market. The new mounts are suitable for quick and easy mounting. They are also delivered with a loadcell dummy, transport plate and lift off protection. Besides this you can optionally order a stay rod for protecting the loadcell against side forces.

The new mounts are available in both galvanized alloy steel and in stainless steel. They are suitable for our shearbeams H8C, B8D, BM8H, BM8D and compression loadcells BM14C and HM14C.

New mounts:

Suitable for Shearbeams:       

  • HM-8-901 for H8C     
  • HM-8-903 for BM8H
  • HM-8-905 for BM8D
  • BM-8-902 for B8D
  • BM-8-904 for BM8H

Suitable for Compression types:     

  • HM-14-911 for HM14C & BM14C
  • BM-14-910  for HM14C & BM14C         

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