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Advanced Scale, Inc. (United States)

Advanced Scale, Inc. was founded by service oriented people who understand Customer Needs. Our staff has a broad understanding of Scales, Systems, Quality, and Electronics. Our goal is to sustain a long term relationship with all of our customers and provide them with the expertise necessary to protect their investment.

Main Products

Analytical Balances, Counting Scales, Remote Displays, Barrell Weighers, Crane Scales, Retail Scales, Bench Scales, Floor Scales, Shipping Scales, Check Weighers, Indicators, Tank Mounts, Conveyor Belt Scales, Intrinsically Safe Scales, Truck Scales, Load Cells and Tank Mounts, Medical Scales, Data Collection Software, Portion Control Scales, Process Automation, LEAN Mfg. Systems, Inventory Control Systems, Bar Coding, Set Point Control, Networking and Interfacing, PLC Based Weight Systems, Custom Programming, etc.

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