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Bottaro 1924 (Italy)

Since its establishment in 1924 Bottaro is a company committed in the field of weighing machine and mechanic type lever scales. In the subsequent years it has specialized its product range on the creation of digital weight indication and weighbridges in every size and payload.

Today, Bottaro is showing the maximum attention to the demands of its referenced trade and works for streamlining the distribution process and, beyond offer to its customers high quality products and industrial scales, Bottaro supplies guarantee for all help services in the field of industrial weighing machine.

Thanks to the high quality level reached, Bottaro obtained the certification ISO 9002 already in the 1999. Later, the certification has been changed, converting it in Vision 2000 for the balances production, repair service and the respective tools certification to weigh both mechanical and electronic nature. Always in the 1999, thanks to a considerable effort and diligence of the Bottaro staff, it reaches an important Endorsement CE concerning to the system that supplies guarantee of production quality (n.I-VA-010 rev. I).

In 2003 Bottaro created a qualitative Taring Centre and later qualified by the Chamber of Commerce Provincial Metric Office of Bergamo, allow to do the periodic examination of the tools to weigh. The gains reached during the years increase the will to do better and Bottaro, with its staff, keeps on going one step further.

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Weighbridges, Scales, Weighing Software, Weighing Indicators, etc.

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