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CAPTELS S.A. (France)

Since 1984, we have been designing and manufacturing axle weighing systems functioning in Low Speed Weighing in Motion and/or in static mode, mobile or permanent installations.
CAPTELS axle weighing systems are dedicated to legal weighing enforcement.
CAPTELS S.A. also designs and manufactures aircrafts weighing systems. Our main references are: AIRBUS, Dassault, EUROCOPTER, BOMBARDIER.
CAPTELS S.A. has operational weighing systems all around the world : France, Portugal, Spain, Romania, Morocco, Senegal, Burkina Faso, Ghana, Cameroon, Tchad, Zambia, Mexico, Chile, Peru, Philippines, Taiwan and many other countries.
Built in France, Sold in the whole world

Main Products

Mobile and Axle Weighing Systems functioning in low speed weighing in motion and in static dedicated to truck overload enforcement

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