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Celmi S.r.l. (Italy)

In 1981 some professionals, who were not satisfied with the quality level of the market, decided to establish CELMI. Our purpose has always been to produce high quality load cells, wich are able to give the right "weight" for your success. We manage to reach this purpose highly technological planning systems, a production by craftsmen, which can guarantee a constant performance with limited tolerance value. Since then we improved our production as well as the technical features of the load cells.

Almost all our products are made in stainless steel soldered with Microplasma and watertight. All components that we use suit our strict specifications, as a result our load cells are highly reliable even after years of hard use. Each load cells are carefully tested and we are able, at any time of load cell's life, to go back to its original specifications. Furthermore we are able to meet your requirements and requests offering tailored made products which can suit your specific market needs.

Discover our experience in the design and production of our load cells

Celmi offers its customers all the 30-year experience in the field of industrial load cells and weighing systems, offering various services to companies and professionals, such as: support contracts; maintenance and calibration of industrial weighing systems, which are executed on-site prior programming; individual assistance on request with our technical staff and tutorial courses about the use and functioning of our load cells.

We offer services and support contracts, maintenance and calibration of industrial weighing systems, which are executed on-site prior programming. We also offer customer care and introductive course for the use of industrial load cells.

We provide individual assistance on request and offer telephonic assistance with our technical staff.

Main Products

Load cells and elettronic weighing devices, Weighing systems, Platform, pallet scale, crane scale, Industrial scales (weighing/counting/price/bench/floor), Strain gages, Pressure and vacuum sensor, Trasducers, Transmitters, Digital manometers, Pressure calibrator, Linear potentiometer, Displacement sensor, LVDT, Inclinometers, Accelorometers,…

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