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Davy Systems Ltd (United Kingdom)

The Business started life in 1955 trading as Davy Weighing, a subsidiary company of Davy International. A Sheffield based heavy engineering company involved in the design and manufacture of steel process plants.

The primary focus of Davy Weighing was to develop a comprehensive range of high capacity load cells and instrumentation suited to the arduous and aggressive environment of a steel making plant. Davy Weighing was one of the pioneers using bonded strain gauge technology in the manufacture of standard load cells.

The knowledge gained in the steel industry and in the production of strain gauged load cells, provided Davy Weighing with a strong market position enabling significant growth into new industries and a global market place.

In January 2000, the Imes Group acquired Davy Weighing and changed the trading name to Imes Limited. At the time it did cause some concern in respect to loosing the identity built up over a number of years, however, it did provide clarity in the market when interfacing with existing Imes clients.

The Imes Group acquired the Business to strengthen its engineering and manufacturing capability and to develop a range of measurement and monitoring products and systems, predominately for use in the Oil & Gas industry and in the real time monitoring of cranes and lifting equipment.

Today we continue to expand our capability in custom measurement and monitoring systems and retain a strong presence in the traditional load and force measurement applications from where our heritage and knowledge came.

With this success, the need to allow greater autonomy from the Imes brand name is apparent and hence the decision to re-launch the Business as the new Davy Systems...

A company built on strong heritage but with the knowledge and ability to embrace new technology in delivery of cost effective load and force measurement and monitoring products and systems that solve the challenges of its clients.

We hope that you will find something of interest in this new and vibrant website.

Please remember whether you know us as Imes Limited, Imes Systems, Davy Systems, Davy Weighing, Davy Weigh; we are the same company dedicated to the delivery of technically superior load and force measurement equipment and integrated systems to those industries where an arduous aggressive environment is the norm and where high static and dynamic forces frequently subject the equipment to abnormal levels of usage.

Main Products

Standard Load Cells, Custom Load Cells, Load Pins, Links and Shackles, Instrumentation, Line Tension, Bespoke Instrumentation, etc.

Contact Details

  • Davy Systems Ltd, Prince of Wales Road, Sheffield, S9 4DZ, UK
  • +44 (0)114 284 1840
  • +44 (0)114 261 0322

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