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Detectronic A/S (Denmark)

DETECTRONIC A/S is a privately held Danish company that specializes in production and marketing of Metal detecting- X-Ray and Check weighing equipment for the Food industry worldwide.

DETECTRONIC was established in 1986 and the company has developed metal detectors, check weighers, multi checks, grading and sorting devices as well as highly sophisticated x-ray systems since the mid 80's.

All of these products are now operating all over the World:
Our production facilities are located in Farsoe, Denmark, from which we produce and market a wide assortment of competitive and high-tech machinery throughout many industries across the World.

Our highly skilled employees are the core foundation of DETECTRONIC´s long history. Our background and vast knowledge towards the food industry is founded by having more than 25 years of experience in the industry, this is the guarantee of our knowhow.

In 2011 DETECTRONIC went through a change of ownership and has since initiated a new vision where values such as, innovation, proactivity, service and reliability are the cornerstones of the company.

These values as well as the growing demand of food safety and quality control from consumers and authorities is the definition of DETECTRONIC products.

Even though DETECTRONIC is a modern production company with high tec products, we still care about our craftsmanship and prodviding the best quality possible. This is one of the reasons why we only manufacture our products in Denmark, by doing so we ensure our current and future customers the best quality possible, like we have done for more than 25 years.

When choosing DETECTRONIC as your preferred supplier we can assure you that our proactive behavior defines our quality, and our knowhow is our technological wisdom. Our innovative mindset is due to the fact that we listen to our customers needs, and our service is our guarantee to maintain you as our customer.

Main Products

Metal Detectors, Weighing Systems, Check weighing systems, Scales, X-Ray Inspection Systems, Grading and Sorting Lines, Checkweighers, Etc.

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