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Elektroniczne Wagi Przemyslowe Zdzislaw Niewinski (Poland)

The company Elektroniczne Wagi Przemyslowe (in short EWP) – Electronic Industrial Scales - in English was established in 1991 has the following main activity : designing, production, installation and service of electronic balances ( scales ) especially in the industrial version. Offered products are the following : truck scales - static and dynamic (the weighing in motion), railway (wagon) scales, silos weighing, platform scales for warehouse, crane scales, weighing pads (put under wheels of trucks) for the measurement of the wheel and of the axial weighing, the conveyor belt scales, portioning scales, bagging scales, dozing scales, counting, shop scales and laboratory scales.

Main Products

We offer patterns of the Mass (standard weights) of the class F 2 from 1mg to 20 kg as well as patterns of the mass of the class M1 of nominal value of 20 kg, 500 kg and 1000 kg. We possess own patterns of the mass of the class M 1 : 20kg in the quantity 200 units, 25kg in the quantity 400 units; 500kg - 24 units ; 1000 kg – 70 units; 2500 kg in the quantity 30 units. We possess well trained skilful staff of engineers and technicians to the installation, commissioning and the service both the electronic scales of our own production as also other firms as: Pfister, Molen, Precia Molen, Leon Engineering, Bilanciai, Rhewa, Sensocare, Ascel Sensor, Dini Argeo, Schenck and Pivotex. We have in our store load cells of different firms of over a wide range nominal values both metric and imperial. We are in a position to deliver platforms with the load cells to all electronic balances and weighbridges in the version OEM for other firms.

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