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Since 2004 our Group have been taking care of business processes automation and computerization, by creating the right solution for every customer. An Information Technology Leading Group in the field of weighing systems and industrial automation, we develop tailor-made software applications for any need. Over the years, we have gained extensive experience in developing apps & web solutions and we are capable of integrating our systems with most of commercially available management software.

Main Products

AWP SELF is, for all intents and purposes, a management software since it allows the client to issue Delivery Notes and later on invoices for the same, if need be.

The unique feature is that DNs can be inserted and printed out either from a PC, directly using the application with a laser printer or straight out on the DD2050 through the touchscreen interface and your thermal printer.
It is possible to configure as many reasons for payment as you like in order to guide the driver through the various transportation types and, for each reason for payment, you can also configure the kind of information to request on the touchscreen, the mode with which said information is displayed, the print layout and many other options.
The client, by defining the rules about how the system should work when requesting information from the driver, builds their own automation system which will be able to cover all their needs both for inbound and outbound transportation.
The software can be integrated with a series of additional modules, such as:
Code management module (to manage plant accesses by using electronic bulletin boards to call waiting vehicles).

Pricelist and billing module for managing price lists by client, product destination and for directly creating invoices from the DNs issued from the software.
Photo module, used to take and save single or multiple shots for each weighing.
OCR module used to recognize license plates.
Order and booking module to manage vehicles through reservations so that the waiting process, by automatically recalling all previously inserted data, becomes quicker.
Solas module designed to digitally manage the legal weighing process of containers for export purposes.
Wireless module used to remotely manage the plant from a mobile device (printing documents, checking barriers, displaying the weight, displaying moving vehicles).

AWP.PLC This software module increases AWP performance to ultimate levels by guaranteeing the same easy programing of industrial PLCs. AWP.plc is a PLC software that can easily manage any HW present in the platform area, such as traffic lights, barriers, serial devices, antennas etc.
The software is fully integrated and no royalty has to be paid to any third party.

AWP.SDK It is a tool that enables software houses and hardware integrators to easily develop customized apps for the platform Diade (DD2060) or Windows.
It is compatible with any weighing terminal and the apps developed by AWP.sdk are certified as compliant with legal metrology standards.

AWP.APP is an application developed in order to have complete control over the weighing terminals by only using a smartphone app: on your mobile device, you will be able toproceed with the weighing on all configured terminals, print out the weighings and, depending on the version installed, also insert customized tables and fields to associate with the weighings.

AWP.OFFICE is a simple to use, easily configurable PC software designed to manage any weighing, billing and invoicing procedure.
With AWP.OFFICE you can easily issue delivery notes from the PC and then manage all the documents up to the final invoice release, in case the system includes additional modules.

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