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Load Cell Central (United States)

Founded in 1985, Load Cell Central has firmly established its reputation as a leader in load cell manufacturing, custom weighing system integration, and first-class load cell repairs. Whether your requirement is custom electronic weighing systems, interchangeable replacement load cells, custom load cells and weighing assemblies, or special applications such as force measurement, center of gravity, or process and batching control by weight, we’ll provide an innovative and economical solution, walk you through from start to finish, and stay by your side long after the sale.

Load Cell Central offers a wide variety of popular load cell and component configurations for virtually every new or old weighing system, scale or component replacement possibility. Technical and after-sale support, attention to detail and to your special requirements, are unmatched in the industry.

Drawing on its nearly two decades of experience, the combination of Load Cell Central’s cutting-edge engineering, first-rate technical sales staff and broad manufacturing capabilities provide a unique blend of innovation, feet-on-the-ground common sense, and unyielding quality standards.

Main Products

Load Cells, Low Capacity Load Cells, Submersible Load Cells, Standard and custom underwater force sensors, Mid-Range Load Cells, Custom Load Cells, High Capacity Load Cells, Digital Displays, Signal Conditioners, Wireless Weighing, Remote Displays, Load Cell Simulators/Testers, Custom Electronics, Scales, Crane Scales/Tension Load Cells, Floor Scales, Barrel Scales, Bench Scales, Load Beams, Custom Scales, Mounting Assemblies, Compression Mounts, Tension Mounts, Custom Mounting Assemblies, Hardware & Accessories, Junction Boxes, Eye Bolts, Load Buttons, etc.

Contact Details

  • Load Cell Central, 28175 Rte. 220 Milan, PA 18831, USA
  • 570-731-7048; Toll Free: 1-800-LOADCEL (1-800-562-3235)
  • 570-731-7054

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