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Loadrite Scales/Actronic Ltd. (New Zealand)

In 1979 Actronic Technologies developed the first LOADRITE product to solve truck loading problems at a waste transfer station in New Zealand. Displaying technical prowess, the founding Actronic Technology engineers used their understanding of machine hydraulics and electronics to develop a scale to weigh buckets and record weights on wheel loaders.

Since Actronic Technologies developed that initial system, LOADRITE™ products have evolved technically while spreading globally. The LOADRITE™ range of products became the industry leader for scales on wheel loaders, and have grown to new systems like excavator scales, conveyor belt scales, and garbage trucks.

Our engineering team has utilized a unique blend of knowledge of heavy machinery, the physics of weighing and application understanding to make the weighing solutions our customers need.

With more than 30 years in the market, the LOADRITE™ brand means much more than scales. Our products provide reporting solutions for aggregates, waste, scrap metal recycling, public works, and many other industries. Beyond our reporting solutions, we’ve partnered with industry leading companies to deliver customer value with cutting edge solutions.

In June 2013, LOADRITE, and its parent company Actronic Holdings Limited, were acquired by Trimble. Under the new ownership and utilising the strengths of Trimble, added to the offerings of LOADRITE, we will help our customers succeed. To learn more about the acquisition click here.

LOADRITE™ is now available with factory certified distributors supporting our products in over 50 countries around the world. Known for our service, Actronic Technologies have support offices in North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. LOADRITE™ works wherever you need us.

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On board weighing systems, Wheel loader scales, Excavator scales, Belt scales, Plant productivity solutions, Reporting software, Printers, Plant reporting solutions, Customized weighing systems for waste collection vehicles, Weighing System for Front Lift Waste and Recycling Vehicles.

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