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Metra (Russia)

Research and production enterprise METRA was established in the first Russian scientific town Obninsk in 1991. Obninsk is located 100 km from Moscow. METRA is one of the first Russian developers of electronic weight-measuring instruments. We have own modern production facilities: unique machines with digital software, gun-type welders, paint booths. METRA production facilities allow to manufacture up to 200 truck and car scales, and up to 1000 floor scales a year.

A team of young scientists and engineers developed the first precision strain-gauge meter in Russia – MICROSIM. At present time, MICROSIM is a trademark, known by consumers in Russia and neighboring foreign countries.

METRA is a ISWM member (International Society of Weighing and Measurement, USA). It was the first Russian enterprise which was given an international certificate OIML (International Organization of Legal Metrology, France) for produced weight-measuring instruments in 1998.

Main fields of activity:

Industrial floor scales for loads from 6 kg to 3 tons, for harsh environments: in wide temperature range, at high humidity.
Electronic heavy-weight scales (from 3 to 50 tons) with reinforced structure, designed for metallurgical enterprises.
Truck electronic scales for static truck weighing, and also for truck and road-train axis weighing in motion.
Car electronic scales for static weighing of cars and tanks.
Discrete and continuous weighing batchers.
Conveyor electronic scales with output from 200 to 800 tons per hour.
Weight-measuring instruments of MICROSIM series – for static weighing and weighing in motion, for continuous and discrete batching.
Electronic weighing equipment installation, adjustment, preparation for testing and metrological certification.
Special software for weighed cargo stock-taking and weighing batchers control.

Main Products

Dynamic Weighing Industrial Scales, Floor Scales, Truck Scales, Weighbridges, Truck/Train Axle Weigh-in-Motion, Tank Weighing, Discrete/Continuous Weighing Batchers, Conveyor Belt Scales, Weighing Software and Automation, Unmanned Weighbridge Solutions, Unattended Weighing Solutions, Vehicle Identification Systems, Etc.

Contact Details

  • Metra, Krasnykh Zor Street, 26, 249037, Obninsk, Kaluga Region, Russia
  • +7(48439) 44310, 41003
  • +7(48439) 40191

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