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Next Systems Inc. (United States)

Next Systems boast a large inventory featuring immediate shipment of many parts and a willingness to bring creative problem-solving and innovation to our customers. Our guiding principles are simple.

We strive to provide our customers with bend-over-backwards service. Our goal is to understand and fill each customer's needs with a precise weighing solution that conforms to our high standards for UTV. UTV stands for utility, technology, and value. Each component of this standard guides our equipment recommendations.

U: The equipment must fully meet customer USE requirements.
T: our scales and systems must take advantage of appropriate industry TECHNOLOGY standards.
V: All equipment provided must reflect true VALUE.

This means that our customers purchase the best equipment specifically suited to their needs at the most competitive prices in the marketplace. We insist on the highest standards of corporate integrity. We give our customers accurate expectations. We make good on our promises and commitments. We will never "over-engineer" a scale or system for higher profits. If we "don't know", we will tell you so, and then make sure we "find the answer" promptly.

Our company is built around two divisions: Our Scale Division stocks and sell every conceivable type of scale including precision laboratory balances, industrial platform scales, medical scales, forklift & pallet scales, livestock scales, crane scales, truck scales, counting scales, check-weigh systems….well, you get the idea.

Our Weigh Systems Division provides design, engineering, development, construction, installation, start-up, maintenance and repair for industrial weighing systems, from simple tank weighing projects to the most complex, hazardous area, in motion bag-filling systems. We provide the weighing components, hardware, indicators, controls and computer interfaces required for any industrial or commercial weighing application. We realize that systems are rarely identical. We are expert in making sure that our customers get the exact system their process requires. MTI also provides force measurement solution for extremely difficult or delicate industrial, scientific and R&D applications. These include high temperature, ultra-high precision, hazardous areas, and more. Our available technology includes semiconductor strain gauges and fiber optic stain gauge devices.

Main Products

Load Cells, Balances, Bench Scales, Checkweighers, Indicators-Digital, Medical Scales, Compact/Poket Scales, Retail Scales, Printers, Hanging Scales, Counting Scales, Floor/Pallet Scales, Manifest Scales, Forklift/Pallet Scales, Portable Scales, Platform Scales, Postal Scales, Remote Displays, Hazardous Area Weighing, Crane Scales, Tank Scales, Conveyor Scales, Rail Road Scales, Truck Scales, Baggage Scales, Personal Scales, Weighing Software, Food/Portion Scales, Scale Bases, Batching and Process Control systems, Wheel Weighers, Precision Industrial Weighing, Veterinary Scales, etc.

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