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Penn Scale Manufacturing Company (United States)

Penn Scale, founded in 1923, is a leading provider of US made mechanical Bakers Scales, Hanging Scales and scoops for the food service industry. We also sell our own spring scale and digital line as well as products from Ohaus, CAS, A&D, Citizen, Doran and Pennsylvania Scale.

Main Products

Bakers Scales, Baggage Scales, Bench Scales, Counting Scales, Floor Scales, Gram Scales, Hanging Scales and Attachments, NTEP Certified Scales, Portion Control Scales, Price Computing Scales, Shipping/Receiving Scales, Spring Scales, Washdown Scales, Scoops, Hanging Attachments, Indicators, Weights, Printers, Labels, Etc.

Contact Details

  • Penn Scale Manufacturing Company, 150 W. Berks Street, 19122 Philadelphia, USA
  • 215-739-9644
  • 215-739-9640

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