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Shekel Scales Ltd. (Israel)

Shekel Scales Ltd. is a leading global provider of electronic scales, force measurement applications, and weighing systems. Our effective combination of sophisticated software and core engineering technology enables us to offer innovative solutions for all your OEM weighing needs. Shekel Scales Ltd. is led by a dynamic management team that is supported by an experienced and skilled workforce. Our highly trained team of engineers is dedicated to maintaining and developing core technical and engineering solutions of the highest precision and standards.

Shekel Scales Ltd. is well known for its dedicated sales and service staff, who work closely with customers to find the best possible solutions for their requirements. Shekel Scales Ltd. provides calibrations, certificates, preventative maintenance, repairs, and complete support for all our instrument and software applications.

Main Products

Retail Weighing Solutions, Retail Scales, POS scanners, Self-Checkout Systems, Healthcare Scales, Physician Scales, Neonatal Scales, Special Needs Scales, Veterinary Scales, Industrial Weighing Solutions, Digital Indicators, OEM Weighing Solutions, Load Cells, Etc.

Contact Details

  • Shekel Scales Ltd., Kibbutz Beit Keshet, M.P. Lower Galilee 1524700, Israel
  • +972-4-662-9100; US Phone: 1-866-654-7019
  • +972-4-676-5775

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