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SI Lodec (New Zealand)

The growth of New Zealand's heavy transport industry over the last quarter century, on the face of it a simple matter of loading trucks and carrying freight around the county, has nevertheless been trucking along with increasing sophistication. A New Zealand company, SI Lodec (New Zealand) Ltd has been there supplying and developing on-board weighing systems for this ever changing market.

SI Lodec New Zealand Ltd is a Rotorua based company - central to the country's heavy logging industry – who set out to supply onboard weigh systems for the heavy transport industry, but the weigh system are equally at home in the general freight and transport industry.

For the most part the design is based on load cell principle, with steel frames being attached to a strain- gauged block of steel, which measures the load. With the development of improved electronics over the years, the system has incorporated new elements such as remotes and overload warning lights.

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Logging Truck Scales, Tipper Truck Scales, Spreader Truck Scales, Liquid and Grain Truck Scales, Wheel Loader Scales, Forklift Scales, Weighbridges - Portable and Fixed, Conveyor Belt Scales, Etc.

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