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Solids Instruments (Netherlands)

Solids Instruments is a technical commercial enterprise, specialized in instruments for the processing of dry materials. The solutions offered by Solids Instruments, are in collaboration with European manufacturers.

Solids Instruments attaches great importance to the direct contact with the manufacturer, in order to translate questions from the market to solutions. For customers, this means fast and short connections, in communication as well as time of delivery. You as a customer and user are ensured of the highest quality for your production process, due to these collaborations with the market leaders in solutions for the dry materials industry. The offered solutions should immediately yield saving in the production process, by means of simple installation and operation. Furthermore this also applies in the long-term, because of maximal durability and minimal maintenance and service.

Together with your specific process knowledge, the experience of Solids Instruments in various industries and the product portfolio of the manufacturers, we can jointly optimize the production process.

Main Products

In-line Flow Meters, Belt scales, Flow switches, Digital Load Cells, Moisture Measurement Systems, Acoustic Cleaning, Processing of Dry Materials, Etc.

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