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Spruceland Technologies Limited (Zambia)

Spruceland Technologies is the distributor, service support provider and systems software integrator for the Spruceland range in Zambia. Founded in 2009 Spruceland Technologies is a force in weighing company in Zambia focused on providing comprehensive service support through seamless integrated infrastructure.

Sector focus:

The Spruceland Technologies range is the most comprehensive in Zambia. The range includes both general weighing equipment and advanced weighing systems for specific industrial and commercial and general dealing sectors. Sectors are broken up as follow: abattoirs, fishing, food processing, packing, postal, poultry, retail, fuels, quarries, mining, multi growers, sugar, logistics and transport and general dealing.

Main Products

Weighbridges, Scales, Weighing Software, RFID Solutions, Load Cells, Indicators, Crane Scales, Etc.

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