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International Weighing Review Portal is the First and Leading Global Resource for the Weighing Industry, connecting B2B (Business-to-Business) Buyers and Suppliers in the field in one-stop online platform.

The objective of this Portal is to publish updated news about new products and companies, case studies, articles, videos, press releases, international conferences and events, and much more information related with all weighing fields, such as:

  • All types of scales (commercial scales, counting scales, floor scales, crane scales, scales for suspended loads, on-board scales, precision scales, scales for forklifts and pallets trucks)
  • Weighing indicators, weighing terminals and self-service weighing kiosks (and printers)
  • Load cells and weighing kits
  • Axle weighing systems
  • On-board weighing systems (for forklifts, for wheel loaders, etc.)
  • Transportable and movable weighing platforms and weighbridges
  • Weighbridges and weighing platforms
  • Dynamic and motion weighing systems
  • Rail weighing systems and rail weighbridges
  • Weighing software
  • Self-service weighing systems for unmanned operations
  • Other related products and services provided worldwide.

If your goal is to increase coverage, promote your products and services, enhance brand recognition and generate important business leads, International Weighing Review gives you the right communication channel to reach your goal.

There are various advertising options available to maximize the exposure of your company on International Weighing Review Portal. To make an enquire or to ask for additional information, contact us today.

Feel free to submit your news, press releases and case studies you wish to publish in our portal. This service is free and we will try to publish all the news items sent which are relevant for the weighing industry. International Weighing Review reserves the right to decline any news item not considered appropriate for our audience.

Your feedback is very important for us, so feel free to send us your questions, suggestions and ideas for how we could offer a better service and improve the International Weighing Review Portal.

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