Weighing Review Awards 2018

Weighing Review Awards 2018

Nominated for Best Dosing, Filling and Packaging Solutions

PT Limited PT630
PT Limited

PT Limited PT630

The PT630 is an advanced, high-quality general purpose weighing indicator for industry in a durable IP67 stainless steel housing. Ideal for platform, truck, and hopper scales among other applications with powerful Bi-directional Serial Interface (BSI-BASE, BSI-PRO) communication as standard. A wide range of options is available for integration by Fieldbus connectivity, desk, wall or panel mounting and digital I/O.

The PT630 is approved by Weights & Measures Authorities for use in Accuracy Class III applications with 10000 intervals in accordance with OIML R76. Weighing, and Dynamic weighing for animals and fluctuating loads, check weighing, classifying, filling and counting are standard as is printing which is selectable from 6 languages.

Easy, practical operation via navigation keys with 6 large 22mm digits, 16 alphanumeric characters 8mm high and wide viewing angle, multi-colour backlit LCD display.

The PT630 is powered by AC power with integral mains cable. A version is available for powering from 12-28VDC.

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Minebea Intec Software Application EasyFill®
Minebea Intec

Minebea Intec Software Application EasyFill®

EasyFill is a particularly cost-efficient software application that does not require complex programming in a PLC. The application is a simple solution for batching liquids, powders and granules. In this process, the electronic weighing system also controls the necessary batching signals (coarse, fine) via integrated digital inputs and outputs. The software has been pre-installed in the weight transmitters PR 5220 and PR 5230 and the weight indicator X3 and offers precise batching results through user-specific and configurable set-point, tolerance and overshoot values.

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Hardy Dynamics Checkweigher Series
Hardy Process Solutions

Hardy Dynamics Checkweigher Series

Open-Source, Off-the-Shelf Rockwell Components, Seamless Integration into Connected Enterprise

Hardy's Dynamic Series of checkweighing machinery is built using off-the shelf components, with controls based on a Rockwell Automation's CompactLogix platform, providing a standardized open source architecture that is flexible enough to meet both current and future control needs.

Weight processing is managed by Hardy’s HI 4050CW weight controller. Sampling weight data at 4,800 times per second, the HI4050CW is capable of providing enough weighments to accurately categorize packages weighing from 5g to 225kg at speeds up to 350 packs per minute.

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Hardy Dynamic checkweighers are built using a Rockwell CompactLogix® platform running Studio5000® making them the easiest to integrate, upgrade and modify. The GUI uses FactoryTak View software, giving the user the ability to share and modify information presented on the machine’s HMI to the larger Connected Enterprise®. Extra onboard I/O and the ability to expand the rack provide a future proof control platform that is ready to accommodate additional upstream and downstream closed-loop controls, as well as peripherals such as metal detection and x-rays.  All data tags are available to Enterprise wide software. 


Gearing and motor are integrated into the roller. Extremely efficient with no exposed moving parts, motorized drive rollers are available in a variety of speed and torque ratings so they can be tailored to the specific requirements of your application. Available in stainless steel the series is rated for IP66 wash-down environments. Smart drives eliminate the possibility of over-torque or binding that could cause motor or belt damage, creating a safer and higher reliability conveying system.


Belts can be removed, inspected, replaced and cleaned without the use of tools. A simple cam-lock secures belts in position and at the correct tension – making change-overs fast and easy.


The Dynamic C, S and I series are built using welded Stainless Steel tube construction, created a very ridged and long lasting frame that will withstand even the most abusive environments. Built to handle virtually every product in any environment, only simple modifications are required to change bed widths and lengths. The Dynamic L series is designed for very heavy packages and therefore is constructed of steel channel.


Intuitive menus presented on a large Allen Bradly PanelView Plus® HMI provide a comfortable environment for setting up product recipes, tuning the machine for optimum performance and setting up the scale system. Use Hardy's exclusive C2® for automatic scale calibration.  Use the Internal Trigger mode and eliminate the need for a photo-eye.


The Diagnostics Section allows users to visualize the process and make adjustments.  This saves so much time over the guesswork that is required with other checkweigher machinery.

All the process performance statistics are calculated and available on the network. Because the machine is open source,  use the data to optimize your process upstream.

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RADWAG Balances and Scales


DWM 750 checkweigher is a device standing for high throughput and weighing accuracy. It offers maximum capacity of 750 g, and readability d=0.1 g.

The DWM 750 is designed mainly for use in pharmaceutical and food industries. Due to magnetoelectric module, the products are weighed quickly (throughput is conditioned by product size and weight). A modular base facilitates device configuration flexibility.

Complex communication modules ensure integration of the scales into the production line which makes automatic operation of the line possible. Connecting the checkweigher to a computer system allows online monitoring of the production process record of weighings, generating reports showing weighing statistics, quantitative statistics, breakdowns and down-times.

The DWM 750 automatic checkweigher is designed to control single products of mass not greater than 750 g. Scale software enables setting the parameters according to customers regulations or according to the current regulation on Control of Packaged Goods. The flexible limits working mode was designed for pharmaceutical concerns. DWM 750 automatic scale is attested by NIH.

The main area of use: control of goods in accordance with regulation on Control of Packaged Goods, full control of production process, control of dispensing devices, control of the products packaging precision, weighing medicines, blister packs, syrups, etc.

The checkweigher is equipped with an industrial computer and Windows Embedded OS which makes device operation both intuitive and easy. Database module designed on the basis of Microsoft SQL Server allows stable and safe record of scale-generated data, and ease of connection of the database with the customer’s software. Possibility to record the data and weighing records on two storage devices provides high security.

Checkweigher elements like drives, rejecters, emergency buttons and warning lights are controlled by the real time controller; this guarantees flow of work and an instant reaction to emergency signals. Checkweighers enable exchange of data via Ethernet network. The implemented communication protocol facilitates automatic transfer of weighing records, databases update, introduction of new settings and online monitoring of device work.

Key functions: dynamic weighing; database of operators with different permissions levels; products database; weighings database; reports database; thresholds control +/-; control of goods in accordance with regulation on Control of Packaged Goods; control of goods in accordance with customer regulations; autocontrol; auto-correction of packaging mass; control of correctness of rejecter operation; control of supply installation pressure; bin overload sensor; cooperation with feeders; cooperation with PLC controller; reporting; export of reports to PDF files; control of products flow; control of products dimensions; flexible regulation of transporters velocity.

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