Weighing Review Awards 2018

Weighing Review Awards 2018

Nominated for Best Laboratory Scales/Balances

RADWAG XA 4Y.M.A microbalance with an automatic adapter for pipettes calibration
RADWAG Balances and Scales

RADWAG XA 4Y.M.A microbalance with an automatic adapter for pipettes calibration

XA 4Y.M.A microbalances feature modern mechanical design that enables high accuracy and fast measurements. Their characteristic features are: larger weighing pan and anti-draft shield (with diameter up to 50 mm), large weighing chamber (199 × 170 × 217 mm) and maximum capacity of 51 g with d=1 µg. The XA 4Y.M.A microbalances are compliant with USP requirements (Chapter 41 and 1251).

The microbalances are equipped with a reliable measuring system housed in a hermetic casing. This provides accuracy and fast measurement in all laboratory conditions. Influence of external factors on the measurement, such as gusts, dust, vibrations, human mistakes, has been eliminated. XA 4Y.M.A microbalances are equipped with an automatic system for level control (LevelSENSING). An innovative solution of the series is a vibration sensor. Due to elimination of a gross error, it increases reliability of carried out measurements.

XA 4Y.M.A microbalances feature new door opening automatics which guarantee that the door slides smooth and quietly. The door opening system allows also to define how wide the door is to be opened. Due to the above, vibrations affecting the measurement are not generated.

After installation of an automatic adapter equipped with an evaporation ring, the XA 4Y.M.A microbalances can be used for calibration of pipettes. The adapter is operated automatically using sensors. Adapter disassembly does not require use of any tools.

XA 4Y.M.A microbalances are compliant with regulation 21 CFR Part 11 and with EU GMP Volume 4, Annex 11. The software enables creation of individual user profiles, and offers multi-level authorization system for preventing unauthorized access to the balance menu. With „Audit Trail” option on, each modification introduced into weighing instrument's database is logged, tracked and withdrawn if required.

Programmable proximity sensors offer wide range of possibilities: zeroing, taring, printing and more.

A new function, „Defined Profiles” automatically sets weighing instrument's parameters in accordance with user requirements. You can choose between the following profiles:

  • FAST – the measurement result is obtained in a very short time,
  • FAST DOSING – the balance quickly reacts to mass changes, which is especially useful for dosing or adding more mass to the dispensed portion,
  • PRECISION – precise measurement,
  • USER - customization of the parameters in accordance with operator's requirements.

The software security system and the ability to document the process using printouts (standard/non-standard) both ensure compliance of the weighing instruments with GLP/GMP systems in almost every area (pharmacy, petrochemistry, environment protection and many others). 

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Mettler Toledo XPR Precision Balances – Go beyond weighing

Mettler Toledo XPR Precision Balances – Go beyond weighing

METTLER TOLEDO has launched its new range of flexible XPR precision balances which are designed to speed up weighing processes, simplify sample preparation and support the kind of process efficiency that enhances accuracy, reduces rework and lowers the costs thanks to features such as user guidance and data management.

New XPR balance models also include the SmartPan™ weighing pan. This innovative pan delivers results in half the time by minimizing air-current effects on the weighing cell for significantly shorter stabilization and better repeatability—even when weighing in a demanding environment such as a fume cupboard, production environment or high-traffic area.

XPR precision balances remove the guesswork from sample handling by guiding users through the weighing process via built-in applications or saved customized methods. The results of each step are displayed on the balance notepad where users can add comments and export data, and ability to print barcode-ready labels ensures results are attributed to the correct step. This avoids sample mix-ups, ensures accurate formulation and creates process traceability.

The new XPR  precision balances adopt additional and noticeable features such as the StatusLightTM on the weighing terminal indicating to the user that the balance is ready for weighing and the digital LevelGuideTM which notifies the user of the leveling status of the balance.

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