Weighing Review Awards 2018

Weighing Review Awards 2018

Nominated for Best Truck Scales/Weighbridges

Utilcell Model 740 Number 1 Rocker Pin Compression Load Cell for Truck Scales

Utilcell Model 740 Number 1 Rocker Pin Compression Load Cell for Truck Scales

The model 740 is a rocker pin compression load cell specially designed for weighbridge applications and high capacity weighing systems. With more than 15 years in the market and more than 400.000 units installed is our number 1 in sales in the European market.

Its main characteristics are:

  • Wide range of capacities from 15t to 600t.
  • Totally stainless steel construction and hermetically welded.
  • Ingress Protection class IP68 (against immersion) and IP69K (against highpressure water jet cleaning).
  • Lightning protection with surge arresters.
  • PVC 6 wires shielded cable with 18m length.
  • Individual calibration in force machine with optimized precorner adjustment.
  • Adapted to extreme climates, with temperature working limits from ‐50 ºC to +80 ºC.
  • Very competitive price.
  • Many International metrological certifications: OIML (Europe and rest of the world), NTEP (special for USA) and GOST (special for Russia).
  • Available with ATEX and FM approvals for the use in potentially explosive atmospheres.
  • 36 months guarantee, including lighting strikes.

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Minebea Intec Weighbridges ProDeck
Minebea Intec

Minebea Intec Weighbridges ProDeck

The weighbridges ProDeck offer a complete range of products and solutions tailored to individual needs for almost all types of applications. The modular design of the weigh bridges allows to realize all the dimensions in even lengths from 4 meters up to 24 meters. The load cells used are specifically designed for weigh bridges and their cables are electrically, mechanically and anti-rodent protected. Customers choose for their application from metal or concrete structure, various weighing electronics and intelligent accessories.


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Balanças Marques Weighbridge PCM M1500
Balanças Marques

Balanças Marques Weighbridge PCM M1500

The PCM M1500 is a modular construction weighbridge designed to weigh up to 80 tons, capable of withstanding the highest efforts resulting of carrying out the more demanding weight, with improved resistance to fatigue. The PCM M1500 is built with metallic or mixed (metal and concrete) modules standardized width of 1.5 meters, enabling platforms set up to 18 meters long and 3 meters wide, with two modules arranged side by side, occupying the entire width of the scale, which eliminates the use of directional louvers, thus allowing a perfectly safe circulation of vehicles.

The PCM M1500 has a very reduced assembly time due to the great ease of module fitting and the minimum amount of necessary hardware. Because of its features and quality, the new weighbridge for weighing trucks Marques is synonymous of total guarantee of performance, accuracy, effectiveness, efficiency and durability. Installing a PCM M1500 takes less than a day. It has been developed so that it can be mounted easily with the use of few human and technical resources, through a fully modular factory prepared. The PCM M1500 has the advantage of being easily disassembled and transported for use at another location, with total use of the equipment. Balanças Marques guarantees its customers all the convenience and ease of not needing to hire other services following the acquisition of a PCM Marques, since Balanças Marques provides a full turnkey service.

The PCM M1500 can be used in multiple locations and without related costs to construction or destruction of civil work, at least significant, and because it saves the customer from hiring other companies in other related services, such as the CE verification and legalization of equipment.

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Weighing Engineering DIY 4x4 movable weighbridge with steel foundations and ramps
Weighing Engineering

Weighing Engineering DIY 4x4 movable weighbridge with steel foundations and ramps

Our very popular movable model DIY weighbridge, with heavy duty steel foundation and steel ramps, is a unique weighbridge solution very different from what is offered today in the weighbridge market.

Some customers will need this solution when:

  • they plan to change the weighbridge location once in the future (construction companies, renting-leasing, rented area, mines, etc)
  • need a very quick installation
  • or need to ship an easily installed weighbridge abroad for a project.

Main characteristics:

  • extremely easy relocation even by non experts.
  • special steel 140 mm height foundations and steel ramps for compacted earth or better surfaces.
  • optional: Special optional kit, for uneven soil.
  • optional ramps with special arrangement ,easy to clean ,to remove part of the mud from wheels tires (sort of wheel cleaner)
  • factory pre mounted  load cells ,and load cell locking mechanism for weighbridge transportation.
  • customer can easily move the weighbridge to a new location.
  • has side rails/corridors as standard.
  • weighbridge travels at horizontal position so easy to unload.
  • quick installation (steel foundations are also factory pre mounted) Only side rails have to be bolted on site (only once), and ramps.
  • comes in all lengths from 6-24m, at 10/15/20 t/a capacities
  • 24 months guarantee
  • excellent solution for renting-leasing, temporary construction sites, mines, agricultural sites, and engineering companies for integrating weighbridges in remote countries projects.

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Giropès SL


The scales of the series BPPCE EVO are metal scales with a modular building, to be used in the weighing of vehicles allowed to circulate on road.

The modular structure facilitates an easy transport and assembly. The modules and head-boards design make possible the inclusion of any of the scales of the series BPPCE EVO in a container OPEN TOP of 20 feet.

From 6 to 26 metres of lenght and up to 100T.

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