Weighing Review Awards 2018

Weighing Review Awards 2018

Nominated for Best Weighing Instrumentation

Utilcell SWIFT Weighing Indicator and High-speed Transmitter

Utilcell SWIFT Weighing Indicator and High-speed Transmitter

The SWIFT is a Weighing Indicator and High-speed Transmitter, especially indicated for Process Weighing & Machinery, in both static and dynamic applications. Now is available with the specific Dosing and Filling Application (APP) turns easy the control of the dosing processes of filling and dosing of materials such as liquid, powder or granules.

Due to its design as well as the many possibilities of data transmission, smart weighing functions, digital inputs and outputs, it is ideal for connection to PLC, PC and remote systems making easy the integration in automated systems. We highlight the ease of commissioning and the reliability improvement and speed of the process without the need to add external control systems.

Its main characteristics are:

  • High-speed reading: 2400 measures per second.
  • High resolution: 24-bit ADC with 16,000,000 internal divisions and 100,000 external divisions.
  • Legal-for-trade IPFNA Legal Weighing Measurement Certification (Non-Automatic Weighing Instruments Weighing Indicator).
  • Calibration by masses or in mV/V.
  • Calibration sealing by software or mechanically.
  • Configuration and calibration by keyboard or computer.
  • Selectable digital filters.
  • Power up to 8 load cells (350 W) or up to 16 load cells (700 Ω).
  • RS-232 & RS-485 communication (Modbus RTU & ASCII).
  • Analogue output configurable at 0-5 V, 0-10 V, 0-20 mA & 4-20 mA, with galvanic isolation.
  • 3 Digital opto-isolated inputs with status LED.
  • 3 Digital outputs to relay with status LED.
  • DIN Rail and Panel mounting versions.

Other regular applications:

  • Filling and dosing machines.
  • Weighing and level measurement in tanks & silos.
  • Check-weigher scales.
  • Animal weighing scales.
  • Test machinery.
  • High-speed dynamic sorting scales.
  • Multi-head scales.
  • PC/PLC weight transmission.
  • Multiple weight indicators in the same bus.

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PT Limited PT210 Indicator
PT Limited

PT Limited PT210 Indicator

The PT210 is a smart indicator for industrial weighing process applications offering powerful PLC integration facilities; standard serial ports such as RS-232C, RS-485, up to 4 digital inputs and 5 relay outputs. 

The PT210 Series is approved by Weights & Measures Authorities for use in Accuracy Class III applications with 10000 scale intervals in accordance with OIML R76. 

The PT210 is available in a range of versions to connect by various fieldbus protocols such as Ethernet, Modbus, Profibus, Profinet, CANopen and also a version with analogue output.
Powerful calibration options including vCal, Electronic calibration without test weights supporting fast easy setup and service. The PT210 features adaptive filtering for fast settling, high display resolution and a speed of up to 1600 conversions per second. 

Its small size aluminum body is ideal for panel installations, providing a big display and requiring little space on control panels. The instrument has a stainless steel front for use in harsh environments and when suitably panel mounted is rated IP67.

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HBM WTX110-A Excellence in Weighing Technology
HBK - Hottinger Brüel & Kjaer

HBM WTX110-A Excellence in Weighing Technology

The high-performance WTX110-A weighing terminal is suited perfectly for static or dynamic filling or dosing tasks. It comes with a robust stainless steel housing and is IP69K certified. This makes it the ideal choice for industrial and legal for trade weighing applications in harsh environments or for products with strict hygiene requirements. Industries such as food, pharmaceutical, and chemical will especially and greatly benefit from these cutting-edge features.

WTX110-A can be connected to any analog load cell. Its high-class TFT color display and intuitive PanelX weighing software allow easy and comfortable on-site operation – all at an outstanding price-performance ratio!

Beyond Components - Complete Measurement Chain Solutions by HBM

The allround-terminal WTX110-A can be combined perfectly with HBM's highly sophisticated load cell product portfolio for a complete weighing solution. Additionally, the set-up of an entire measurement chain and calibration can be managed conveniently and independently – either on-site or remotely via PanelX or the WTX mobile app. All along, data protection is completely ensured owing to HTTPS communication encryption.

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Siemens SIWAREX WP321

Siemens SIWAREX WP321

The compact and versatile weighing electronic Siwarex WP321 is an integrated technology module for the distributed I/O system Simatic ET 200SP.

With its features and functions, Siwarex WP321 fulfills the requirements of a modern automation system such as advanced communication via Profinet or Profibus, integrated operation and control via HMI touch panel as well as digital signal filters and diagnostic functions. With a width of only 15mm, Siwarex WP321 is one of the most compact weighing modules available. Therefore a continuous wiring concept with all other ET 200SP components and an optimized footprint in the control cabinet is guaranteed.

Siwarex WP321 can be used optimally for non-automatic weighing tasks, like level measurements in silos and bunkers, as well as platform and hopper scales. The internal update rate of up to 600Hz guarantees fast and accurate measurement results. The seamless integration into Step7 Simatic Manager, Simatic TIA Portal and Simatic PCS7 is a matter of course.

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Air-Weigh BinMaxx

Air-Weigh BinMaxx

BinMaxx is a weighing system specifically for front end load-refuse vehicles. The Air-Weigh BinMaxx scale provides individual container content weight, which allows for profitability optimization on commercial routes. BinMaxx calculates and displays the container content weight and the lift number on an easy to read in-dash display. Container content weights can be printed using the optional in-cab printer or can be transmitted to an on-board computer, or route management system for data collection and analysis. This weigh-in-motion arm mounted scale does not change the driver's normal lifting routine, and sensors mounted on the arms are located out of harm's way, making BinMaxx the most durable product on the market. 


  • Arm mounted deflection sensors
  • Designed for durability in the refuse environment
  • Language options: English, Spanish, French, and German
  • Temperature compensation, accurate weights from -40 F to 185 F
  • Menu based set-up
  • PIN protected calibration
  • 3-year limited warranty

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Precia Molen i25 TOUCH

Precia Molen i25 TOUCH

In line with the i range of indicators, the new i25 Touch indicator is versatile and offers six weighing modes: calculation, formulation, batch weighing, animal weighing, checkweighing and counting, accessible from one or two weighing platforms.

The innovation? Its intuitive and customizable interface which can be used to manage products, compile data and information in batches or get statistical results in real time – all remotely.

It also shines thanks to its connectivity, which allows the user to exchange information with teams remotely, and to use all its functions without any location constraints.

By combining the new visual (graphs, statistics), interactive (thanks to the touch screen and the movable widgets) and connected possibilities, the i25 Touch indicator is a genuine step forward for the weighing industry and its users.

The i25 Touch is equipped with two processors and is made of high-quality materials, hallmark of PRECIA MOLEN design.

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RADWAG PUE HY10 - an advanced weighing indicator
RADWAG Balances and Scales

RADWAG PUE HY10 - an advanced weighing indicator

PUE HY10 terminal enables designing multifunctional load cell scales operating in industry, and cooperating with RADWAG high resolution platforms and weighing modules.

The terminal’s housing and base are both made of stainless steel. High IP rating and stainless steel allow operation in challenging working conditions (high humidity, dustiness). These two characteristics make terminal meet high hygiene standards for food and pharmaceutical industries. All the HY10 connectors are fed through glands which along with water and dust proof housing guarantee high IP rating, i.e. IP68/69.

Large, 10.1” backlit colour display guarantees easy-to-read information even in low light conditions. The touchscreen stands for ease of operation, simply trust your intuition and start to operate the device. Now accessories such as mouse or keyboard are needless. Additional numeric keys and soft buttons provide maximum functionality.

HY10  software  makes  the  terminal  possible  to  be  used  for  vast  range  of  industrial  applications, e.g. labelling,  dosing,  parts  counting,  formulations,  prepackaged  goods  control  (PGC),  statistic quality control. Large HY10 terminal database facilitates archiving the results of your work and reports. The data can be exchanged between terminals. Data import and export options are at your disposal. The device works with the E2R modular program from RADWAG.

HY10 is compliant with regulation 21 CFR Part 11 and with EU GMP Volume 4, Annex 11. Our device features numerous functions designed to secure and monitor operation of particular users e.g. advanced password settings, control of logging operation correctness, granting groups of users with individual permissions levels, automatically carried out logout operation, e-sign of reports, restricted access to data management, data backup, record of Audit Trail file modification.

HY10  terminal  can  support  operation  of  6  weighing  platforms  (including  2  load  cell  ones). It offers connecting laboratory balances and weighing modules.

Standard communication interfaces:

  • 2× RS232, 2× USB, 1× Ethernet, 4× IN/OUT
  • Optional communication interfaces:
  • 16× IN/OUT, 1× Profibus, 1× Modbus, 1× Wi-Fi, 1× RS 485, 3× analog output (4-20mA, 0-20mA, 0-10V)

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3o2iSryV0Yc&t=36s

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Eilersen EtherCAT Weighing Module
Eilersen Electric Digital Systems A/S

Eilersen EtherCAT Weighing Module

Eilersen Electric A/S has expanded the range of weighing modules with a new EtherCAT interface module.

EtherCAT is one of the most widely used EtherNet based communication standards and there are several advantages in using this digital interface module in combination with Eilersen digital load cells, since the entire measurement chain is kept digital.

Advantages include an easy plug-and-play installation with up to 4 digital load cells, advanced digital filters as well as a “Digital Junction Box” that can be mounted near the load cells or in a central panel.

The digital measuring chain allows the EtherCAT weighing module to transmit the weight and status of each individual load cell in a weighing system via the EtherCAT communication, which results in higher resolution of the weighing signal, better transparency and easier service. Existing digital weighing systems from Eilersen can easily be upgraded to EtherCAT communication by replacing the current weighing module. Eilersen also offers customized application software made by request.

The new EtherCAT module is ATEX (Ex) and IECEx certified for use in hazardous applications just like the rest of Eilersen range of weighing modules.

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IPA TRIP - SAFE overload protection
IPA Private Ltd

IPA TRIP - SAFE overload protection

Safety is a prime concern for lifting equipment's like, lifts, EOT - crane, mobile cranes etc. Loads are lifted without knowing the actual weights and over load of the lifting equipment can cause undue strain- damaging the equipment.  The "Trip- Safe" is a compact overload protection device which uses a loadcell as the sensor and provides trip signals in case of overload. The combination of the "Trip-Safe" along with the RT Loadcell makes the solution low cost and very reliable.

Key Features:

  • Will not give a healthy signal if the "Trip-Safe" is not powered or if the loadcell (sensor) is not connected.
  • DIN Rail mounted - Easy Installation
  • LED bar graph indication - for setting a status
  • Wide voltage input - can be universally used
  • Rugged design and reliable
  • Can be used with any sensor with mV output like pressure, angle etc.


  • Type: Din-rail mounted
  • Operating temperature: 5 °C to 55 °C
  • Power supply: 110-230VAC + 10%; 50Hz
  • Housing Protection: IP-20
  • Casing dimension: 70mm X 109mm X 75mm.
  • Signal input: Loadcell mV output.
  • Indication: 10 level bar graph display Indication of low & high set limit
  • Adjustments provided: TARE, SPAN
  • Excitation: + 5V DC
  • Set range: Full-scale from lower set level to higher set level
  • Trip output: NC-NO relay contacts (Rating- 230V, 10A AC)Relay is energized when the measured level is below the higher set limit and is de-energized when the measured level goes above the higher set limit or when any of the faulty conditions occur. State of relay is indicated by the bi-colour LED.

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Rinstrum C520 Indicator
Rinstrum Pty Ltd

Rinstrum C520 Indicator

Rinstrum’s C520 industrial process controller is a culmination of over 25 years of excellence in weighing instrumentation design. Its sleek design, modern interfaces and increased accuracy makes it the most advanced indicator produced by Rinstrum yet. The C520 has a 14-segment LED display and a 6-button keypad. Multiple connectivity options including USB, Ethernet, RS232 and RS485 are supported. Ideal applications for the C520 include truck weighing, process control, OEM, and programmable solutions using the embedded Lua scripting engine.

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