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Team Phidippides use Zemic H3 S-type Load Cells for brake force solution

Zemic Europe B.V. (Netherlands) – Zemic assists Team Phidippides with a brake force measurement solution.

Team Phidippides will battle against 230 other universities from all over the World at the Shell Eco marathon 2017 in London. During this marathon the participants will drive as far as possible, on 1 liter of fuel, in highly developed cars to see who has made the most efficient and durable car.

The team has developed a roller bench to make a simulation of the track. In this way they can test the efficiency of new components and the car.

To measure the force on this bench Team Phidippides made contact with Zemic Europe. With Zemic H3 S-type load cell they managed to make a perfect solution.

How the H3 is used in the roller bench:
The power of the vehicle will be measured by a dynamo that will hang on bearings. The S-type load cell is integrated into the construction of the rollerbench.

All the braking forces that the dynamo will provide will be absorbed into the frame through the load cell. With the use of the load cell the braking force can be determined. These braking values will be connected to the electronical management system of the vehicle. In this way the most sufficient braking power can be calculated at every speed.

Team Phidippides will use this information, to know how to drive most efficiently during the race.

More about the roller bench:
The team has developed a roller bench to make a simulation of the track. With this bench they can test the efficiency of new components and systems in the cars and see where they can improve. Zemic was approached because we have the most efficient and accurate product for this bench.

With this rollerbench solution Team Phidippides does not have to go to the track every time to test the vehicle.

About the H3 load cell:
  • A nickel plated alloy steel tension and compression load cell
  • Suitable for hanging, hoppers and other weighing devices
  • With an IP value of 67
About Team Phidippides the Triga II and the Quadriga II:
Team Phidippides has 2 vehicles which will attend the Shell Eco Marathon. The Triga II and the Quadriga II.

The Triga II is a tricycle. This vehicle participates in the prototype Hydrogen class. In this class all vehicles drive on hydrogen that will be converted into electricity.

In the class Urbanconcepts Battery-Electric the Quardiga II will participate. In this class the car has to look as much like a normal car as possible. It needs to have wipers, lights, a handbrake and much more.

This car is also propelled by electromotors but energy is taken from a battery.

If both vehicles would drive on 1 liter of normal gasoline the Triga II would drive 1268 km and the Quadriga 903 km!

For more information about the H3 S-type Load Cells from Zemic Europe click here.

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Straightpoint Load Cells Integral to Onboard Crane Load Tests

Straightpoint (South Africa) – Anchor Industries used water bags in addition to a variety of force measurement and rigging equipment to complete load tests on a Liebherr crane aboard a vessel in Cape Town Harbour, South Africa recently.

The 500t capacity Liebherr, model BOS 14000-500D, is the main crane on the deck of Van Oord’s pipe-laying vessel, DLB Stingray. The prime focus for Stingray is S-lay pipe-lay work; when performing S-lay pipeline installation, joints of pipe are welded into a pipe string aboard the vessel. The crane required five-yearly testing.

Anchor accepted a scope of work from Dormac Marine & Engineering to complete an overload test of the crane, constituting a 550t load being applied to the main hoist. Additionally, Anchor was required to complete a 55t load test of the auxiliary hoist as well as a 50t calibration test of the main hoist after the 550t overload test was complete.

Four 75t capacity Radiolink plus wireless load cells and four 30t capacity wireless low headroom links, all manufactured by Straightpoint and sourced from Anchor stock, provided data to handheld devices throughout the project. Another four 120t load cells from a different manufacturer completed the force measurement fleet for the job.

Tyrone Tilley, national services manager at Anchor, said: “With a test this large there is always a certain level of stress and to have the Straightpoint products involved gave the team added assurances that the equipment was going to deliver in a pressurised environment. The 120t load cells were from old stock; we are in the process of phasing out those units and replacing them with Straightpoint equipment.”

For the main overload test, a dozen water bags were used in a near-40m, three-tier cascading rig. At the top and middle were two 100t and two 40t bags, while three 20t and a 30t bag combined at the bottom. Supporting rigging equipment was allocated to each lifting point; for example, Point 2 for two 40t bags in Tier 1 included a 100t x 7m roundsling, two 55t safety bow shackles (above and below the 75t load cell), followed by the water bag.

Tilley said: “The additional capacity in the water bags was to account for water displacement owing to the fact that they were pushing against each other. Of the 650t capacity we had I estimate that we lost approximately 50t to 70t.”

The Radiolink plus is Straightpoint’s most popular product. The range of low headroom links, meanwhile, is designed to provide accurate measurement of loads in the most challenging applications where headroom restrictions are a major factor. In this case, Anchor wanted to limit the height of rigging in-between water bags. Constructed from high strength alloy steel and exposed to an array of testing during development, the tension load cells are designed to work with industry standard shackles. Further, said Tilley, they are lightweight and user-friendly.

Anchor was aboard the vessel over a three-day period. Tilley explained that the first day was used for transportation of the equipment in two flatbed truckloads, then rigging up the water bags. Day two saw completion of the 550t load test, while the two additional tests, rigging down and offloading took place on the final day.

Tilley concluded: “The job was well planned and executed within the timeframe without any significant challenges other than the short lead time; we received confirmation of the job on the 17th of the month and delivered from the 20th to 23rd. We used handheld devices for this project but have recently acquired Straighpoint’s multi-load cell reading software [SW-MWLC] and look forward to applying it on future applications of this nature.”

The Liebherr boasts the Litronic crane management system, a one-level interface between crane and driver. Various analysis tools provide relevant information on the operation and the system empowers the driver to efficiently control the crane and optimise turnover. Stingray, meanwhile, has a design draft of 5m and dimensions of 120m by 40m.

For more information about the Load Cells from Straightpoint click here.

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Weighing Review Readers’ Choice Awards 2017 - Winners have been announced!

The forth edition of the Weighing Review Readers’ Choice Awards has reached the final stage and the winners have been announced. Once again the Awards were a huge success. Here are some statistics of this edition of the Weighing Review Awards (with more companies, more products and more votes from more countries):
  • 36 Weighing Companies Nominated
  • 61 Weighing Products and Solutions Nominated
  • 1744 Validated Votes
  • Votes from 69 Countries
Thanks for your participation this year and we are looking forward to your participation next year.

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Here are the Weighing Review Readers’ Choice Awards 2017 WINNERS. Congratulations!

Best Weighing Company 2017 - First Place

METTLER TOLEDO (Switzerland)
METTLER TOLEDO is a global manufacturer and marketer of precision instruments for use in laboratory, industrial and food retailing applications. The Company has strong worldwide leadership positions. A significant majority of our instrument sales are in segments in which we are the global leader. In addition to a broad product offering, we have one of the largest global sales and service organizations among precision instrument companies. We focus on the high value-added segments of our markets by providing innovative instruments that often integrate various technologies including application-specific solutions for customers. We design our instruments not only to gather valuable data but also to facilitate the processing and transfer of this data into customers' management information systems.

Best Weighing Company 2017 - Second Place

Minebea Intec (Germany)
Minebea Intec, formerly known as Sartorius Intec, provides products, solutions and services to the industry for increasing the reliability, safety and efficiency of production and packaging lines. This we give evidence through our promise to our customers and consumers: 'We make daily life safer.'

Our core market position, that of a leading global product and solution provider together with our aim to set strong standards in all areas of our business, are both reflected in our company motto: 'The true measure'.

Best Weighing Company 2017 - Third Place

Balanças Marques (Portugal)
BALANÇAS MARQUES (part of Grupo José Pimenta Marques Lda.), with headquarters in Braga, Portugal, is a company with more than 40 years of business in the manufacture of scales, specializing in all types of weighing equipment for retail and for industrial applications, being today one of the main companies in the Iberian Peninsula on these two weighing areas.

Best Laboratory Scale/Balance 2017

METTLER TOLEDO (Switzerland) - METTLER TOLEDO has launched a new generation of XPR Micro and Ultra that boosts performance and ergonomics. This new XPR balance models offer 25% better repeatability than traditional microbalances through innovative features such as Active Thermoelectric Cooling (ATC) and ongoing quality-assurance checks.

Usability is delivered by a small bench print and a new user interface that, similar to a smartphone, allows users to swipe or programming while running tasks. A built-in result notepad simplifies documentation and let users to store comments. Individual task methods can be stored and accessed via icons, saving time and enhancing process security.

Additional XPR design benefits include a new weighing pan for easier cleaning, and a two-screen system allowing easy weighing with the small screen while the main touchscreen can be placed wherever it is more convenient.

Taken together, XPR’s productivity-enhancing features and excellent micro-range accuracy allows it to create a new level of productivity for companies working with small samples sizes.

Best Retail Scale 2017

BM5 XS Retail Scale
Balanças Marques (Portugal) - The BM5 XS is a scale with touch screen that combines all the desired features for the retail sector: competitive price, small size, reliability, high performance and design.

The BM5 XS gathers hardware and software of excellence and is equipped with the latest technology. The high performance of the BM5 XS is guaranteed by ARM processors of latest generation and a motherboard fully developed and produced by Balanças Marques. The 12.1" LCD touch screen, with projected capacitive technology, ensures speed and efficiency in customer service.

The BM5 XS has a new version of the certified billing software, ETPOS 5, which mantains the features of previous versions - simple, intuitive and functional - and presents a completely renewed interface that greatly enhances the user experience. The integration of ETPOS makes the BM5 XS a device with integrated management capability that emits any type of legal documents.

Available in two models – Double Body and Suspension - the BM5 XS is a scalable, configurable and expandable solution, allowing a greater return on investment in this equipment.

Best Industrial Scale 2017

Industrial Scales Combics
Minebea Intec (Germany) - Industrial scales with an 60.000 d resolution.

The well-known high quality complete scales Combics and platforms Combics with one load cell and capacities from 3 kg to 300 kg will be shortly available with a 60.000 d resolution. This high accuracy weighing solution helps to improve product quality and/or reduces costs by avoiding expensive overfilling.

Best Load Cell 2017

Load cell PR 6212
Minebea Intec (Germany) - Optimum corrosion resistance for chemically aggressive environments.

The PR 6212 load cell from Minebea Intec is made of stainless steel 1.4418. This material offers optimum corrosion resistance even in chemically very aggressive environments. The maximum allowable operating temperature of 180˚C makes the load cell optimal for use in the chemical, steel and other heavy duty industries.

Best Onboard Weighing System 2017

Ravas (Netherlands) - RAVAS-SafeLoad acts as an active load diagram for your forklift truck: it helps you prevent accidents, injuries and damages from tipping forklifts and breaking forks.

RAVAS-SafeLoad uses weight and load center point to alert the driver in case of unsafe lifting. RAVAS-SafeLoad: load indication and lift truck stability in one display. It uses information from a hydraulic sensor and a set of sensors that measures the moment forces from load center position and mast tilt, to present stability information in the display. A led bar below the weight display goes from green (safe lifting), via yellow, to red (unsafe lifting: risk of tipping over). The led bar stability indication is enhanced by the color of the weight display (green backlight in safe situations, red backlight in unsafe situations), and by a fork in the weight display that is divided in three segments, one of them blinking to indicate the load center position on the forks.


Best Weighing Instrumentation 2017

HBM - Hottinger Baldwin Messtechnik GmbH (Germany) - Beyond Components: Complete Weighing Solutions by HBM

The new HBM weighing terminal WTX120 stands for excellence in weighing technology: Any analog load cell based on strain gauges can be connected to the industrial and rail-mountable indicator. Future-proof interfaces like PROFINET, EtherNet/IP, Modbus-TCP and Fieldbus (PROFIBUS DP) guarantee maximum investment safety.

Push buttons, display and text navigation allow for effortless on-site operation. As an additional benefit, the intuitive HBM weighing software PanelX helps with start-up or maintenance. The weighing terminal is ideally suited for filling, dosing and sorting plants and machines and fulfils all technological and legal needs including OIML, NAWI certifications.

Best Dosing, Filling and Packaging Solution 2017

Siemens Siwarex WP251 Weighing Module
Siemens (Germany) - The new weighing module Siwarex WP251 is part of the SimaticS7-1200 Basic Controller family and seamlessly integrated into TIA-Portal.

Siwarex WP251 controls dosing and batching tasks completely independent and fulfills the typical requirements of these processes, such as speed and accuracy.

Operation and commissioning of the scale are quick and easy: due to the free software example application ""Ready-for-use Siwarex WP251” the commissioning, calibration and operation of the scale can be done completely via the CPU / Touchpanel – thanks to the WP251 function block without any additional programming!

Additionally, Siwarex WP251 is very flexible in its usability: Integrated in Simatic S7-1200 all advantages of the automation system can be used: customer and application specific requirements can be added and programmed in the Simatic CPU easily. This offers a free programmable and flexible weighing solution by using Simatic standard components. Operated in stand-alone mode all parameters and functions can be accessed and edited via the on board Modbus RTU or Modbus TCP interfaces. In this case a PC or a Modbus-compatible user interface can be directly connected and used for operation.

With the trace function it is possible to optimize the scale. The saved values and status information can be illustrated and analyzed with Siwatool V7 and Microsoft Excel.

Best Truck Scale/Weighbridge 2017

Weighbridge PCM M1500
Balanças Marques (Portugal) - The PCM M1500 is a modular construction weighbridge designed to weigh up to 80 tons, capable of withstanding the highest efforts resulting of carrying out the more demanding weight, with improved resistance to fatigue. The PCM M1500 is built with metallic or mixed (metal and concrete) modules standardized width of 1.5 meters, enabling platforms set up to 18 meters long and 3 meters wide, with two modules arranged side by side, occupying the entire width of the scale, which eliminates the use of directional louvers, thus allowing a perfectly safe circulation of vehicles.

The PCM M1500 has a very reduced assembly time due to the great ease of module fitting and the minimum amount of necessary hardware. Because of its features and quality, the new weighbridge for weighing trucks Marques is synonymous of total guarantee of performance, accuracy, effectiveness, efficiency and durability. Installing a PCM M1500 takes less than a day. It has been developed so that it can be mounted easily with the use of few human and technical resources, through a fully modular factory prepared. The PCM M1500 has the advantage of being easily disassembled and transported for use at another location, with total use of the equipment. Balanças Marques guarantees its customers all the convenience and ease of not needing to hire other services following the acquisition of a PCM Marques, since Balanças Marques provides a full turnkey service.

The PCM M1500 can be used in multiple locations and without related costs to construction or destruction of civil work, at least significant, and because it saves the customer from hiring other companies in other related services, such as the CE verification and legalization of equipment.

Best Weighing Software/Solution 2017

Weighing Software ProRecipe XT
Minebea Intec (Germany) - Intelligent formulation guarantees safe processes.

ProRecipe XT® is proven as a practical solution for processes in the food, pharmaceutical, chemical and cosmetics industries. The ProRecipe XT® recipe management system simplifies the tasks of monitoring and managing manual and semi-automated weighing and dosing processes. The intuitive user interface ensures that operation is safe and needs little training. In addition the system is 100% flexible when it comes to integration into existing production systems.

Best Medical Scale 2017

Chatillon 1300 Series Autopsy Scales
Chatillon (USA) - The Chatillon 1300 Series autopsy scales are widely used in hospitals, laboratories, research centers and universities all over the world for demanding clinical applications. The 1300 Series autopsy scales come in the classic, elegant design that characterizes all Chatillon hanging scales. Due to its hanging features the Chatillon 1300 Series autopsy scales can be used in any environment. These mechanical medical scales do not require a table to stand on, nor electrical power. This, combined with the temperature compensated dual spring mechanism, makes the Chatillon 1300 Series autopsy scales ideal for use in hospitals in any part of the world regardless of the humid conditions or the size of the room it is used in.

These autopsy scales feature a large 13 inch double dial with chrome-plated housing. For easy cleaning and protection of the dial, dials are glass-covered with one dial reading clockwise and the other counterclockwise. The dial features bold black numbers and graduations that are easy to read, along with a contrasting red pointer. Two brass dashpots ensure accurate, stable readings by eliminating oscillation. Stainless steel pinion and bronze rack combination ensure low friction performance even in elevated temperatures.

The Chatillon 1300 Series autopsy scales offer accuracy down to +/-0.05% and enable a maximum overload of 120% of rated capacity and a tare capacity of 10% of full scale capacity. Full capacity comes in three dial revolutions and available scale capacities of 9 and 15 kg.

The Chatillon 1300 Series autopsy scales include a holding loop and can be supplied with a bottom hook or a removable sanitary pan constructed of 300 Series stainless steel featuring drain holes per USDA specifications. The autopsy scales qualify as “Legal for Trade” in the US and conform to NIST handbook H44 Class III.

Best Train Scale/Weighbridge 2017

Portable Train Weigher (PTW) for In-Motion and Static Weighing
Weighwell Engineering Ltd. (UK) - Formed in 1988 by inventor and Managing Director Paul Horsfall at the age of only 22, Weighwell are renowned for the patented Portable Train Weigher (PTW) with hundreds of weighing systems in over 30 countries worldwide. All rail vehicle wheels have a flange that prevents the train from “jumping the track”, Weighwell invented and designed a frame that lifts the wheel tyre but for safety keeps the flange within the rail head.

The PTW allows for either static or in-motion train weighing with the flexibility to weigh the single axle, bogie or full railcar without impeding or stopping regular train movements. The safety aspect, cost saving potential and the accuracy of the PTW are some of the reasons as to why Weighwell are trusted as the industry leaders in portable train weighing technology. The robust portable train weighing systems are an integral part of national and international projects where reliability, backup support, experience and quality are a fundamental component. The principal value of Weighwell's train weighing systems are to stop overloading in the rail freight industry and to understand the balance of the train within train maintenance depots.

Best Aircraft/Airport Scale 2017

Erichsen 343 Maintenance-free Hydraulic Gauges for Aircraft and Aviation
Chatillon (USA) - The Erichsen 343 scales are high quality hydraulic gauges specially suited for the aircraft and aviation industries where the hydraulic gauges are used for force balancing, weighing and weight distribution. The Erichsen 343 hydraulic gauges for aircraft and aviation are made of stainless steel and are hermetically sealed into a closed circuit filled with hydraulic oil. The hydraulic gauges are easy to operate and do not require any power source.

The large dial allows you to view loads from a distance. If the gauge needs to be viewed from a remote location an optional extended tube for the dial can be added. These hydraulic gauges come with a center thru hole enabling them to be used wherever there is a need to fit a centering adapter to secure the load being applied. The centering hole design allows for accurate load applications in both compression and tension applications.

Unlike their electronic counterparts (load cells with digital indicators), the Erichsen 343 hydraulic gauges are immune to ESD (Electro Static Discharge) and transient voltages.

Due to its rugged design the Erichsen 343 hydraulic gauges can operate in harsh environments where traditional hydraulic gauges give up. They come with a load range of 1 kN (220 lbs) to 2500 kN (560.000 lbs) and an accuracy of 1.6% of full scale. An optional digital indicator is available.

The Erichsen 343 hydraulic gauges may also be used in additional applications such as hydraulic press, clamp force verification, continuous measurement of axial forces, to monitor bearing forces that arise on lathes, boring machines, extrusion presses and similar.

Best Personal/Fitness Scale 2017

Smart Diet Scale
Smart Diet Scale, Inc. (USA) - The world's smartest nutritional tracking kitchen scale. Smart diet scale gives the consumer the ability to track and weight their entire meal all at once and it's painted 4 quadrant platform technology. Through Bluetooth the consumer can display the complete nutritional formation of their meal with over 650,000 food choices on iOS and android platforms.

Best Kitchen Scale 2017

L6P Planar beam for Kitchen Scales
Zemic Europe B.V. (Netherlands) - The L6P planar beam is a low profile single point loadcell. The parallel beam construction and the flat ribbon cable makes this sensor the most suitable for kitchen scales and other electronic leisure devices where space is limited. The planar beam is available in the capacities 22 kg , 45kg, 75kg and 110 kg capacity. Most loadcells have a resistance of 350 Ohm.

Due to the increased wide range of “Internet of Things” applications this L6P planar beam has a resistance value of 1000 Ohm, which makes it an energy saving sensor.

This IP65 force sensor also has the OIML approval which can be downloaded on our website. Also a 3D STEP file of this sensor can be downloaded here to directly integrate this sensor in your 3D application.


Nominated for the Best Weigh-In-Motion Systems (WIM) 2017

Nominated for the Best Animal Scales 2017

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Dibal’s New Remote Console Application to manage its high range Automatic Equipment from a PC

Dibal S.A. (Spain) - The new DRC is an application that replicates the display and keyboard of the automatic equipment in the 4000 family and the LP-3000 manual labelling machine in any PC. The highly intuitive application is compatible with the rest of the Dibal PC applications and helps to increase process efficiency.

Once the new DRC has been installed on a PC, it is possible to communicate it with the machine to replicate its console and therefore be able to configure the machine and resolve incidents easily from a PC.

For more information about the Weighing Products from Dibal S.A. click here.

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Barcelbal, S.A. and RAVAS Europe BV are now partners

Barcelbal (Portugal) - Since January 2017, Barcelbal, S.A., has begun a long-term strategic partnership with RAVAS Europe BV.

The RAVAS Company, based in the Netherlands, is a leading manufacturer of mobile weighing systems worldwide (forklift, electric pallet carriers and stackers) and found in Barcelbal the ideal partner for the Iberian and French markets.

Barcelbal will be responsible for RAVAS certified modifications and the assembly of scales and weighing systems in warehouse machines (forklift trucks, electric pallet trucks and stackers).

Barcelbal will also hold the exclusive distribution and import for the national market of the Bruss brand for mobile weighing systems.

This strategic partnership allows Barcelbal to remain at the forefront of the mobile weighing systems solutions, join forces with one of the leading international players for this type of system and have the quality imposed on all its equipment’s and services be recognized across borders.

For more information about the Weighing Systems from Barcelbal click here.

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Giropès launched the New GI400 IP68 Indicator

Giropès SL (Spain) – IP68 protection allows complete water immersion and strong dust protection. Giropes indicator design, with optimization and design studied for different industries. The new IP68 indicator has an anti-misting treatment and waterproofness guaranteed.

It provides dosage, limit, counting, checkweigher and totalization functions.

In addition, like the whole Gi400 indicators range, IP68 indicator also has two versions, tare-weight or digital firmware, and LCD or LED display.

For more information about the New GI400 IP68 Indicator from Giropès click here.

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BEL Engineering introduces New Touch Screen Laboratory Balances

BEL Engineering s.r.l. (Italy) - BEL Engineering Italy just released a brand new series of electronic balances: the M5 series are the top level, most innovative and advanced series made by BEL Engineering.

Equipped with large 5’’ color touch screen display, it gives an user-friendly access to all the balance’s advanced applications and internal databases.

The user has easy and intuitive access to all the functions thanks to the icon-driven menus. This means more efficiency, productivity and interactivity. Equipped also with USB port for import/export database data.

The M5 series include also models (-ION) equipped with an integrated ioniser on the back of the balance with the purpose to neutralize static electricity on charged samples like plastic parts, containers or films for acquiring always the most accurate results.

Some of the many on-board functions already included:
  • GLP
  • Advanced piececounting function with Statistcs report
  • Advanced Density function, with density index (DI) calculation
  • Formulation (Recipe)
  • Textile function to measure fibers with Statistics report
  • …and many others, with up to 6 operating languages, the large 5’’ inch display and the RS232 serial output close the circle of a complete product, reliable and truly convenient
The M5 series include semimicro, analytical and precision balances with resolution from 0,01 mg until 0,1g to cover most of the weighing requirements.

For more information about the New M5 Series of Touch Screen Laboratory Balances from BEL Engineering click here.

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Advanced Load Monitoring Solutions on board the Allseas owned decommissioning vessel Pioneering Spirit

Techno Fysica BV (Netherlands) - Techno Fysica BV, a global load monitoring solution provider, has been awarded the design, manufacturing and completion of the vessel-specific load measurements for Allseas’ heavy lift and pipelay vessel Pioneering Spirit.

At Techno Fysica’s Centre for Measurement Techniques, based in The Netherlands, they designed various customized load measurement solutions which include 51.5 MN capacity shear pin type load cells for the lever pivots of the vessel’s topsides lift system (TLS), as well as structural stress in the hull connection beam, the stinger hang-off supports and the rollerbox forces during pipelaying.

The final deliveries Techno Fysica made for the TLS comprised no less than 18 large forged shaft pieces, each weighing 8 tonnes, for the so-called yoke foundation supports and adapter box.

Techno Fysica also took care of calibration of all load monitoring sensors and systems.

Techno Fysica always endeavor to meet the required delivery ‘no matter how challenging’. TF technical support is 24/7 available. In the unlikely event of a problem, advice, spares, service or a replacement unit is available at short notice.

For more information about the Load Monitoring Solutions from Techno Fysica click here.

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New Supplier Entry - Massload Technologies Inc. (Canada)

Massload Technologies Inc. (Canada)

Massload is a leading manufacturer of load cells and force measurement solutions for the Industrial, Agriculture, Mining, Oil & Gas, Construction, Rail, OEM, Transportation, Recycling and Scale Dealers. We are located in Saskatoon Canada.

Main Products/Services:
Custom Engineered and Manufactured Load Cells (Load Pins, Tension Links Etc.), Truck Axle Weighing, Portable Weigh In Motion, Permanent Weigh In Motion, Ultra Slim Weigh Pads, Weighing Indicators, Wireless Devices, Tension Link Systems, Etc.

Contact details:
Address: Massload Technologies Inc., 301-47th St E., S7K 5H2 Saskatoon, Canada.
Phone: 306-242-2020
FAX: 306-931-1991
Website: http://www.massload.com
Email address: supplieremail@supplieremail.com

Social Network Profiles:

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Ishida Multihead Weigher Helps Frozen Products Reach a Worldwide Market

Ishida Europe Ltd. (Hungary) - The superb performance and versatility of Ishida’s latest generation RV multihead weighers have enabled one of Hungary’s leading frozen food producers to greatly increase capacity and achieve success in export markets.

Founded in 1981, Mirelite Mirsa Co Ltd specialises in the manufacturing and distribution of a wide range of deep frozen fruit, vegetables and pastry products. Its cold storage plant began operating a few years later, in the city of Albertirsa close to Budapest, and since 2003, the company has been running solely under Hungarian ownership.

Mirelite Mirsa’s extensive range of products includes 40 different vegetables, 16 types of fruit, 18 pastries, various dry herbs and a variety of vegetable mixes and ready-to-serve dishes. The majority of its products are sourced from local Hungarian farmers.

The company, which uses modern technology in the course of its manufacturing and packaging processes, recently purchased a top-of-the-range Ishida CCW-RV multihead weigher.The purchase continued a strong working partnership between Ishida and Mirelite Mirsa that dates back to the company’s purchase of its first Ishida weigher, a CCW-NZ-214, back in 1999. This machine continues to operate reliably and is one of five models now installed at Mirelite Mirsa’s factory in Albertirsa, with another three in operation at its factory near Budapest.

The new Ishida CCW-RV-214 is being used to pack the company’s huge range of frozen vegetables and fruits. It has the flexibility to handle target weights from as little as 10g to as much as 1kg with just one multihead weigher whilst consistently achieving. Levels of accuracy to within 0.3g on 10g packs of dill and 2g for 400g bags of vegetables.

The CCW-RV-214 is operating in conjunction with a GEA bagmaker, working two eight-hour shifts. By using Ishida multihead weighers, the company can now meet customers’ requirements by offering paper bags, cartons and octabines for bulk goods as well as polyethylene bags from 200g up to 2500g for the retail, hotel and restaurant market.

Mirelite Mirsa reports that the introduction of the new weigher has improved overall efficiency levels by around 25% whilst for its best-selling lines, such as 400g bags of green peas and corn kernels, efficiency ( in single shift operation) has increased by 35%.

Reliability has also been excellent, with no problems since the machine was installed in 2014. Set-up procedures are very simple, and a thorough clean after each shift takes just 25 minutes.

A second Ishida weigher at Mirelite Mirsa provides further evidence of the sophistication of Ishida technology. The machine incorporates special parent and child software that provides both weighing and counting functions in a single machine, with the weigher capable of depositing a single fresh tomato into bags of frozen mixed vegetables.

“We have always used Ishida weighers, so there was no question that we would look to the company again to help us meet our latest packaging requirements,” explains Dr. Viktor Loso, Director of Mirelite Mirsa.

“The new RV is the perfect machine. It is extremely user-friendly, reliable and accurate, with the ability to continue to work over long production runs without any operator intervention. In particular, the fact that a single weigher can handle such a wide variety of target weights is of huge benefit to us, and enables us to react very quickly to customer orders.”

In response to its continued success in exporting to Europe, the company has increased the volume of products it distributes to overseas and Central-European countries. This means that half of its annual production is at present being sold to export markets.

Mirelite Mirsa’s technological improvements have enabled it to expand, becoming a major supplier to supermarkets throughout Eastern Europe and exporting to a staggering 66 countries worldwide.

As well as its major export programme, the company has launched a novel marketing initiative in Hungary to target the younger generation, with company-branded vans attending food festivals to provide cooking demonstrations with its own product.

“With this ambitious expansion programme, we needed to increase capacity and our latest investment in the Ishida weigher has been instrumental in enabling us to achieve this,” explains Dr Loso.

The weigher is part of a bespoke installation carried out in partnership with Ishida’s Hungarian distributor, Master Quality. The installation also includes a special feeding and distribution system and a weigher access and support gantry.

The line went in smoothly, in just two weeks, and Master Quality and Ishida also carried out extensive operator training to help Mirelite achieve and maintain the excellent line performance.

“The machine works consistently day-in, day-out, and the support we have received from Master Quality and Ishida in terms of machine maintenance, service engineers’ visits and spare parts supply has been impeccable,” Dr Loso concludes.

“Thanks to the successful cooperation between Mirelite, Ishida and Master Quality, the customer is currently considering investing in inspection technology to guarantee both food safety and quality.”

For more information about the Multihead Weighers from Ishida Europe click here.

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Thursday, March 9, 2017

The New D 850 Series of LED Remote Displays with PLUG'n DISPLAY Firmware from Rinstrum

Rinstrum Europe (Germany) - The new D 850 series extends Rinstrum product family of LED remote displays that have been developed for weighing applications with a strong focus on user friendliness and functionality. As in all Rinstrum LED remote displays they utilize industrial grade components protected in a sealed aluminium profile to ensure high degree of reliability in industrial environment. The alphanumeric LED display with super-bright LEDs (1400 mcd/LED) and character height of 140 mm (5.5 in) allows excellent readability of weighing information over 70 m (76 yd).

With the unique screwable connector system there is no need to open the housing for wiring or configuration via DIP switches. The wiring takes place in the large connector body, what improves the water protection and onsite installation time of the LED remote display.

PLUG'n DISPLAY Firmware redefines Functionality and User-Friendly onsite Installation:
The main advantage of the PLUG'n DISPLAY firmware is the protocol auto-detection of most common used protocols in the weighing industry. The D 850 detects automatically 26 communication protocols that are transmitted over RS 232 or RS 485 (Ethernet optional) serial interface to the remote display. Combined with auto-detection of baud rates and parities of the transmitted protocol there is no need of configuration on PC for the user. The brightness control function of the D 850 automatically adjusts the display to the light conditions avoiding strong illumination at night. These features allow a quick and simple integration of the remote displays in existing or new weighing systems.

The PLUG'n DISPLAY firmware is also available in all Rinstrum remote displays making them a perfect choice for easy visualisation of weighing information for both OUTDOOR and INDOOR applications in industrial environment.

For more information about the New D 850 Series Remote Displays from Rinstrum click here.

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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Mantracourt launches a unique Wireless, Telemetry Sensor system for hazardous areas

Mantracourt Electronics Ltd (UK) - Mantracourt, a leader in high performance measurement electronics, has launched an intrinsically safe version of its established T24 wireless telemetry sensor system. The new X24 range of products is ATEX and IECEx approved for Zones 1 & 2 and was developed after feedback from existing users of the T24 system, many of whom wanted to extend this versatile system into hazardous areas. In the field, X24 has been found to be particularly suited to the petrochemical and industrial processing industries.

Alongside its ATEX / IECEx status, modularity is the key feature. The X24 system comprises 3 products that are certified for use in hazardous areas - the X24-HD handheld display unit, X24-ACMI-SA cased transmitter and X24-SAe OEM transmitter. These new products currently operate with strain bridge inputs and gather and transmit data from force, weight, torque and pressure sensors. Being fully compatible with Mantracourt’s T24 system, the data is transmitted to T24 receivers within the safe zone. This compatibility also means that the X24 system can be retrofitted, so companies can extend its existing T24 wireless network into hazardous areas, reducing installation costs and providing quick setup.

All three units display many of the notable features seen in equivalent products in the T24 system including high resolution/low noise electronics, long battery life of up to 5 years, proprietary license-free 2.4 GHz radio and a system range of up to 800m. However, new X24 products are manufactured with intrinsically safe electronics and are approved for use in explosive atmospheres Zone 1 and Zone 2, with the X24-SAe extending to dust Zones 21 and 22.

The transmitter module, X24-ACMi-SA measures strain bridge input and delivers it to the T24 receivers in the safe zone, or X24-HD in the hazardous area. It is housed in an environmentally sealed IP67 enclosure with battery holder for two Lithium Energiser L91 AA batteries.

The X24-HD is a lightweight, portable design and certified to IP67. With simple and intuitive button control it receives data and displays data from the remote transmitter module such as X24-ACMi-SA as well as any T24 transmitter. The product can display data from any transmitter detected or the operator can define up to 24 specific transmitters. The functionality is complemented by the ability to rename each channel to whatever you require.

The X24-SAe is a product specifically for OEM sensor manufacturers. This transmitter, comprising a PCB board with antenna measures strain bridge input and transmits data to X24 and T24 receivers. The PCB module provides OEMs and those who supply approved strain bridge sensor products with a quick route to manufacture.

Once in the safe zone, users of the system have access to the complete T24 product range. This includes the base stations and T24 Toolkit and visualisation software. The Toolkit can be used to configure both the T24 and X24 systems.

The free data logging and visualisation software allows users to log up to 100 channels and build visual displays. Alarms can be set that can indicate under and over range and can alert users to loss in communication, low battery and error reports. In recognition that we now work in an increasingly mobile world, Mantracourt has also included a built in web server that provides a summary view page to other computers, tablets and smart phones, both Apple and Android.

“We are very excited about the new opportunities this product provides for our customer base. In the past we were frequently asked for a wireless solution in explosive environments and our design team have worked diligently to develop the X24 product range in response. We have extensively field-tested these new products in a wide variety of applications and customers have been impressed with how seamlessly the new products could be integrated.” says Jonathan Purdue, Sales Manager at Mantracourt.

For more information about the New X24 Wireless Telemetry Sensor System from Mantracourt click here.

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Modulift One-Over-Two Rig Lifts Substation Module

Modulift (UK) – Modulift supplied spreader beams and rigging equipment to international freight forwarder FH Bertling Logistics Aberdeen (Bertling), which lifted a 282t substation module onto a vessel bound for Kazakhstan at AV Dawson's North Sea supply base in Middlesbrough, UK.

The module, measuring 37m long by 9.3m wide and 6.2m high, was constructed by Mech-Tool Engineering at Dawsons Wharf on the River Tees in the UK's northeast. AV Dawson provided port services, including rigging and stevedoring support, while its in-house shipping agency, Cockfield Knight, helped to get the ship in and out of the port.

The Modulift one-over-two configuration comprised of a MOD 400 spreader beam at the top and two MOD 110SH spreader beams below. However, to tailor the rig to the module and its centre of gravity the top beam was rated to 350t capacity and the other two rated to 200t. Custom length struts were fabricated so the spreaders were at the exact length required by Bertling. The total arrangement height was approximately 34.5m.

Bertling, also a tenant on AV Dawson's site, accepted a scope of work to lift the module from stillages in Middlesbrough and install it on foundations at its end destination. Sixty axles of self-propelled Kamag K2400ST trailers and a Terex CC2800-1 crawler crane were employed on the dockside. The Modulift equipment travelled with the module, where it was used beneath the hook of another Terex crawler, model CC6800, in Kazakhstan.

The logistics phase of the project represented a further collaboration between Bertling; Sarens, who supplied the cranes to Bertling in the UK and Kazakhstan; and ALE who undertook the 710km land transport to the site in Kazakhstan. This substation module was the largest of five similar units for the project and the only one for which Bertling had to procure lifting equipment.

Mike Hetherington, technical director at Bertling, said: "We regularly advise clients on best practice lifting gear design as part of turnkey transportation projects. In this case, the client had purchased the substation module without lifting equipment and asked Bertling to come up with a proposal."

Bertling consulted extensively with below-the-hook equipment manufacturer Modulift, which provided a complete, custom fabricated solution to cater for the dimensions of the load. The module featured a bolted lifting lug arrangement for the lift using shackles and slings, also provided by Modulift.

Chris Schwab, sales manager at Modulift, said: "The module had a slight offset centre of gravity and needed to have a vertical sling connection to avoid any potential forces being applied to the structure. A one-over-two configuration was the only viable solution."

For more information about the Products from Modulift click here.

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T-Scale’s New P-Series Label Printing Scales

T-Scale International Co., Ltd. (Taiwan) - T-Scale’s T-Touch Intelligent P series label printing scales designed especially for the highly customizable retail solutions for to use in Super markets, Butcheries, Groceries, Small Retail shops, Chain Food Stores, Production areas etc., it’s used Embedded Linux Operating System with the high-end standards and low energy consumption and many more advantages. It’s allowed to create freely customized UI (User Interface), customized print formats etc. by using T-Scale’s back office software. It has cassette type High speed built-in label printer for the immediate change of paper rolls,. P series label printing scales all are OIML and CE approved.

P series has the variants PE10 Economic, P10, and P18. Embedded system allows to make fully customizable user interface, it’s providing high stability and low power consumption. It’s Cassete system allows to do the immediate paper changes.

T-Touch P10 series networking capability allowing for using T-Scale’s back office management software for to make the updates from the back office and networking. User-friendly back office software allowing to create customized labels, UI (User Interface), Product updates , promotional video & pictures updates, report management, data import & export etc.

P-Series Scale Specifications:
PE10 Economy:
User friendly Resistive Touch Operating display, 10.1” HD Touch Operating display with the resolution 1280x800, display angle could be adjustable as per the operator convenient view and use. Multipurpose customer display, 7” HD Customer display allowed using customized promotional pictures, product pictures, etc.

P10 Standard:
User friendly Resistive Touch Operating display, 10.1” HD Touch Operating display with the resolution 1280x800, display angle could be adjustable as per the operator convenient view and use. Multipurpose customer display, 10.1” HD Customer display allowed using customized promotional pictures, product pictures, promotional video, etc.

P18 Self Service:
User friendly Resistive Touch Operating display, 18.5” HD Touch Self-service Operational display with the resolution 1366x768. Self Service Operation, Self service scale allowing for to operating the customer without any help of the operator, display and audio messages will guide to choose the right item for to get the label. It’s reducing labor cost and giving high end shopping experience.

For more information about the New P-Series Label Printing Scales from T-Scale International click here.

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