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New Supplier Entry - Crown Oilfield Instrumentation (USA)

Crown Oilfield Instrumentation (USA)

Crown Oilfield Instrumentation, a US gauge manufacturer has been serving the oil and gas industry for 40 years.

Crown’s hydraulic gauges are durable, reliable and dependable, and our gauges will provide you with the best pressure measurement solutions. For 40 years, Crown has served the oil and gas industry with the highest quality, precision drilling instrumentation. From our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility to our outstanding customer service, Crown offers an exceptional customer experience.

Crown Oilfield Instrumentation is a leading provider of hydraulic oilfield instrumentation, and we ship our products around the world. Whether you need weight indicators, mud gauges, tong torque gauges, gauge protectors, or load cells, our products are suitable for all drilling applications. We can customize our gauges to a variety of measurements, capacities, and applications, affording you with just the right gauge. All of our gauges meet NIST calibration standards, and each piece of equipment is calibrated and certified before leaving our facility.

The Crown team’s promise:
  • Accurate, dependable US-made instrumentation
  • Outstanding customer service
  • Fast turn-around times on orders
  • Friendly, knowledgeable staff
  • Factory-direct pricing
The Crown name is well-known in the drilling industry, and many companies ask for us by name. We go the extra mile to earn a company’s business, and the strong, long-lasting business relationships we have built in the industry are what make us most proud.

Main Products/Services:
Weight Indicators, Anchor Type Weight Indicators, Bulk Tank Weight Indicators, Wireline Weight Indicators, Mini/Supermini Weight Indicators, Deflection Weight Indicators, Coil Tubing Weight Indicators, Pad Type Weight Indicators, Crane Weight Indicators, Load Cells, Compression Load Cells, Tension Load Cells, 4.0 Load Cells, 6.53 Load Cells, 50 Sq. In. Load Cells, Etc.

Contact details:
Address: Crown Oilfield Instrumentation, 204 West Lafayette St., 70555 Maurice, USA.
Phone: 1-877-908-3790
FAX: 1-337-898-2377
Website: https://www.drillinginstruments.com
Email address: supplieremail@supplieremail.com

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Scales donation helps support military veterans with service-related mental health conditions

Marsden Weighing Group (UK) - Marsden Weighing Group has donated a large veterinary weighing scale to a charity providing dogs to ex-servicemen suffering from the effects of mental health.

South Yorkshire based Marsden gave the V-250 Veterinary Scale to Veterans With Dogs, a UK registered charity who provide dogs to British veterans with ‘invisible injuries.’

The V-250 is a scale used by veterinary surgeries in the UK and worldwide for administering treatment and ensuring dogs are a healthy weight.

Julie Morrish, of Veterans With Dogs, said: “The scale will make a big difference to us for being able to fully assess our dogs for their weight and monitor our growing puppies.”

“The scale will be used on an ongoing weekly basis as part of our health checks to monitor each dog placed with veterans.”

Marsden Managing Director, Richard Black, added: “The Marsden V-250 is the ideal weighing scale for large dogs, with its 250kg capacity. Plus it's simple to use and has high accuracy.

“We recently donated 12 of our scales to Battersea Dogs Home, and are pleased to be offering our support to another great cause. We’re delighted to see the scale is proving a success with the charity, the owners - and the dogs!”

Last month, Marsden published the results of a survey that suggested more than half of UK pets are overweight.

The overall aim for Veterans With Dogs is to improve the quality of life for veterans through the companionship of dogs and other pets.

For more information about the V-250 Veterinary Scale from Marsden Weighing Group click here.

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Straightpoint Load Cells Weigh Hulking Flare Stack

Straightpoint (UK) – Speedy Services used load monitoring and suspended weighing load cell equipment from Straightpoint to weigh and calculate the centre of gravity of a 298t flare stack bound for a BP oil rig in the North Sea.

Speedy utilised four 150t wireless compression load cells and wireless centre of gravity software with supplementary SW-HHP handheld displays.

The load cells were chosen for a number of reasons, chiefly because they offered an accuracy of +/- 0.5%, compared to other units that were considered which provided a wider margin of +/- 1%.

Accurate measurement of the stack was so critical that weighing was carried out under a shelter to prevent rainwater impacting the calculations. The fabrication shed in Aberdeen, Scotland had to be large enough therefore to house the 98m-long flare stack. It took approximately five hours to complete the load out.

Terry Bide, depot manager at Speedy Services, was responsible for sourcing suppliers for the project that could manufacture to the specified tolerances and deliver to the stringent timescales enforced by the oil and gas giant.

He said: “The weighing technology was integral to the safe completion of a job that required extensive lift planning and top level expertise from the lifting industry throughout. It would have had a massive impact when the unit is finally installed to find the weight or centre of gravity was even slightly incorrect and the crane onsite rendered unsuitable.”

He added: “Thus, the contractor, working on behalf of BP, specified at the outset that they required highly accurate weighing technology. The load was nearly 90m-long, while the average for a flare stack of this kind is much smaller, say, 60m. The success of the project was owing to the industry-leading technologies and expertise employed.”

Self-propelled modular transporters (SPMT) were used to jack the flare stack prior to load out. Flare stacks are sometimes called gas flares and are commonly installed as combustion devices on industrial plants such as petroleum refineries.

An SPMT was positioned at each end of the stack beneath supports that secured the flare in position. The load cells reported live information from four pick points to a handheld device, where operatives monitored the weighing procedure from a safe distance.

Bide concluded: “Given the critical role played by the weighing and other equipment on what was a successful project, I wouldn’t hesitate to utilise the technologies again for future oil and gas or other applications of this scale.”

The stack remains on the Aberdeen dockside awaiting completion of its accompanying module before transportation to the North Sea site.

For more information about the Load Monitoring Systems and Suspended Weighing Load Cells from Straightpoint click here.

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SIA Engineering Purchases Aircraft Weighing System from General Electrodynamics Corporation (GEC)

General Electrodynamics Corporation (Singapore) - SIA Engineering Company Places Order for A380 Aircraft Weight and Balance Equipment with Fully Automated-Calibration System.

Singapore Engineering Company, Singapore, has taken delivery of General Electrodynamics Corporation (GEC) AN60 Portable Aircraft System earlier this month with a fully-automated calibration system to be delivered in early September 2016. The state-of-the-art system will be used on all Boeing and Airbus narrow and wide-body aircraft. SIA Engineering performed an in-depth technical evaluation of all offerors and found GEC’s product to be superior to the others. The piezo-electric, highly-accurate sensors, coupled with GEC’s off-level technology, made it an easy engineering decision.

The technical evaluation pointed out that shear-beam technology as used in the other offers products leads to inaccurate and unreliable measurements (Center-of-gravity calculations), with higher-life time maintenance costs.

Further noted, shear beam load cells only measure true vertical loads and true vertical loading very rarely occurs in aircraft weighing applications. Shear beam technology (bending beam load cells) fatigue with time and produce inconsistent and non-repeatable output.

About General Electrodynamics Corporation:
General Electrodynamics Corporation is the world’s leading OEM of aircraft weight and balance and center-of-gravity (CG) equipment. With over 40 years of aviation experience, GEC continues to lead the industry in technology, innovation and performance.

For more information about the AN60 Portable Aircraft Weighing System from General Electrodynamics Corporation click here.

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Monday, August 8, 2016

Utilcell’s New Electronic Load Limiter LOADGUARD

Utilcell (Spain) – The LOADGUARD is an electronic load limiter with redundant weight control by reading up to two independent signal inputs, from the load cells or load pins.

It has a display and keys for its configuration and visualization of weight and 4 output relays acting by the alarm programs, maximum load difference between channels and system errors.

Optionally available with dual 4-20mA analogue outputs, redundant, one per weighing channel.

The LOADGUARD is in compliance to standard EN 13849-1:2008, PL-d, category 3, corresponding to Safety Integrity Level SIL 2 IEC 62061.

The main applications are in the control and overload protection in lifting equipment, cranes and machinery.

For more information about the New Electronic Load Limiter LOADGUARD from Utilcell click here.

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Sartorius Expands Production Site in England

Sartorius AG (UK) - New facility at the Stonehouse site for the manufacture of laboratory products | Officially opened by HRH Princess Anne, The Princess Royal.

Sartorius, a leading international pharmaceutical and laboratory equipment provider, today opened a new plant at its Stonehouse site (Gloucestershire), doubling its local production capacities. Together with Princess Anne, member of the Royal Family, and nearly 100 guests, Group CEO Dr. Joachim Kreuzburg and Chris Biddell, the managing director of the U.K. subsidiary Sartorius Stedim Lab Ltd., officially opened the new building covering approximately 4,800 square meters (52,000 sq. ft.). Around 110 employees currently work at this facility in production and R&D.

In his opening speech, Joachim Kreuzburg stated: “Sartorius is growing dynamically, particularly with single-use products as are manufactured here in Stonehouse. To promote this positive development, we are currently investing substantially into the expansion of our global infrastructure. Since our acquisition of Vivascience back in 1999, this Stonehouse site continuously contributed to the strong development of the Sartorius Group. Our local team has achieved a very successful track record, so the new, larger plant is the next logical step.”

In Stonehouse, Sartorius develops and manufactures a variety of single-use plastic products, such as filtration units and laboratory-scale bioreactors. The approximately 9-million-euro new plant additionally serves as a competence center within the Sartorius Group for designing and manufacturing plastic components. Such products are used in laboratories and production facilities of pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies and in research labs in academia. “The plant incorporates the latest technology and significantly expands our production capacity,” said Biddell. “At the same time, we have built it with an eye toward the future so that we will have sufficient space to once more double our production.”

Apart from the Stonehouse site, Sartorius also operates other sites within the United Kingdom in Royston, Epsom and Glasgow and employs nearly 500 people in total.

For more information about the Weighing Solutions from Sartorius click here.

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Giropès Launched the New Mini Printer IMP05

Giropès SL (Spain) - New Baxtan mini printer compact with small size and easy to use.

  • Valid to connect different weight indicators
  • Free software available in Baxtan website to change the ticket typography
  • With thermal printer and paper cutting
  • Cable mini USB to DB9F included (0,5m aprox)
  • Two models available: with Bluetooth or RS232

For more information about the New Mini Printer IMP05 from Giropès click here.

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Balanças Marques Weighing Software adapted to the new SOLAS regulations

Balanças Marques (Portugal) - In July 1st, the new regulations imposed by SOLAS Convention to the container weighing were applied. One of the most important changes concerns the shipping document, that has now, as an obligation, to go along with the container, obeying to very specific rules.

Of the two certificate weighing methods possible to use, the Method 1, the most widely used, consists on the weighing of the closed and sealed container. Accordingly to the new regulations, the presentation of the shipping document is now mandatory, where an authorized person by the shipper attests the verified gross container weight.

Intending to answer to this new demand, Balanças Marques launched a new version of its weighing software WinSimplex, specially adapted to the requirements established by the SOLAS Convention.

This way, with WinSimplex is reassured the fulfillment of all obligations since it is a trustable software, connected to a weighbridge Marques of internationally recognized quality, and that complies with all metrology verification standards.

WinSimplex emits the needed document to legally attest the verified gross container weight, with all necessary information like the gross weight and the container identification code, stamp number, the method used and the name of the responsible, besides the date, address of the container weighing place and semi-trailer or truck registration.

This trustable "duo" allows to determine with precision the verified gross container weight, being the best solution to the requirements of SOLAS Convention.

For more information about the WinSimplex Weighing Software from Balanças Marques click here.

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Marsden B-100 Bench Scale now available with greater capacity

Marsden Weighing Group (UK) - Popular, waterproof bench scale available with greater capacity, following feedback from butchers and fishmongers.

Weighing scales manufacturer Marsden is aiming to make life easier for food retailers with an upgrade to its most popular bench scale.

The Marsden B-100 Bench Scale has an IP68 rating, meaning it is fully waterproof and can withstand punishing environments. The stainless steel housing means it can be easily hosed down and kept hygienic.

Now, following feedback from customers, the B-100 has now been made to withstand capacities of up to 30kg, making it suitable for weighing heavier food produce. It is accurate to 2g.

It is expected that the B-100 will be used for weighing heavier sacks of ingredients. Previously, with the maximum capacity available being 15kg, users were limited by how much could be weighed on the scale, potentially slowing down weighing processes.

Richard Black, Managing Director at Marsden Group, said: “After talking to customers we realised a bench scale with a greater capacity was required for harsh environments - like fishmongers, and butchers shops. The B-100 is great value for money and fully waterproof.”

Marsden’s Operations Director Mark Coates added: “We made a video where the B-100 was dropped in a bucket of water and still worked afterwards. We wouldn’t recommend this is tried at home, but it shows quite how durable the scale is.”

The Brew Shed, a Dunfermline-based brewery, use the B-100 for ingredients weighing. Brewer Steve Hope said: “The B-100 is a sturdy, solid bit of kit designed for everyday use in a working environment. Waterproof scales are essential for any brewer.”

The B-100 is currently on sale at a special price of £115+VAT.

For more information about the B-100 Bench Scale from Marsden Weighing Group click here.

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Tüm Elektronik Mühendislik launched a New All-In-One POS Scale

Tüm Elektronik Mühendislik (Turkey) – The new All-In-One POS Scale has 15" screen and modern style for today's retail design.

Tüm Elektronik Mühendislik is introducing the new All-In-One POS Scale, mainly targeted for markets, grocery stores, small shops and restaurants with special restaurant automation software.

POS Scale with 3/6/15/30kg maximum capacity alternatives, has a special design ending the cabling complexity with built-in 58mm, 240 dpi receipt/label barcode printer, omnidirectional barcode scanner and 15” resistive touch, zero-bezel touchpanel PC.

This small space occupying scale can be supplied as a whole solution or each module separately, combined with its application software.

POS PC comes with two main processor options; Intel ATOM D2550 1.86Ghz or Intel Celeron J1900 2.0Ghz.

Current model also has flat pan, plastic deep pan and stainless steel deep pan options. Point of Sale has never been more exciting with new ways to reward loyalty, engage shoppers, accept new forms of payment, and ensure fast customer service.

For more information about the New All-In-One POS Scale from Tüm Elektronik Mühendislik click here.

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New Supplier Entry - Summit Measurement, LLC (USA)

Summit Measurement, LLC (USA)

Summit Measurement is a leading online supplier of quality industrial and laboratory weighing equipment. We supply our own brand of Glass Fiber Pads for Moisture Analysis as well as other niche weighing products. We seek to provide the best quality products available at the best prices. Our mission is to be "The Single Best Place to Buy Scales and Balances Online."

Main Products/Services:
Laboratory Balances, Industrial Scales, Moisture Balances, Textile Scales, Bench Scales, Hanging Scales, Wrestling Scales, Counting Scales, Food Service Scales, Glass Fiber Pads, Aluminum Sample Pans, etc.

Contact details:
Address: Summit Measurement, LLC , 66 Boynton Road, 01373 South Deerfield, USA.
Phone: 855-972-2537
FAX: 818-561-3636
Website: http://www.summitmeasurement.net
Email address: supplieremail@supplieremail.com

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New Weighing Review Sponsor - Miary i Wagi (Poland)

Miary i Wagi (Poland)

Our company MIARY I WAGI has been acting on the market since 1956. The company office and the factory are located near Brzeg (GPS 50° 52' N 17° 29' E) in Skarbimierz-Osiedle. It's easy to reach us driving off the A4 highway half-way between Wrocław and Opole.

We are Rinstrum Pty Ltd sales representative in Poland and Eastern Europe.

Our prime business activity is production of portable electronic weighbridges (US: truck scales). We are always ready to provide an extensive range of weighbridges and complete truck weighing systems. Weighbridges can be custom built to suit the customers requirements and meet all necessary regulations. We also manufacture a range of weighbridge design types, including pit mounted, surface mounted with ramps and portable weighbridges. If the place is not permanent or a fixed weighbridge is not cost effective then portable axle pads can provide a better solution.

Weighbridges with analog or digital load cells from various manufacturers are offered. We also offer additional equipment such as light signaling systems, barriers, weighbridge operations room, magnetic card reader, CCTV monitoring, etc.

Our company provides a 24-month warranty (the platform and electronics), and quick and efficient servicing, as well as post-warranty servicing.

To know more about Miary i Wagi (Poland) click here.

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Giropès achieves Innovative SME accreditation by AENOR

Giropès SL (Spain) - Giropès has been the fifth company across Spain to receive the accreditation “PYME Innovadora” by AENOR. This certification allows certifying the innovative capacity with an evaluation of sources applied in the process and obtained results.

Know-how achieved last years working worldwide has been the key to strategic plan development. Giropes has been investing about 5% of annual sales focused to create new R&D jobs, registering of mark and the introduction of innovative products in the market.

Innovative SME accreditation is the result of a proactive character inherent in Giropes philosophy in its 20 years Company live.

For more information about the Weighing Solutions from Giropès click here.

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Creating 1000 Times More Power with Submersible Load Measuring Pins

Applied Measurements Ltd. (UK) - "Applied Measurements’ DBEP load measuring pins and DSCC pancake load cells were ideal to use in this marine application, as both can be readily customised, including dimensions and IP ratings, to make them fully submersible" says Ollie Morcom, Sales Director of Applied Measurements Ltd.

Ocean and tidal currents are a sustainable and reliable energy system. Minesto’s award winning product Deep Green converts tidal and ocean currents into electricity with minimal visual and environmental impact. Minesto’s Deep Green power plant is the only marine power plant that operates cost efficiently in areas with low velocity currents.

Pre-assembly of DBEP load measuring pin on Deep Green.

DBEP Load Pin:
  • Fully Customisable
  • IP68 to Depths of 6500 Metres Available!
  • Stainless Steel – Ideal for Marine Applications
Minesto needed to measure the strut force in Deep Green’s kite assembly. The measuring device needed to withstand permanent underwater submersion. "Our load measuring pin’s stainless steel construction and ability to be customised to IP68 submersion rating made this the ideal choice for use in Deep Green’s control system", explains Ollie Morcom, Applied Measurements’ Sales Director. Their 17-4 PH stainless steel construction makes them perfect for marine and seawater applications. The DBEP load measuring pin was modified to have an IP68 protection rating to a depth of 30 metres and was fitted with a polyurethane (PUR) submersible cable and cable gland, ensuring the entire measuring system was suitable for this underwater marine application.

The load measuring pin needed to fit within Deep Green’s control measuring system. The load measuring pin’s dimensions can be customised to suit a specific design. As Deep Green needed to retain its small and lightweight construction, the DBEP load measuring pin was manufactured to their exact dimensions, ensuring that it fitted within the control assembly without adding unnecessary additional weight to the structure, thus maintaining the efficiency of the Deep Green kite.

What is Deep Green?
Deep Green is an underwater kite assembly with a wing and a turbine, attached by a tether to a fixed point on the ocean bed. As the water flows over the kite’s wing, the lift force from the water current pushes the kite forward. The rudder steers the kite in a figure of 8 trajectory enabling Deep Green to reach a velocity 10 times faster than the water current, generating 1000 times more power. As the water flows through the turbine, electricity is produced in the gearless generator. The electricity is transmitted through the cable in the tether and along subsea cables on the seabed to the shore. Customised versions of our DBEP load measuring pins and DSCC pancake load cells are used within the control system of the kite.

For more information about the DBEP Load Measuring Pins and DSCC Pancake Load Cells from Applied Measurements click here and here.

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Balanças Marques integrates European Association of Weighing Instruments Manufacturers

Balanças Marques (Portugal) - The portuguese company Balanças Marques was invited to be part of CECIP, the European Association for National Trade Organizations representing the European Manufacturers of Weighing Instruments. Its integration was voted and approved in the 66th general assembly of the Association which took place between the 1st and 4th June in Vienna, Austria.

Friedrich Trosse, Secretary General of CECIP, has invited Balanças Marques to be part of the organization in order to represent Portugal at an European level, since there isn't an Association in the country that represents the sector. All members of CECIP have approved unanimously the integration of Balanças Marques, in the voting held on the past June 3rd, during the realization of the most recent general assembly of the institution.

Paulo Marques, Commercial Director, and Tiago Marques Pereira, Business Development Manager, represented Balanças Marques at this important moment.

"It is, to us, a enormous pride to be part of this European association and we will do everything in our power to make sure that we will do the best job defending the portuguese weighing sector", said Tiago Marques Pereira. "It is equally an immense privilege to know that we have been chosen to stand for our country, since there is no similar organization in Portugal".

Paulo Marques emphasizes precisely the fact of Balanças Marques be the first and only company to be part of CECIP. "All other countries are represented by associations of companies and we are the only exception.

Portugal does not have an association, so CECIP decided to invite a company.

The invitation to Balanças Marques and the unanimously approval, means a lot to us. I believe it reflects the recognition of our work and the projection of our name in Europe”, reveals Paulo Marques.

CECIP is composed by associations of companies from the weighing sector of 14 countries, to which now joins Balanças Marques, aiming to establish common and harmonised standards to be adopted at European and International levels to provide safety and quality to both consumers and users of weighing instruments.

For more information about the Weighing Solutions from Balanças Marques click here.

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