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New ATEX Terminal from RADWAG - Model HX5.EX

RADWAG Balances and Scales (Poland) – HX5.EX is an indicator intended for industry. It represents the newest RADWAG-manufactured equipment designed to be used in areas endangered with explosive atmosphere. HX5.EX is compliant with ATEX directive.

The indicator is a device intended to be used in environment filled with explosive gases and dust, it can be operated in zones: 1/21 and 2/22.

Indicator Models - There are 4 different models:
  • PUE HX5.EX-1: 2 × RS232, RS485 - standard design
  • PUE HX5.EX-2: standard design + 4I/4º
  • PUE HX5.EX-3: standard design + 4I
  • PUE HX5.EX-4: standard design + 4O

  • The housing is made of AISI 304 stainless steel of high protection class: IP66 / IP68 (up to 1.5 m immersion).
  • The indicator features 5" colour LCD display covered with polycarbonate that protects it against shocks, and membrane keyboard. Ease of operation, clear menu and intuitive information arrangement on the display guarantee comfort of operation.
  • Hermetic intrinsically safe interfaces connectors are located on the back side of the housing. Stable mount bracket enables mounting the indicator either on any flat horizontal surface or on the wall where its inclination angle can be easily adjusted.

For more information about the New Model HX5.EX ATEX Terminal from RADWAG Balances and Scales click here.

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Ishida Weighers first choice for Salad Success

Ishida Europe Ltd. (UK) – Advanced Ishida weighing technology has played a key role in the success and growth of specialist salad producer Bryans Salads, based in Tarleton, Lancashire.

Nine Ishida multihead weighers, including three recently-installed from the company’s latest state-of-the-art RV range, are weighing a wide variety of salad products, packed into both bags and salad bowls, delivering excellent accuracy, speed and reliability.

A family-owned and run business, Bryans Salads is a BRC Grade A V7 supplier of pre-packed salads and vegetables to both the retail and foodservice sector. With orders received one day for delivery the next, a fast and reliable weighing and packing operation is absolutely essential to the business.

“When we first started our own processing and packing, we selected a different weigher but realised the error of our ways!” comments Jon Bragg, the company’s Chief Operating Officer.

“Our experience has been that Ishidas are the best multihead weighers – if you are going to buy one, they are the ones to choose. Selecting Ishida over the competition is a bit like choosing a Porsche in preference to a Ford.”

The weighers are handling a wide variety of pack sizes, ranging from 90g to 250g for retail and 250g to 1kg for foodservice, with accuracy to within 2g on a typical 100g pack of mixed leaves. Packing speeds are dependent on the capability of the bagmaker and the nature of the product – heavier items fall more quickly into the bag – but average speeds are around 40 packs per minute.

Four of the Ishida weighers are operating across two salad bowl packing lines. On each line, one weigher is dedicated to a base leaf mix and the other to a topping, such as mixed peppers. A dipping funnel beneath the weighers empties first the leaf mix before the bowl moves forward to accept the topping.

The weighers are working in excess of 12 hours every day. As well as their accuracy and speed, Jon Bragg cites their reliability and ease of use as major benefits.

“The Ishidas are literally plug and play – you switch them on and they continue to operate consistently and reliably, so we experience minimal downtime. And the touch screen means set-up and operation are very simple to perform.”

The weighers undergo a deep cleandown at the end of each shift, with their waterproof construction and removable parts enabling fast and hygienic cleaning.

“The weighers have proved an excellent long term investment,” concludes Jon Bragg. “Evidence of their longevity is the fact that when cleaned, our 2009 models look just as good as the more recent additions.”

Bryans Salads first diversified into the production of ready-prepared salads in 1997 and remains the only UK grower to supply its own lettuce, with most of its crops grown within a one mile radius of its processing site. Today the company processes around 350 tonnes of product every week. Its recent success had led to a huge growth in turnover since 2009, up from £3.8 million to £30 million today.

For more information about the Multihead Weighers from Ishida Europe click here.

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PT Limited announce PT600 Series Advanced Digital Indicators

PT Limited (New Zealand) – PT Limited, a load cell and weighing equipment manufacturer announced the launch of their latest range of digital indicators. The PT600 series are advanced, high-quality general purpose weighing indicators. All are housed in durable IP67 stainless steel and OIML approved. Easy & practical to operate, each has a wide angle LCD display with multi-colored backlight, 22mm main digits, and 8mm alphanumeric character/digits.

Ideal use for applications such as process and industrial weighing (silos, tanks, hoppers), bagging, filling, weighbridges, food processing and hygienic installations as well as general harsh conditions and livestock/dynamic weighing.

PT610 | PT620 | PT630:
  • IP67 rated
  • OIML approved
  • 6 languages - English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Turkish
  • Setpoint storage up to 500 sets Electronic calibration - no test weights needed!
  • Wall, desk, and panel mount options
  • 2x RS232C, 1x USB, 1x RS485 data port standard digital I/O option for input and control.

PT610 & PT630 Integration Options:
  • Profibus
  • Profinet
  • CANopen
  • Ethernet TCP/IP
  • EtherNet IP
  • EtherCAT
  • CC-Link
  • Powerlink Modbus RTU/TCP
  • Analogue outputs

PT620 | PT630:
  • Pre-tare value storage up to 500 values
  • Piece counting and totaling filling, check-weighing and classifying firmware standard.

  • Touch-free IR keys (two keys)
  • Ideal for food handling and dirty areas where not touching the indicator is ideal
  • Two platform weighing

For more information about the New PT600 Series Advanced Digital Indicators from PT Limited click here.

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Wireless Telemetry Enables Door Seal Gap Measurement - ‘Mind The Gap’

Mantracourt Electronics Ltd (UK) – The Application: The T24 wireless telemetry sensor technology was used in conjunction with Inora, a leader in data analysis technology, to provide OEM automotive manufacturers with a wireless system to dramatically increase the reliability, repeatability, speed and accuracy of door seal gap measurement to prevent water leakage and wind noise.

Key benefits:
  • T24 wireless telemetry technology provides increased accuracy, repeatability, reliability and increased speed for measurement of seal gaps on car doors
  • Provides the ability to wirelessly measure in multiple modes: static, real time and high speed
  • Allows Research & Development teams to understand and address door fit issues prior to launch, providing time and cost savings

The Application:
The WISE gap system was developed by Inora using customised T24 wireless telemetry technology from Mantracourt, to address the perennial customer complaint issues of wind noise and water leakage.

Previously the measurement of the door seal gap area was performed with time intensive tools and methods which also relied heavily on operator skill and provided limited accuracy, feedback and control.

The Challenge:
The Automotive OEM ’s wanted a faster, more accurate and less cumbersome measurement system, capable of measuring door seal gaps between two adjoining panels and able to pass the (AIAG ) standard gauge R&R test. The need arose from consistent complaints from customers of wind noise and/or water leakage, which are symptoms of a poor fit between the car door and body.

Methods previously used relied heavily on operator skill, had long setup times, and were severely lacking in accuracy. Because of the consistent issues in this area the OEM ’s also wanted a superior system to monitor, diagnose, root cause and prevent these issues.

Automotive OEM ’s wanted a way where they could instantaneously capture data on the door fit, have instant visual feedback and the ability to collect and store the data digitally so they could better monitor and understand the fit of the doors over time and after specific changes. Additionally, having live feedback and the ability to record high frequency dynamic measurements would allow R&D applications to further understand and address door fit issues prior to launch.

The Solution:
The WISE gap system, which incorporates customised T24 wireless telemetry technology, lets automotive OEM ’s do all the above – instantly record door fit conditions in both production and engineering / development environments.

It also provides the ability to wirelessly measure in multiple modes: static, real time dynamic and high speed dynamic as well as the capability of being able to apply a single system across all models and closures with one investment in a system that exceeds the reliability, accuracy, repeatability, and reproducibility of any other system in the market.

WISE gap also allows automotive OEM ’s with the tools to self-calibrate the system and the ability to apply the technology across models and applications due to the flexible nature of the wireless system.

The process for measuring door seal gaps in this way was patented by Inora as a part of system creation.

The results:
The WISE gap system dramatically improved accuracy, repeatability, reliability, reproducibility and provided time savings from ~2 hours per door, to ~5 minutes per door, for setup and measurements.

Nick Turicek, Account Relations Manager at Inora explains “One of the key elements of the WISE gap system is its ability to wirelessly measure door seal gaps, allowing user friendly operation in applications ranging from manufacturing facilities to design and engineering, where the wireless component allows dynamic testing. This key wireless communication is made possible by the T24 wireless module from Mantracourt, which powers the system. We worked closely with the engineers at Mantracourt to create a wireless solution to suit our exact requirements”.

He continues “Automotive OEM’s are better able to prevent water leakage and wind noise issues in all stages of production as well as conduct analysis and testing that was previously unavailable”.

“Customer feedback is positive. While certain areas may only use a portion of the system’s full capability, it’s flexibility on both hardware and software allows OEM’s to utilize it in the way that makes the most sense for them. It is used during launches to improve the door fit and over the long term has helped OEM’s understand door fit designs”.

Products Used:
T24-WG - 2.4 GHz WiseGap Module:

T24-BSu - USB base station:

For more information about the Wireless Telemetry Solution from Mantracourt click here.

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Giropès launched the New GI400 BAT LI ION Indicator

Giropès SL (Spain) – Giropès announced the new GI400 BAT LI ION Indicator.

  • The LCD indicator with internal lithium battery, allows intensive use of 8 continuous hours.
  • In-house development with optimization study and design for the industry.
  • The weight indicator GI400 includes the mode checkweigher or pass-not pass. It can manage automatically up to 4 zones using weight limits for each one of them.
  • Totalization function allows the user to do the addition of the weights accumulated in the memory and shows the total number of weights.
  • Piece counting function allows the user to count the pieces which have been loaded on the platform according to the unit average weight PMU which has been scheduled previously.
  • Tickets can be printed in up to 8 different formats and multiple languages.
  • Available in stainless steel and ABS version.

For more information about the New GI400 BAT LI ION Indicator from Giropès click here.

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Straightpoint adds Distance Measurement Tool to Product Range

Straightpoint (UK) – Construction and other professionals can now measure force, load and distance with Straightpoint (SP) products, as the Hampshire, UK-based manufacturer launches the Wireless Linear Displacement Transducer (WLDT).

SP already boasts a comprehensive range of force measurement and load cell products, which is now complemented by a new tool, available in stroke lengths from 25mm (1 in.) to 200mm (8 in.) that can accurately measure displacement or movement in a variety of applications presented by the construction, civil engineering, aerospace and other sectors.

David Ayling, director at SP, said: “Like many products in our range, the WLDT hits the market in response to demand. There are many instances where an end user is measuring force or load and has a desire to measure distance as well. They might want to know how high something has been jacked up or to what extent a building has shifted, for example.”

The WLDT is a robust, absolutely linear position / displacement transducer and is inherently frictionless, presenting a mean time between failures (MTBF) in excess of 100 million cycles when properly used. An eye at each end of the transducer enables the sensor to be quickly and accurately positioned in place and connected to SP’s Multiple Wireless Load Cell Controller (SW-MWLC) software package. It is also supplied with SP’s SA700C wireless transmitter.

Ayling highlighted two product features, beyond its appeal as a wireless versus cabled solution: first, its plug-and-play capability; and, second, its compatibility with SP’s renowned software, suiting it to civil engineers; positional control applications; research and development testing; lifting or spreader beam testing; aerospace system integration; and hydraulic or jacking work.

He said: “There are other options for professionals looking to apply distance measurement technology, but most will require sourcing of a separate transmitter, calibration and other labour just to set them up. Like previous SP products, the WLDT is ready to go. Further, consider the extent of the data that can be captured and logged; users can chart load versus displacement and present information in graphs and other infographics.”

As industry has already noted, SP’s software package is a versatile, user friendly, wireless load cell control, display and data-logging tool designed for use on the Windows PC platforms, Vista, Win 7, 8 and 10. It allows simultaneous, wireless communication between SP products and a Windows PC. A resizable window displays a table of up to 100 wireless load cell channels of live data.

Ayling concluded: “Perhaps a user will start with a requirement to move something a specific distance—say, when jacking a bridge—and arrive at the WLDT as a solution. Based on the extent of enquiries we received, we have built up stock levels in anticipation of global demand for the latest addition to the SP portfolio.”

For more information about the Measurement Solutions from Straightpoint click here.

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Coop. Bilanciai launched the New Terminal DD700 Panel Mount

Coop. Bilanciai (Italy) – “Intelligence Made Easy”.

Standard Features:
  • Compact in design with
  • Batching software
  • Automatic Inflight correction
  • Advanced Digital FIR filtering
  • Product descriptions linked to Setpoints
  • Configurable bright backlit graphical display
  • Interface for analogue or digital loadcells
  • Two USB Interfaces (USB CLIENT-USB HOST)
  • Two serial interface
  • Two Inputs / Outputs
  • Input activated messages
  • Modifiable print layouts
  • Modifiable printable messages and text
  • Modifiable visual messages and text
  • Option cards 4-20mA or 0-10V Analog output
  • Up to 8x Inputs - 8x Outputs
  • Ethernet/IP
  • Profibus DP
  • Wifi

  • Batching (loading/unloading extraction) with Fall and inflight calculation, Display function "Hotkeys", customisable display messages give full control of the weighing process
  • Fully configurable DIGITAL FIR filtering and update speeds allow you to tailor your DD700 to suit your application, giving you fast and accurate weighing results whatever the environmental conditions
  • Download Product, Client, Operator and the daily Weighing result data in CSV format to your local PC via the USB interface or via a network connection for further analysis
  • Customisable display messages and print layouts, a host of standard printer interfaces
  • Ease of use for operators with optional plug in USB keyboard
  • Visualize the display in all light conditions from factory to office environments
  • Interface the terminal with new or existing installations upgrading the weighing system to the latest functionality

The Full Range:
  • DD700 ABS
  • DD700 ic – stainless steel with easy access connectors
  • DD700 i - Stainless steel IP69K with option check-weighing bar graph
  • DD700 Panel Mount

For more information about the New Terminal DD700 Panel Mount from Coop. Bilanciai click here.

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Dibal CW 800: New Automatic Checkweigher for production lines

Dibal S.A. (Spain) – Introducing the new Dibal CW 800 automatic checkweigher, which stands out for its excellent features and its value for money. This equipment helps to optimize production control and guarantee the quality of the final product.

It is and automatic checkweigher for products up to 15 kg, with optional rejection system, suitable for dry or wet environments.

The equipment checks that the weight of the products is correct without stopping the production line, reaching a performance up to 100 packages per minute.

If the weight is above or below the set range the equipment automatically rejects the product.

These are some of the advantages of Dibal CW 800 automatic checkweigher:
  • Intuitive:
    • 15” touch screen with a simple and attractive interface.
    • Machine integrated easy-to-use software for data management (weighings, articles, orders and clients) and telecharge from the equipment.
    • USB port for data sending and dumping of orders.
  • Precise:
    • ADC high speed (4,800 samples/sec).
    • Instantaneous weight display.
    • All the weighings data capture, exportable to PC.
  • Simple:
    • Compact and lightweight design, easy to clean.
    • Modular construction: up to 4 conveyors and 3 rejectors (minimum weight, maximum weight, metal detection).
    • Reduced measures and weight.
  • Easy integration in existing production lines:
    • Combinable with other industrial equipment: deflectors, aligners, misaligners and Dibal MD-5000 metal detectors.

For more information about the New CW 800 Automatic Checkweigher from Dibal S.A. click here.

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Flintec release the RC3D, a modernised version of their established RC3 Load Cell

Flintec (Sweden) – Flintec’s well known RC3 compression load cell has been re-developed, providing customers with a modern alternative.

The RC3 and RC3D are compact, robust, compression load cells manufactured from high-grade stainless steel and hermetically sealed for reliable performance in the harshest environments.

With capacities ranging from 7.5 – 300T the RC3 is traditionally used in high capacity scales for the static weighing of trucks or railroad vehicles, as well as silo weighing systems.

The RC3D supplements the RC3, by providing a more cost-effective solution to customer applications within the 30 – 50T capacity range.

New electronics allow the RC3D to be fitted as part of a single link (daisy chain) system, eliminating the need for expensive junction boxes. With RS485, M12, connectors, this new generation load cell is quick and easy to set up and benefits from extensive diagnostic capabilities to identify faults. With improved corner adjustment and system calibration, the RC3D allows for a single load cell to be replaced without compromising the entire weighing system.

Other features include an IP69K hermetic seal rating and integrated surge protection in accordance with EN61000-4-5.

Complementing the new RC3D, and the already established RC3 is a wide range of mounting hardware and electronics, allowing customers to create a complete weighing system for any application.

For more information about the New RC3D Load Cells from Flintec click here.

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HBM Load Cells Provide Accurate Weight Date of the Soil during Subway Construction in China

HBM - Hottinger Baldwin Messtechnik GmbH (China) - Urban Construction and the Sensors Involved.

How can booming mega-cities be developed into a livable place for billions of people? This question is one of the central, global challenges. The use of measurement technology and sensor technology plays a crucial role in improving the infrastructure in these cities. For example, in the subway construction in the Chinese 6-million-inhabitant city of Nanning: HBM load cells ensure continuous safety in subway construction.

Underground space, as an essential natural resource of a city, has been applied in number of aspects in developed countries. With the accelerated development of China's economy, the creation and utilization of underground space has received widespread attention. The creation of urban underground construction is becoming more popular.

For the underground rail traffic, China first constructed the underground railway in 1965, and so far, many big cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Guangzhou, Nanjing, Shenzhen, Suzhou, Wuhan and Hangzhou have built part of the subway. China's subway construction has entered into a new stage of rapid development.

Images from the construction site:

Issues in Subway Construction:
In subway construction projects, the probability of a surface subsidence accident is quite high. For instance, in the construction of Shenzhen subway line 1, the surface subsidence accidents made up for 25% of the total accidents during the total construction period. The accident happened in the downtown area of Shenzhen, which caused serious impact on the nearby buildings and underground pipelines, and also had an impact on the construction progress and raised the cost of the project. Therefore, it is very important to pay attention to how to control the surface subsidence from process schedule of project and cost from the safety side.

As the capital of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Nanning is also currently involved in subway projects. Nanning Railway Transportation Group Co., LTD. has asked the Professors from Tongji University to provide a comprehensive solution to monitor the surface subsidence by calculating the volume of excavated soil from the shield tunneling machine.

After very thorough research, the Professors concluded that to control the surface subsidence, the weight of excavated soil must be monitored in real time. HBM, as the leader company of weighing technology will provide the necessary support to the customer on designing the equipment as well as on analyzing the dates.

RTN load cells in use:

Sensor Solutions:
So as to provide an accurate weight date of the soil, HBM suggested a very classical sensor - RTN. RTN ring torsion load cells are available with extremely high maximum capacities, and offer an unrivaled precision. During the project Sense Scale & System, who specialize in designing and producing customized weighing equipment, partnered with HBM to offer a comprehensive solution including how to flawlessly connect the loading vehicle at the construction site and transmit the weight signal wirelessly.

The Chinese team of HBM also created software to make it easier for customers to receive and examine the weight data. With the aim of keeping RTN working well for a long time, Sense developed a buffer device and a cross-tie to protect the service life of the load cell.

So as to guarantee the validity of incoming data, Sense selected AD103C and AED9101 from HBM to guarantee the authenticity of the data, and achieved wireless transmission by RS485 to Wi-Fi module.

The Chinese team of HBM totally understood the demands from customer and customized a software for data collection which significantly minimized the workload of the customer. Through robust technology, products with superior quality, high quality service and reasonable prices from HBM, a traditional weighing system became a very crucial part in Subway construction and won customers’ praise and trust.

For more information about the Load Cells and Weight Transmitters from HBM click here.

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Mettler-Toledo's X37 Series Combines High Detection Sensitivity with Lower Power Consumption

METTLER TOLEDO (Switzerland) – New food x-ray systems for tall, rigid containers ensure maximum detection sensitivity and high throughputs while reducing operational costs.

Optimum product inspection of tall, rigid containers, including cartons, doypacks, metal cans, and plastic and glass containers, can be achieved with the new X37 Series of x-ray inspection systems from Mettler-Toledo Safeline X-ray. Available in a number of flexible technology alternatives, the X37 Series can be configured with different detector sensitivity options supported by a range of power generators, to detect and reject contaminants, such as metal, glass, calcified bone, mineral stone and high-density plastics.

This customisation enables food manufacturers to create a system specifically designed to suit their individual application, whilst reducing their total cost of ownership (TCO) and complying with safety regulations and guidelines by consistently guaranteeing contaminant-free products.

The X37 Series includes the X3710, X3720 and X3730 x-ray systems, as well as the X3750 - the most technically-advanced x-ray system on the market for glass-in-glass inspection. Featuring an adjustable, angled x-ray beam and innovative detector technology, the X3750 provides outstanding and reliable detection of glass and other dense contaminants at high throughputs. In addition, the X3750 is capable of performing multiple food quality checks, ensuring not just product safety and integrity, but complete brand protection.

he X37 Series – the Big Difference is in Every Detail:
To suit a variety of tall, rigid packaging applications, manufacturers can choose between a 0.4mm and a 0.8mm detector diode. The 0.8mm detector technology is five times more sensitive to x-rays than traditional systems, ensuring unparalleled precision in the contaminant inspection of food products. For the inspection of composite cans, cartons, tubes, doypacks and plastic containers, for instance, producers can select a 20W generator which can result in a significant reduction of power consumption and cooling requirements, as it offers the same precision as a conventional 100W device.

“Traditionally, food processors needed to implement high-power x-ray systems to inspect cans or glass containers at high speeds, of up to 1,200 products per minute,” explains Daniela Verhaeg, Marketing Manager of Mettler-Toledo Safeline X-ray. “The X37 Series' advanced detector technology and class-leading inspection software enable systems to offer equal or, in some cases, improved detection levels whilst typically only needing one fifth of the standard x-ray energy power consumption. Consequently, this allows food manufacturers to reduce operational costs whilst maintaining the utmost level of safety and quality for their products”.

The x-ray range can be configured to the particular needs of a specific production facility. Manufacturers can, for example, select different high-speed reject systems to match their production needs and guarantee easy and effective product rejection. Suitable for a wide range of product types, some systems in the Series are available with fully-adjustable pusher and air blast options with large vision windows.

For the X3710/20/30, an optional removable roller track in the reject chute can also be installed to ensure products slide down the chute gently and to facilitate easy cleaning. The X3750 offers a short stroke pusher reject device which is capable of rejecting product that doesn't meet predefined quality levels onto an integrated driven reject table without damaging the product. While standard systems are available in a number of different configurations, Mettler-Toledo Safeline X-ray also offers manufacturers the option to develop bespoke models to meet individual application requirements.

As the X37 Series can easily be integrated onto existing customer lines, manufacturers can maintain high volume production targets with no need to reduce line speeds. Optimum product inspection is achieved at high throughput levels of up to 1,200 containers per minute, depending on product configurations. Furthermore, the x-ray systems are capable of simultaneously performing additional quality control checks, such as assessing the fill level of products, measuring head space, detecting missing caps on plastic bottles, identifying agglomerates, such as flavour and powder lumps, confirming the presence of a vacuum and inspecting for packaging defects. These tried and tested features ultimately ensure that only high-quality products leave the manufacturing facility, optimising product integrity and upholding brand reputation.

All models in the X37 Series are hygienically designed, providing a robust system fit for all applications. The X37 Series is IP65 rated as standard but may be upgraded to IP69, making systems suitable for harsh washdown environments. The hygienic design is further enhanced by sloping surfaces to allow water to run off easily after washdown. User ergonomics have also been fully considered to make systems easy and comfortable to use, for example, full length guiderails can be adjusted from the front of the systems to allow quick and easy installation and changeovers, effectively increasing uptime.

Mettler-Toeldo now offers a 5-year generator warranty for all Next Generation x-ray systems. This ensures the most expensive component of your x-ray system is covered, avoiding any unexpected downtime or additional costs, when purchased with a comprehensive or standard care package.

Mettler-Toledo Product Inspection offers ProdX™ 2.0 data management software system, which is designed for use on food lines, as well as in pharmaceutical and chemical processing. The data management software package connects product inspection equipment across the entire production line into a single, unified network.

For more information about the New X37 Series of X-Ray Inspection Systems from Mettler Toledo click here.

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Monday, November 13, 2017

Top production quality thanks to an optimally embedded X-ray Inspection from Höfelmeyer Waagen

Höfelmeyer Waagen GmbH (Germany) – Production processes are becoming increasingly complex, digital and transparent. Only by using optimally coordinated process steps, components, interfaces and QA measures can consistently high production quality be ensured. This applies to food production as much as for the chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, plastics, and bulk materials industries, etc.

An important pillar of quality assurance is early and reliable management of contaminants. The X-ray system from Höfelmeyer Waagen GmbH plays a vital role in achieving this. The X-ray scanner is used, for example, for foods, granulates and liquids. With a sensor resolution of 0.8 mm, the scanner detects a wide variety of contaminants. Examples include metal, glass, ceramics, stone, bone and several plastics (PVC, rubber, Teflon, etc.). It also detects product defects such as tears, air bubbles, cracks or clumping and checks attributes like completeness, filling quantity, weight and position. Even products in metallic packaging can be reliably checked. All products that do not comply with the requirements are automatically ejected from the line by separating systems including pushers, air nozzles and sorting gates.

In real-time operation, the system enables high-speed inspection at a rate of up to 600 pcs/min. The product-specific visualization software incorporates simple, fully automatic product learning. It is also possible to hide packaging components (aluminum clips, etc.). The data is centrally stored and reused for the monitoring, documentation and optimization of production.

With its modular structure, the X-ray scanner enables single-lane, multi-lane and multi-product checks and is very simple and intuitive to operate. It features a cleaning- and maintenance-friendly design in accordance with hygienic design requirements and complies with BRC, IFC and HACCP standards.

To ensure the best possible product quality, safety and process efficiency, however, the crucial factor is where and in which combination X-ray inspection systems are used. Multi-stage checks are usually a practical solution. As a weighing and process specialist, Höfelmeyer provides comprehensive advice and supplies QA solutions for the whole production process. Its portfolio therefore includes metal detection, optical detection, weight checks, labeling, leak checks, separation, etc. These components can be integrated into the existing production line in a modular format, or they can serve as a complete QA station with a central control system for comprehensive safety. External systems can also be integrated into the QA station. The advantage of having a central QA partner for the customer is comprehensive service, fast response times and the provision of all services from a single source.

For more information about the X-Ray Solutions from Höfelmeyer Waagen GmbH click here.

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Dynamic Check Weighing Machine on The Connected Enterprise™ Helps Prevent Overfilling Expense

Hardy Process Solutions (USA) – Hardy Process Solutions’ Dynamic Checkweighers were able to diagnose and reduce overfill rates through process optimization with filling machines. With integration into the factory control system, via Rockwell Automation’s FactoryTalk®, the Hardy Dynamic Checkweigher is saving the manufacturer overfill expenses of approximately $35K annually.

Machine control, statistics, and analytics are managed with an integrated Rockwell Automation CompactLogix® PLC while the high performance Hardy HI 4050CW check weigher controller contributes as a co-processer, generating fast, stable and accurate weight data. The resulting high speed check weighing system can process up to 350 pieces per minute and generate a myriad of process data that is easily shared with any other device on The Connected Enterprise Network.

Using Wide Area Networking (WAN) connectivity, the customer was able to:
  • Monitor real-time production trends and process performance
  • Set alarms around real time trend data
  • Share and distribute TAGS with upstream control systems
  • Track and Monitor local changes made on the equipment
  • Push down product recipes and operating parameters from a centralized control center
Hardy provided these capabilities to the customer with standard integrated software. The Hardy Dynamic Checkweigher series is a fully automated system designed to automatically weigh items while in-motion. The Checkweigher controller can communicate both upstream and downstream across Rockwell Automation’s The Connected Enterprise™.

Flexible and highly accurate, the Hardy Dynamic Checkweigher weighs products of virtually any shape or size in containers such as boxes, cans, bottles, rigid shrink-wrapped packages or flexible packages. Items compatible with the system include bagged and boxed sugars, raw meats, fruits, vegetables, chemicals, fertilizers, and consumer packaged goods.

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New NTEP Certification for Load Cell Mod. 730 from Utilcell

Utilcell (Spain) – The load cell Mod. 730 (30…40t) has obtained the metrological certification NTEP Class IIIL Multicell 10.000 divisions, complying with the metrological requirements of USA and Canada. The main applications are in the high capacity systems and, specially, for truck scales.

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Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Gibertini’s New High Precision Weighing Platform

Gibertini Elettronica s.r.l. (Italy) – Gibertini launched new PTF 36 C 36 Kg platform with 0,1 g accuracy. Suitable for paint mixing and general weighing.

  • Readability: division 0,1 g all over the scale
  • Material: stainless steel pan 330 x 330 mm
  • Connectivity: to computerized paint mixing systems - RS232 (USB on request)

For more information about the New PTF 36 C High Precision Platform from Gibertini Elettronica click here.

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