Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Compression Load Cell from Straightpoint Performs BOP Clamp Load Test

Straightpoint (UAE) – Carl Stahl UAE used four hydraulic cylinders and a wireless compression load cell from Straightpoint (SP) to perform a load test on a blowout preventer (BOP) clamp for an undisclosed client in the Middle East recently.

Carl Stahl, a distributor of SP’s range of force measurement technologies and other lifting equipment, accepted a scope of work to plan and execute a 137.5t load test, and report the findings back to the customer. The BOP in its entirety will be used to stop the uncontrolled flow of liquids and gases during well drilling operations. It is essentially a large, high-pressure valve.

The clamp was flat on the ground, above which the four 50t capacity hydraulic cylinders were positioned along a beam; above that, the 150t capacity compression load cell was beneath a larger beam rigged to a forklift truck. A shackle at either end of the larger (red) beam connected it to the clamp.

Sinoj Antony, technical manager at Carl Stahl UAE, said: “We used beams to constrain the load within the system and steel plates as footings to spread the load over the surface of the BOP clamp. The forklift was only used to setup the system; the load application was achieved through hydraulic cylinders.”

David Ayling, director at SP, added: “In essence, they [Carl Stahl UAE] spread the lift along the bottom beam and transferred it to the load cell. The same principle could be applied to use of our full range of compression load cells up to 500t capacity.”

Carl Stahl’s three-person team took readings from the load cell on an SP Hand Held Plus, which allowed them to remain a safe distance from the load. Ayling said therein lied the main advantage of utilising this combination of SP equipment.

“We offer wireless software for data logging of static or dynamic tests,” he said. “The package produces real time load test certification and even boasts centre of gravity software. We also offer a range of base stations that can be used for signal boosting or connection to third-party equipment, such as a PLC with analogue interfaces.”

Carl Stahl’s customers have also noted the absence of troublesome and hard to maintain cables. Antony added that maintenance costs are therefore eliminated and pointed to the product’s versatility in heavy lift, energy, defence, rigging, shipping and other Middle Eastern marketplaces.

He concluded: “We were happy with the performance of the wireless compression load cell and would utilise it again for such an assignment.”

Carl Stahl UAE is part of a multinational enterprise with a head office located in Germany. It specialises in the supply, test and certification of industrial lifting equipment, industrial stainless steel cable systems, and training courses.

Carl Stahl UAE accepted a scope of work to plan and execute a 137.5t load test.

The 150t capacity compression load cell was beneath a larger beam rigged to a forklift truck.

The clamp was flat on the ground, above which the four 50t capacity hydraulic cylinders were positioned along a beam.

For more information about the Load Cells from Straightpoint click here.

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Marsden’s New White Paper highlights Risks of incorrectly Weighing Patients - and how to avoid them

Marsden Weighing Group (UK) – A new white paper by British scales manufacturer Marsden aims to provide a better understanding of how to correctly weigh a patient.

Weighing Patients for Diagnostic Purposes explains the reasons why medical weighing scales need to carry class approval, and takes the reader through six simple steps to getting an accurate weight reading. There is also a guide to specific accuracies for different weighing needs.

Marsden hopes the guide will help medical staff to understand the importance of weighing accurately - building on the findings of the 2008 Local Authority Coordinating Body on Regulatory Purposes (LACORS) report, which found one in three weighing scales in hospitals were not fit for use.

For medical purposes, it is crucial that patients are weighed correctly and using accurate equipment. Inaccurately weighing patients can have serious and life-threatening consequences, according to the UK Weighing Federation (UKWF) and the LACORS report.

Cllr Geoffrey Theobald OBE, Chairman of LACORS, said: “An inaccurate petrol pump or supermarket scale isn’t exactly a matter of life or death but getting accurate weight readings for patients could be.

“When you consider why a patient would be weighed - to calculate dosage for medication, anaesthetic or even radiation - you realise the importance of getting weight right.”

Marsden’s Managing Director, Richard Black, added: “As the leading provider of weighing scales to NHS hospitals, we have a duty of care to ensure weight readings are accurate and reliable. Our new white paper provides hospitals with a guide to weighing for diagnostic purposes - and covers regulations, the need for Class III Approval and importantly, how the scale should be used”.

To download this Free White Paper from Marsden Weighing Group click here.

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Friday, October 13, 2017

Cardinal’s New Admiral IP69K-Rated Washdown Bench Scales

Cardinal Scale (USA) – Cardinal Scale’s Admiral bench scales feature an IP69K-rated load cell and indicator, so any sensitive electronics are fully protected against close range high-pressure, high-temperature spray downs making them ideal for the food processing industry where equipment must be carefully sanitized. The heavy-duty stainless steel base is built solidly for high-usage durability. The bright, vivid ColorZONE display changes color automatically as pre-assigned target weights are reached for efficient checkweighing.

In environments that require heavy washdowns, such as in the food processing industry, the combination of water, chemicals, high pressure and high temperature can prove fatal for electronic circuits and instrumentation. The Admiral bench scale’s IP69K rating offers the highest protection rating possible.

The Admiral’s colorful 190 STORM indicator is positioned at the optimum viewing height and out of the way of the product being weighed. The display tilt feature allows the display to be positioned just right for each operator. The entire LCD display can be set to any of seven different ColorZONE colors during checkweighing. This exclusive ColorZONE feature takes the guesswork out of the weighing process making the Admiral the top bench scale in the industry.

The Admiral’s polycarbonate and ABS enclosure to the weight display is watertight and allows operation in the harshest of environments while the stainless base and column construction ensure long-lasting durability. The scale’s 190 STORM indicator features four captive screws in the back panel, so they cannot be lost when unscrewed (important for food processing applications).

For more information about the New Admiral IP69K-Rated Washdown Bench Scales from Cardinal Scale click here.

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Ishida Flexibility Helps Fruit and Nut Success

Ishida Europe Ltd. (Russia) – An Ishida 14 head multihead weigher is providing the flexibility to handle a wide variety of dried fruits and nuts at many different target weights for a leading Russian snack food provider supplier FoodArt.

FoodArt, established in 2013, is an importer of products such as almonds, cashew nuts, peanuts, dates, prunes, raisins and cranberries, sourced from across the world and supplied to both retailers, under its own brand as well as supermarket private labels, and foodservice outlets.

With such a diverse product range, the company required a weigher that had the versatility to handle the many different product types, including sticky dried fruit such as dates and dried apricots, at a large number of weights.

The Ishida weigher is currently packing 30 different product variations into bag sizes from 50g to 1kg. Embossed contact parts help to ensure a smooth flow of product, particularly the stickier items, throughout the weigher. FoodArt reports that the accuracy of the machine means that giveaway is practicality zero across all the target weights.

“We are delighted with the performance of the Ishida,” comments Pavel Sorokin, Chief engineer at FoodArt. “Many of these products are expensive so minimising giveaway is absolutely vital to ensure we derive the maximum value from our operations.”

With up to 20 product changeovers each shift, the ease of operation of the weigher – with different pack specifications called up at the touch of a button on the machine’s Remote Control Unit – is a particular benefit. As a result, only three people are required to work on the line at any one time.

Speeds are up to 40 bags per minute, depending on pack size, which is well within the Ishida weigher’s capabilities. Indeed, FoodArt has plans to further increase production and therefore packing speeds – up to 100 bags per minute – in the near future.

This flexibility and ease of operation of the weigher also enable the company to be highly responsive to customer orders, continues Pavel Sorokin.

“It means operators can react very quickly if we get an urgent order from one of our supermarket customers,” he explains.

Depending on orders, the Ishida multihead weigher operates one or two 12 hour shifts each day. Cleaning between each changeover is simple and quick to carry out, and FoodArt reports that reliability has been excellent, with no major issues since the weigher was installed.

“Ishida is world-renowned for its snacks packing solutions and this has enabled us to install a modern and automated line, with no manual work required, which has helped to deliver high productivity and ensure the quality of our packed products,” concludes Pavel Sorokin.

It is little surprise therefore that FoodArt anticipates further investment with Ishida in the future as its business continues to grow.


For more information about the Multihead Weighers from Ishida Europe click here.

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New Mass Comparators from METTLER TOLEDO Create Efficient, Error-Free and Traceable Calibration for Weights Up to 64g

METTLER TOLEDO (Switzerland) – METTLER TOLEDO’s new XPR comparator line provides exceptionally accurate, fast and traceable mass determination for calibration labs as well as industrial clients. The comparators’ new all-in-one calibration software solution, MC Link, enhances efficiency, making it easier for labs and related organizations to meet demands for precisely calibrated weights and standards.

The almost universal task in business today is to increase quality while decreasing lead time. The field of weight calibration is no exception, as it becomes more and more difficult for customers in highly regulated industries to wait for calibrated weights.

XPR mass comparators are helping labs and industrial clients provide intuitive, efficient and secure weight calibration processes at higher throughput. The comparators’ high repeatability and ability to support low minimum weight values make them the preferred choice for not only weight calibration but also accurate measurement of extremely small goods at high tare loads.

XPR’s sensitive, worry-free mass determination is assured by a range of METTLER TOLEDO features that enhance both accuracy and processing speed:
  • LevelMatic delivers the utmost in reliability by reducing corner-load effects to an absolute minimum.
  • MC Link calibration software offers flexible calibration process configuration, on-screen user guidance, automatic calculations and comprehensive data handling for easier, faster processes. MC Link also manages measurement uncertainty. All process information and calibration data are stored securely in a central database to fulfill your highest process-security requirements. Calibration certificates are printed with just one click.
  • The addition of StatusLightTM means operators never weigh when the comparator is out-of-calibration or off-level. A built-in indicator registers green when it is safe to calibrate, yellow when an issue needs attention, and red when a particular test is outdated. The user has the security of knowing that all results acquired meet predefined process requirements and relevant regulations.

Overall, these features help to streamline your daily task list and ensure the kind of accuracy demanded by your industry and clients. This helps you improve measurement quality while also enhancing throughput.

For more information about the New XPR Mass Comparator Line from Mettler Toledo click here.

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Thursday, October 5, 2017

New Weighbridge Indicators WTAB BGE and WINOX BGE from Laumas Elettronica

Laumas Elettronica S.r.l. (Italy) – LAUMAS extends its range of Weighbridge Indicators by offering the new models WTAB BGE in ABS plastic and WINOX BGE in stainless steel AISI 304. Both products, equipped with graphic LCD display and 52-key extended keyboard, are particularly simple and intuitive to use thanks to its multilingual support software. The new indicators are also able to handle the most complex system configurations by providing as basic equipment 1 Ethernet TCP / IP port, 2 USB ports and 4 serial ports (2xRS485 + 2xRS232).

The main functions are:
  • Possibility of connection to CLM8 series intelligent junction box which allows the use of various functions including: digital equalization, load distribution analysis and automatic diagnostics
  • Simultaneous management of 254 trucks. Database with 500 storable vehicles (license plates, predetermined tare), Products, Customers and Operators
  • Barcode reader management with printing and open weighing ID recall
  • Up to 10000 weights can be saved in alibi memory
  • Double weighing function (entry and exit), single weighing (entry or exit), double weighing with trailer, single weighing with trailer, multiple weighing (weighing vehicles with multiple compartments)
  • Customizable printing (header and footer) via PC software
  • Two-way traffic light management operated by the indicator relay outputs or via serial port in combination with Laumas remote display, model RIPLEDIP65
  • Multilingual software

Series WTAB BGE and WINOX BGE are certified in accordance with the European Directive 2014/31/EU (NAWI), EN 45501: 2015 and the International Recommendation OIML R76: 2006.

Options on request:
  • Muilt-in thermal printer (only for WTAB BGE series)
  • Rechargeable battery inserted in a battery compartment accessible from outside (only for WTAB BGE series)
  • UL Certification: certified component in accordance with US and Canada regulations
  • EAC Certification complying with Eurasian Customs Union regulations (Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan)
  • NMI Trade Approved Certification in accordance with Australian Market Rules for legal use in dealings with third parties

For more information about the New WTAB BGE and WINOX BGE Weighbridge Indicators from Laumas click here.

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Monday, October 2, 2017

METTLER TOLEDO’s New XSR Precision Balances

METTLER TOLEDO (Switzerland) – METTLER TOLEDO’s revealed their new XSR Precision Balances.

Go Beyond Weighing:

XSR Precision balances feature a clever mix of features that help you to speed up your work and get your daily sample workload done. Extremely simple to use, XSR balances deliver fast and stable results, safely record your results into the built-in result notepad supporting you with error-free data transfer of data and task parameters. These robust workhorses are designed with a focus on comfortable and ergonomic operation, ease of cleaning and to withstand accidental overload, harsh chemicals, dust and dirt.

Fast Performance:

Thanks to the adoption of the latest generation weighing sensors combined with the innovative SmartPan™ weighing pan which minimizes the effects of air currents on the weighing cell, stabilization time and repeatability are dramatically improved even when working in a fume hood or challenging production environment. This means that you can achieve stable results up to twice as fast as a standard weighing pan and improved repeatability up to two-fold.

Intuitive Operation:

XSR precision balances adopt a modern capacitive color touch screen with separate buttons to facilitate operation in dirty environments. The user-friendly interface enables you to ‘swipe’ through your tasks as well as use multiple fingers to type in data. Setup shortcuts provide fast access to your own saved weighing methods. Easy to operate even through thick chemically resistant gloves.

Ergonomic operation:

With XSR precision even the smallest balance features have been carefully designed to provide a high level of comfort as you carry out your daily tasks. The large figures on the display are bright and clear to read, eyes don’t get tired and operators remain focused on their weighing tasks. For workers standing in front of the balance for hours, placing the display at eye-level on the adjustable ErgoStand™ saves space and helps maintain good posture by eliminating excessive bending of the neck during extended periods of balance use.

Error-free data transfer:

Manual recording is a thing of the past.The result and task parameter displayed on the integrated result notepad, can be quickly transferred to PC or software application via USB or Ethernet without errors.

Extremely durable and easy to clean:

XSR balances are designed to withstand accidental overload, harsh chemicals, dust and dirt. The integrated overload protection safeguards the weighing cell against accidental overload. Protection covers combined with a full metal housing protect against dust, splashing liquids and harsh chemicals. Smooth surfaces and rounded edges make the whole balance easy to clean.

For more information about the New XSR Precision Balances from Mettler Toledo click here.

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Stevens Traceability received ISO 9001:2015 Quality Assurance Certification

Stevens Traceability (UK) – Stevens Traceability announce that they have been awarded ISO 9001:2015 quality assurance certification.

David Astridge, Quality Manager led the Stevens team through the audit process and David commented “this represents another strong team effort by everyone within Stevens Traceability and further demonstrates the company’s continued commitment to achieving the highest quality standards, coming on the back of achieving UKAS ISO 17025 accreditation and Safe Contractor accreditation since our ownership change approximately 6 months ago.”

The audit process covered all areas of the business and this is reflected in their certification Scope.

For more information about the Weighing Solutions from Stevens Traceability click here.

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All-New Precision: The Minebea Intec Combics Industrial Scale with a measuring accuracy of 60,000 increments

Minebea Intec (Germany) – A new resolution level of 60,000 d is set to enhance the Combics industrial scales product range of Minebea Intec with immediate effect. By offering this extra level of precision, the global provider of industrial weighing and inspection technologies is specifically aiming to respond to the increasing quality standards of the food, pharmaceuticals, chemical and logistics industries. Users of these products can therefore expect to benefit not only from less production waste, but also from more reliable processes.

Expanded areas of application for increased efficiency:
With its high resolution of up to 60,000 increments, the Combics industrial scale is ideal for complying with even the smallest of tolerances, for example when measuring out very precise doses of liquids or powders. “Going forward, it will be possible to register products down to the weight of a peppercorn, which is sure to mean significant improvements in product quality,” explains Christoph Messner, Product Manager for New Products and Industrial Scales at Minebea Intec. For all applications such as filling, counting, manual formulation, individual weighing and checkweighing, aspects such as production waste and cost can be minimised through the use of a single scale, as the new precision level extends the range of application and thereby optimises the entire process.

Renowned for durability, reliability and flexibility:
“Our Combics complete scale was this year’s winner of Weighing Review Readers’ Choice Award. The Combics has been a huge success and that’s largely down to its flexibility and quality,” explains Christoph Messner. “Increasing the resolution to 60,000 d was the logical next step to take in the development of our successful industrial scales series, bridging the gap in our range of high-precision weighing technologies.” With its three performance levels, the Combics can be combined in a whole host of different ways and individually adapted to suit customer requirements. This flexibility is afforded thanks to a wide selection of platforms and accessories including printers, roller conveyors, benches, pit frames and drive-on ramps.

Winner of Weighing Review Readers’ Choice Award: Best Industrial Scale 2017.

All industrial scales from Minebea Intec have been developed to comply with the most stringent hygiene standards in a robust design for industrial applications.

For more information about the Combics Industrial Scales from Minebea Intec click here.

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Tuesday, September 26, 2017

New GI430 Weighing Indicator from Giropès

Giropès SL (Spain) – Giropès announced the launch of the new GI430 Weighbridge Indicator.

“The indicator design conception follows the corporate vision of a complete commitment to quality, leading edge technology and an important invest in the development and innovation to provide the best possible solutions in weighing equipment”, stated Giropès about the new indicator.

  • RGB Graphic Screen of 320x240 pixels
  • Ethernet connection included
  • User friendly Weighbridges Software
  • More than 4000 weights and 4 manageable codes
  • Ticket format configurable
  • Reports with code filters

For more information about the New GI430 Weighing Indicator from Giropès click here.

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Höfelmeyer Waagen Innovation: Process Station with PC-Integrated Weighing Technology

Höfelmeyer Waagen GmbH (Germany) – New generation of Höfelmeyer process stations supports efficient and optimally connected production.

“Despite increasing automation, the value creation chain in manufacturing companies relies on a wide variety of manual tasks. The trend towards small batch sizes and product individualization further reinforces this. To ensure quality, safety and efficiency, manual work stations too must be seamlessly integrated into the process chain and information systems”, explained Höfelmeyer Waagen.

With its process stations, Höfelmeyer Waagen GmbH also supports complex and variable operations in production, packaging, logistics, laboratories and clean rooms, etc. “Thanks to their modular structure, the platforms are specially adapted for the manual work to be performed. Furthermore, these can be embedded in the overall chain of operations in terms of processes and information technology, which enables real-time process controls and seamless traceability”, added the company. Höfelmeyer’s many years of industry experience yield optimally tailored solutions for the food and animal feed, chemical, pharmaceutical, healthcare and logistics industries.

The work stations consist of a solid stand and a powerful, hygienic touch IPC with integrated weighing terminal. The IPC, with all the necessary interfaces, can be integrated into the existing ERP and MES systems. The stations also incorporate additional modules — depending on whether the operation focuses on recipe management, bottling, quality assurance, labeling, laboratory work, etc.

Possible options include a wide variety of weighing platforms (hygiene, laboratory, drive-through, floor scales, etc.) printer units, scanners, RFID readers, thermometers, and fat or gas analyzers. Integrated conveyor belts and roller conveyors, enclosures, signaling devices, product containers, packaging material providers, stand rollers, and more enable the tailored adaptation of the system to the requirements of the site involved.

“The innovation of the validation-enabled weighing technology lies in the fact that it is directly embedded in the IPC and supports the existing ERP/MES systems. This allows a universal, system-wide operating concept to be realized and enhances clarity, user-friendliness and hygiene”, continues Höfelmeyer.

According to the company, “the modular system from Höfelmeyer offers all the advantages of a specially developed system while being cost-efficient. Whether they are used as standalone products or fully integrated into the system, the process stations feature perfectly coordinated components, an ergonomic concept adapted to the specific workflow, and a slim, robust and hygienic design”.

“They comply with relevant standards, such as IFS, BRC, HACCP, LMIV, FPVO, FDA and GMP, etc. In addition, the customer benefits from comprehensive service from Höfelmeyer in the form of consulting (e.g., weighing and control technology, process design, quality management), and further down the line, from a fast and professional maintenance and repair service”, they concluded.

For more information about the New Process Stations with PC-Integrated Weighing Technology from Höfelmeyer Waagen GmbH click here.

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Monday, September 25, 2017

Used Product for Sale - LEDiT Weighing Remote Displays

For sale 2 x LEDiT Weighing Remote Display with TCP/IP Connection and Embedded Traffic Lights (ideal for Weighbridge Applications or other Weighing and Automation Projects). Reading distance 40 m, full text ability (alphanumeric) and character height 100 mm (4’’).

The displays are in excellent condition, used only for some prototyping and some tests and are not needed anymore. Include power and network cables. The displays are located in Portugal but we can send them to other countries in the European Union.

For enquiries please use the contact form available here.

For more information about the LEDiT Weighing Remote Display TCP/IP version with embedded Traffic Lights click here.

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Friday, September 22, 2017

Thames Side Sensors obtains ISO9001:2015 Certification

Thames Side Sensors Ltd (UK) – Thames Side Sensors Ltd. announced that it is one of the first global load cell manufacturers to achieve certification according to the new ISO9001:2015 standard.

“This new certification represents our unrelenting commitment to continuous improvement of our processes and systems, which will ultimately benefit our customers and their own business success”, shared the company.

“For existing holders of a certificate according to ISO9001:2008, the deadline for compliance with the new version is September 2018 so Thames Side Sensors has been very proactive in achieving this upgrade - more than 1 year before the deadline”, they added.

For more information about the Weighing Solutions from Thames Side Sensors click here.

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Precia Molen’s New R1TP Platform Scale

PRECIA-MOLEN (France) – “Weigh everything everywhere”.

“Many activities require transportable and resistant weighing devices that can be adapted to different requirements and working stations. In line with our latest innovations, our new R1TP platform scale offers the high manufacturing quality, accuracy and reliability you need without any compromise on design. A fine technical design that allows the R1TP to integrate into any work space whether on the floor or table-top”, explained Precia Molen.

R1TP: patented resistance:
The R1TP platform scale includes a brand new shock bumper system. Patented bumpers protect the load cell from possible overloads. R1TPs with 150kg capacity thus resist a vertical impact of 200 joules on the platform (10 joules are equivalent to 1kg falling 1 metre).

R1TP: a transportable weighing system:
“You require an accurate, reliable and above all transportable weighing device? The R1TP platform scale is for you! Weighing under 10kg and with minimal dimensions, you can take it anywhere you need”, stated the company. “Moreover it provides storage for the measurement cable and is fitted with handles for easy moves”, they added.

R1TP: a modular platform scale:
To meet the customer’s requirements and fit to their environment at best, the R1TP platform scales come into different versions. Is possible to choose the capacity (15kg to 150 kg) and weighing electronics: the R1TP can be connected to all PRECIA MOLEN indicators, whether i5, i20 and even i25 touch. The weighing electronics can be directly fitted to the R1TP, or remote column-mounted.

Numerous available options:
Various column heights and various fitting supports to fix the indicator directly onto the R1TP platform scale. The standard composite platform is coated with a stainless steel metal sheet. “A transparent version magnifies the product’s high tech design”, concluded the company.

For more information about New R1TP Platform Scale from Precia Molen click here.

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Sartorius Campus expands

Sartorius AG (Germany) – Official opening of the new manufacturing facility for laboratory instruments:
  • New building covering approx. 25,000 square meters
  • The largest single investment of Sartorius Campus totaling around 42 million euros
  • Building protected by special construction against vibration

With its new facility for the manufacture of laboratory instruments, Sartorius provides high-quality production conditions and an advanced, efficient work environment. The biopharmaceutical and laboratory equipment supplier officially opened its approximately 42-million-euro new building as part of Sartorius Campus in the presence of some 250 guests, including Lower Saxony's Governor, Stephan Weil, and the Mayor of the City of Goettingen, Rolf-Georg Köhler. Around 450 employees build laboratory instruments, such as balances, ultrapure water systems and moisture analyzers, at this facility covering about 25,000 square meters, or nearly 270,000 square feet, in the industrial zone of Grone in Goettingen.

The production facility, to which the State of Lower Saxony and the German federal government together contributed 4.2 million euros, represents the largest single investment of Sartorius Campus. On the whole, Sartorius is investing around 500 million euros in its Campus up to completion of construction scheduled for the end of 2018. The new Group headquarters will combine two Goettingen sites and, apart from providing more capacity for manufacture and administration, offers an attractive work environment. Moreover, the Campus grounds covering around 170,000 square meters, or 1,829,865 square feet, can be used to further expands its facilities.

The new building combines different manufacturing sites, formerly spread out at various locations, all under one roof: parts manufacture, prototype construction, calibration center, an extended vocational training workshop and an administration complex. Glass expanses of close to 7,000 square meters, or 75,350 square feet, provide plenty of daylight throughout all areas of the building; a modern office design permits efficient work. As highly accurate balances are also calibrated inside, the building is protected from temperature fluctuations and protected by a foundation isolated from vibration by decoupling.

At the beginning of this year, the building won the 2017 Engineering Award of the German Structural Steel Industry, "Ingenieurpreis des Deutschen Stahlbaues" in the category of high-rise building construction. The jury of the prize sponsor bauforumstahl e.V. lauded this construction as a symbol of the dynamics and solid quality workmanship of the laboratory balances manufactured at the facility. In addition, Sartorius is aiming to have this new building certified by the German Society for Sustainable Building, DGNB.

For more information about the Weighing Solutions from Sartorius click here.

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