Wednesday, July 19, 2017

I.M.S launched a Stand Alone In-Motion Weighing Controller for Wheel and Axle Scales

I.M.S. Ltd. (Israel) - The latest stand-alone controller model from I.M.S. Ltd. is the LCIC-2CH-WIM, which was specially designed to fit portable wheel and axle scales for determining the weight of all sort of vehicles (Cars, Trucks, Trains etc.) either in static mode or in motion. The LCIC-2CH-WIM is very friendly to operate while showing a very high accuracy. The In-motion speeds up the weighing process and allows weighing vehicles without the need to stop.

Main features:
  • Designed to function as stand-alone controller for Weighing trucks and trains in motion
  • Support 2 separate scales which allows to show the truck balance
  • Multi-point calibration to improve the accuracy on non-linear scales
  • Easily connected to most wheel scales to do weighing in static or in motion
  • Easy retrofit existing wheel scales to do weighing-in-motion in up to 10km/h
  • Provide truck total weight, individual wheel weight, truck balance and average speed
  • Stores up to last 1000 trucks
  • Programable parameters to avoid mistakes and improve accuracy
  • Very user friendly and easy to operate
  • Ready to communicate with external computer via USB or RS-232
  • Supplied with Software drivers and examples for PC in order to make customer's special required application
  • Comes with PC applications for easy star
  • Load Cell / scale Excitation: 5VDC. Supports up to 10 load cells in parallel (350 OHM)
  • Internal A/D: 24 bit 4k samples per second
  • I/O: 8 inputs and 8 outputs all opto-isolated
  • Display: 4 lines 20 characters for friendly communication with the user
  • Support 4 and 6 wires load cells to run long distance cable
  • 1 USB and 2 RS232 communication ports
  • Option for Ethernet connector
  • Controller Power consumption: 0.2 Amp
  • Input power: 5Vdc 1 Amp.
  • Size: 190mm*120mm*20mm
Included Software:
  • Calibration wizard for easy and friendly calibration
  • Drivers and examples for programmers on how to communicate with the controller
  • PC application that allows immediate testing at the customer site
  • Monitoring application that helps to identify any problems with the scale
  • On line support
  • Free software upgrade for life

For more information about the New Model LCIC-2CH-WIM Controller from I.M.S. Ltd. click here.

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EXCELL Accounces ESW Max Series IP68 Waterproof Scale with 2000 Hours of Battery Life

Excell Precision Co., Ltd. (Taiwan) – “The latest addition to the ESW Max incorporates the latest energy-saving technology, delivers best-in-class IP68 waterproof quality and features a stylish, ergonomic design for a comfortable use. The ESW Max has the longest battery life of its kind in the industry, with up to 2,000 hours usage time. It is great for off-the-shelf applications”, revealed EXCELL.

"The ESW Max is quite unusual, and that's because we at EXCELL have identified a truly new way of improving the waterproof scale experience of our customers; we looked at what the users really need and developed the new long dry battery life waterproof scale," said C.C. Lo, President and CEO at EXCELL.

"The ESW Max combines fashion, comfort, and performance with cutting-edge IP68 waterproof capabilities; this is a really easy-to-use waterproof scale, and our customers will enjoy it," said Jeff Chien, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at EXCELL.

The EXCELL patented built-in breathable film design help keep weighing accuracy under various air pressure. Both plates and housing are made of 304 Stainless Steel. Frames are made of Aluminum and coated with anti-corrosion for long lifespan.

For more information about the New ESW Max Series IP68 Waterproof Scale from Excell Precision click here.

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New Inline Strain Gauge Amplifier launched by Interface Force Measurements

Interface, Inc. (USA) - Interface Force Measurements, a leader in force measurement announces the launch of the ITA-1 (Click-R Clack-R) analogue strain gauge amplifier. This new product is used to convert a sensor’s millivolt signal into an analogue signal for display or data acquisition. This simple, yet innovative product is connected to the sensor in line via a 5-pin, M12 connector.

The ITA-1 can be connected to any force, strain, torque or pressure sensor that supplies a millivolt output signal, either voltage or current. When supplied with an Interface load cell or torque transducer, the ITA-1 comes factory configured to the correct output however, set-up can be modified using the tare and scale cables. It is also TEDS enabled, so enabling easy configuration with TEDS-equipped load cells.

For more information about the New ITA-1 Inline Strain Gauge Amplifier from Interface, Inc. click here.

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Do it yourself: innovative Assembly Kit for Dynamic Checkweighing

Minebea Intec (Germany) – Minebea Intec is now offering an intelligent assembly kit for the integration of checkweighing solutions into machines and installations. The OEM weighing kit contains all the essential components for constructing a dynamic checkweigher: a weighing table consisting of conveyer belt, SG load cell and motor; a feed and discharge belt for conveying products, and also the complete operating and display unit including software. The weighing kit therefore enables reliable integrity and individual weight checking, for an outstanding price-performance ratio.

The OEM weighing kit guarantees precise weighing results and high processing speeds. Under optimum conditions, the checkweigher is able to achieve a standard deviation of ≥0.1 g. Among other things, this ensured by one component that has been proven thousands of times: the SG load cell was originally used in Minebea Intec’s Econus checkweigher, which has achieved global success. The sturdy construction enables the Econus to achieve a throughput of up to 120 items per minute. The operating and display unit contains applications for individual checkweighing and integrity checks, as well as trend control. This means that packaged products be checked, and filling quantities optimised.

The OEM/Integrator can choose from four different belt widths, four load ranges and two running directions, to create the ideal assembly kit for their in-line checkweigher, as per their individual requirements. The comprehensive documentation not only contains installation guidelines and an operating manual, but also descriptions of the mechanical and software-related interfaces. This ensures that the checkweighing function can be simply and seamlessly integrated into existing installations and systems.

The assembly kit system offers numerous advantages here: “The OEM weighing kit has been reduced to the bare essentials. It enables the customer to contribute their own knowledge and skills”, explains Stefanie Dahmen, Global Product Manager Inspection at Minebea Intec. “Furthermore, in many countries assembly kits are subject to different tax regulations than complete devices. It may even be possible to make additional savings with regard to shipping costs, since there is no heavy frame structure to be transported, and it can be assembled on site according to the customer's requirements.” The OEM weighing kit is available immediately.

OEM weighing kit components:
  • Operating and display unit (indicator) with application software
  • Feed and discharge belt, consisting of tables, belts and motors
  • Weighing table, consisting of SG load cell, weighing belt and motor
  • (Depending on the construction, the throughput capacity and environmental conditions, a standard deviation of >0.1 g can be achieved.)
  • Installation kit and mounting plate
Configuration options:
  • 4 load ranges available: 600 g, 1200 g, 3000 g, 6000 g
  • 4 belt widths available: 300x200 mm, 400x200 mm, 400x300 mm, 500x300 mm
  • 2 running directions available: LR, RL
  • Integrity checking
  • Individual weight checking
  • Trend control
  • Operating manual for the indicator – Software guide
  • Description of the indicator interfaces
  • Connection/circuit diagram for the motors
  • Mechanical interface description incl. diagrams of the connection and connection/circuit boards

For more information about the New OEM Weighing Kit from Minebea Intec click here.

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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Utilcell’s Swift Indicator and High Speed Transmitter Legal-for-Trade Now Available

Utilcell (Spain) – The SWIFT Indicator and High Speed Transmitter has obtained the IPFNA Legal Weighing Measurement Certification (Non-Automatic Weighing Instruments Weighing Indicator) in line with the new European metrological standards EN 45501: 2015 and OIML R76: 2006, making it the best solution for your industrial weighing, process, dosing and filling systems.

UTILCELL Quality Assurance. "We emphasize its accuracy and reading stability in environments with electromagnetic interferences and its 6,000 div. at 0.5 µV / div. and up to 8 load cells of 350 Ω".

SWIFT is available in the main field buses used in the industry: PROFIBUS, PROFINET and ETHERNET / IP. UTILCELL provides the complete weighing kit including from the Load Cell, the Mechanical Mounting Accessory, the Junction Box/es and the Weighing Indicator.

For more information about the Swift Indicator and High Speed Transmitter from Utilcell click here.

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Next-Generation Intuition Series Weight Indicators from VPG Transducers Offer 10X Expanded Memory and New Standard Features

Vishay Precision Group (USA) – The VPG Transducers brand of Vishay Precision Group, Inc,., global designers and manufacturers of standard and custom force, pressure, torque, load, tension and weight sensors, announced the release of a next-generation upgrade for its industry best-selling Intuition Series weight indicators.

Originally launched in 2016, the fully modular Intuition Series offers reliable, versatile general-purpose weight indication, in support of a variety of commercial and industrial requirements. The indicators combine large six-digit LED and LCD displays, weighing and counting modes, along with an array of advanced features and communication interfaces, including multiple hardware and software options. The result is a truly scalable, flexible and user-friendly weight indicator solution.

Each new standard feature of the next-generation Intuition Series is derived from direct customer feedback. Increases in onboard ALIBI memory capacity now allow for the paperless storage of up 100K individual weighing records, from the previous 10K. Units are available with CE mark, as well as with International Organization of Legal Metrology (OIML)/EN45501:2015 compliant “legal for trade” certification. The Series now offers seamless compatibility with most industry standard digital load cell interfaces. A seven-function keyboard with 12 numeric keys has been added, as well as a digital I/O, consisting of four dry relay outputs and two opto-isolated inputs. These improvements allow for greater ease of operation, with simplified calibration and instrumentation setups. Two series ports (RS232) have been added for enhanced printing and networking functionality, as well as a full RS485 duplex interface. A plug-and-play setup now allow for various option cards to be easily added or removed, facilitating increased “on demand” customization capabilities. Both a battery housing and charger board, as well as a mounting bracket, have been added. With these and other new features, Intuition Series weight indicators can effectively support process weighing batch functions of up to eight steps, with choice of local or remote display capabilities. Other additional new features include piece counting mode, time and date stamp, and user and operator password protection.

Intuition Series weight indicators are expressly designed for ease of field service. To ensure their survivability in harsh environments, their full modular hardware and software infrastructure underwent two full years of rigorous field testing prior to release. Nearly every module or component within the Intuition Series, whether electronic or mechanical, is easily field replaceable. This includes, among others, the power supply, A/D, CPU, and communication interface. In addition to their durability and long service life, Intuition Series weight indicators include full diagnostic capabilities, 100% customizable hardware and software, and custom labeling capabilities. Typical applications include process weighing, bulk weighing, batching, and weighbridges. They may be specified within virtually any commercial or industrial weighing application where visual indication accuracy is of concern, and particularly, those with “legal for trade” certification requirements.

About VPG Transducers:
VPG Transducers is comprised of the Tedea-Huntleigh, Sensortronics, Revere, and Celtron brands of Vishay Precision Group (VPG). Our transducers use advanced strain gage technology, enabling VPG to offer a wide range of standard and custom-tailored sensors and solutions for measuring force (weight, torque, pressure, etc.).

About VPG:
Vishay Precision Group, Inc. is an internationally recognized designer, manufacturer and marketer of: components based on its resistive foil technology; sensors; and sensor-based measurement systems specializing in the growing markets of stress, force, weight, pressure, and current measurements. VPG is a market leader of foil technology products, providing ongoing technology innovations in precision foil resistors and foil strain gages, which are the foundation of the company’s force sensors products and its weighing and control systems. The product portfolio consists of a variety of well-established brand names recognized for precision and quality in the marketplace.

For more information about the New Intuition Series Weight Indicators from Vishay Precision Group click here.

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Ishida Helps Sow the Seeds for Increased Production

Ishida Europe Ltd. (UK) – An Ishida multihead weigher at premium Irish vegetable grower Leo Dunne Ltd has played a central role in helping the company expand its operation into the supply of processed carrots.

Leo Dunne has been delivering fresh Irish products to the retail sector for generations. Recently the company recognised that oversized or irregular carrots that were not suitable for the prepared carrot market were nevertheless still high quality products which could be successfully marketed through further processing. It therefore required an effective processing and packing line in order to maximise the potential of this new market.

The Ishida 10-head waterproof mid range model with 3 litre hoppers is delivering excellent accuracy and reliability, achieving around 55 packs per minute on 500g bags of carrots with an overall accuracy rate of 98%.

Equally important, the machine’s ease of operation, including fast start-up using the simple-to-use remote control unit (RCU), gives it the flexibility to cope with the varying production demands of the Leo Dunne operation.

Leo Dunne specified the Ishida weigher for the new line, based on the company’s established reputation in the market place.

“We knew Ishida had a great name in the industry and had received positive reports from other users,” explains Leo Dunne manager, Emmet Dunne, “and we have not been disappointed with our choice.

“The machine’s ease of operation means our staff all like it. It is also far more intuitive than other weighers, so that if there are any minor issues during production, the machine will identify these and inform operators how to fix them. This is vital to maintaining production.”

And while the machine’s reliability is an obvious benefit, so too, says Mr Dunne, are the high levels of after-sales service provided by Ishida and its agent SF Engineering.

“Knowing we have someone on the spot who can deal with any issues we have is absolutely critical to ensuring we can meet the requirements and deadlines of our retail customers,” he confirms.

The Ishida 10-head multihead is part of a complete line devised and installed by SF Engineering which also includes a swingloader, bespoke sorting table, elevating conveyor and support platform, and a Ceia metal detector.

Leo Dunne anticipates that the new facility will pay for itself within three years. And while the system was designed to handle carrots, it can also be used for other products, giving the company enormous flexibility and the ability to react to market trends and developments.

In addition, by using all its surplus stock, Leo Dunne has achieved major efficiency gains and a significant reduction in its carbon footprint.

For more information about the Multihead Weighers from Ishida Europe click here.

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At First Sight: Bizerba SliceCheck for Visual Inspections of Sliced Products

Bizerba (Germany) - Bizerba‘s visual inspection system SliceCheck enables visual 100-percent inspections of sliced products before packaging. The real-time check detects mechanical damages and visual flaws including torn edges, holes or false orientation and rejects faulty products in time, thus saving material and cost.

Following the slicing process, SliceCheck’s visual inspection technology checks the top slice of each product stack for criteria like shape, size, position and composition. Faults including folds, cracks and imperfections result in the product’s ejection from the process before entering the packaging stage. Depending on the product, the inspection system checks and measures the product’s appearance with respect to fat content, bloodstains and marbling. For instance, the system checks cooked ham for the position and thickness of the crust. Raw ham, in turn, is checked for slices penetrated by fat or parts of the knuckle. In addition, SliceCheck detects spots that are penetrated by dark veins and do not meet the quality requirements. Thus, product quality can be ensured before the packaging process.

Continuous monitoring and adjusting of parameters while slicing and shaping ham helps to improve equipment productivity. By providing detailed information including the appearance, fat content and completeness of each product stack, the system creates a database that can be used to analyze and optimize the upstream slicing process. End-to-end traceability is also enabled by archiving images and production data.

SliceCheck also detects the height and orientation of the entire product stack, thus enabling precise placement in the package. This avoids flaws like inclusions of material in the sealed seam or leaky spots. Contactless quality checks also improve the hygiene conditions of the entire operation by reducing the risk of contamination due to human intervention.

Checking up to 100 stacks per minute per lane, the system can be straightforwardly connected to existing monitoring software or the company’s internal ERP system. Synchronous checking on two parallel lanes or asynchronous checking on multiple lanes is equally possible.

Apart from sliced products, SliceCheck can also be used for pastry including cookies or donuts.


For more information about the New SliceCheck for Visual Inspections of Sliced Products from Bizerba click here.

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Minebea Intec expands in Mexico

Minebea Intec (Mexico) – Leading industrial weighing and inspection supplier Minebea Intec is expanding its global presence with the opening of a new facility in Mexico City, Mexico. With this step the well-known company continues its successful market development in the Americas.

The new location of Minebea Intec in Mexico City includes an office for sales and marketing, an area for technical services and support with a repair center and a warehouse to enable short delivery times for local customers. Minebea Intec Mexico will be responsible for the complete Mexican market. This also includes the local partner business which is the sales channel to bring the industrial scales product portfolio to industrial end-users.

The newly formed team will focus its activities on the strategic development of the Mexican weighing and inspection market for all Minebea Intec products, solutions and services. All employees are strong experts in their area of activity, having comprehensive product and application knowledge and long-term business experience within the Mexican industrial weighing and inspection market.

The local Sales & Service Manager, Marco Rangel, explains: “I am convinced that this proactive step of Minebea Intec to invest into the Mexican market will be of great value to local industrial customers and partners.” At the same time, Willy-Sebastian Metzger, Director Business Development & Strategy at Minebea Intec emphasizes “The opening of the Mexican office is an important step in Minebea Intec’s ongoing investment and expansion efforts in order to better serve existing and future customers in Latin America, but especially in Mexico that is the key market for Minebea Intec´s further development in Latin America”.

In Mexico, Minebea Intec will offer an extensive range of weighing and inspection products, solutions and services for diverse manufacturing processes – from goods in to goods out, including platform scales, vessel and silo scales (load cells), checkweighers and equipment for detecting foreign objects (metal detectors and x-ray inspection systems), as well as software solutions for statistical process control and formulation applications. The focus is on helping manufacturers specifically within the food, pharma and chemical industry to help operate safe, reliable and efficient processes.

The quality seal "German Quality" and the continuous investment in the development of leading technologies stand for the quality of products and services. The company’s global presence ensures customer proximity and makes it possible to support customers throughout the entire life cycle of the company’s products and solutions. This can take the form of product consulting or design-in support, and can range from installation, calibration, maintenance and repair to machine upgrades, modernization and user training.

For more information about the Weighing and Inspection Solutions from Minebea Intec click here.

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Right Weigh’s New Exterior Digital Load Scale for Spring Suspension

Right Weigh, Inc. (USA) - Right Weigh introduces their Exterior Digital Load Scale for Spring Suspension.

Right Weigh announced the release of their Exterior Digital Load Scale designed for spring suspension systems. This scale is designed to measure the on-the-ground weight of spring suspension trailers with single, tandem or tri-axle configurations.

The spring suspension sensor measures the strain in the axle from the load weight which is then converted to pounds or kilograms by the Right Weigh Digital Scale system. These sensors are compatible with most axle diameters and shapes.

This load scale system has the same valuable features as the Exterior Digital Load Scale for air suspension including: the weight displayed on an easy-to-read LCD display, security PIN code, overweight warning option and two-point calibration.

The scale is Bluetooth-enabled and connects with the Right Weigh app to display your weight data on your Smartphone. With the app, you can monitor multiple trailers at one time, send weight data by text or email and save data over time automatically, including location and timestamp in spreadsheet form. The app can be previewed in ‘demo’ mode to experience all the features before you buy.

According to Right Weigh, “the spring suspension load scale is the most affordable in the industry and comes paired with full technical support, superior customer service and a 3-year warranty. The single axle version is $900, tandem axle is $1200 and tri-axle is $1500”.

For more information about the New Exterior Digital Load Scale for Spring Suspension from Right Weigh, Inc. click here.

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Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Frozen Yogurt Business Streamlines Checkout Process with Brecknell 6720U

Brecknell (USA) - Located in Fairmont, MN, Graffiti Corner is a frozen treat and full service coffee lounge, complete with coffee drive-thru for that cup on the run. With 18 different frozen yogurt flavors, plus an extensive selection of 65 toppings, the venue selected the Brecknell 6720U as a simple yet effective way to charge by weight without slowing down the check-out process.

John Kasper, who owns and operates the business with his wife Patti, explains, "One of the products we sell is froyo (frozen yogurt). People come in and 'build their own' treat, starting with the frozen yogurt and then adding toppings. Once they have filled their cups, they bring the cup to the counter, weigh, pay and enjoy their delicious treat!"

Needless to say, for a business that relies on selling servings by the ounce, accurate weighing is extremely important. The Brecknell 6720U is a point-of-sale interface scale for linking to electronic cash registers or POS systems, making it an ideal choice for fast-paced retail environments.

In the case of Graffiti Corner, this certified food-safe scale interfaces with Revel iPad POS software, speeding up transactions and avoiding any costly mistakes.

For John and Patti, both Fairmont born and raised, Graffiti Corner is more than their livelihood. The nod to local history is clear in the business name, which refers to the old lumberyard shed that served as a graffiti canvas for more than 50 years. Although the shed was knocked down to make way for the coffeehouse, John and Patti have made a feature of sections of weathered wood taken from the site. One 40 year-old panel bears the initials JK and PJ - John's initials and those of his then girlfriend and now wife, Patti Johnson.

John explains, "Community is extremely important to us and we hope that comes across as soon as people step through the door.

However, as a business we also need to be sure that we are running as efficiently as possible. We chose this brand and model because it was part of an integrated POS system -something hard to find when it comes to the frozen yogurt side of our business. The Revel system allows the scale to sync with our POS software and calculate the price without us having to manually input the weight."

"The scale and linked POS has been extremely reliable and accurate. It streamlines our check-out process, which saves us valuable time and improves the customer experience. We are very pleased with it."

For more information about the Brecknell 6720U click here.

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PT Limited's New Digital Indicator

PT Limited (New Zealand) – The PT272 is an affordable, high quality general purpose weighing indicator for industry in a durable IP67 stainless steel housing. Ideal for platform, truck and hopper scales among other applications and is available with surge protection and Alibi memory.

The PT272 is approved by Weights & Measures Authorities for use in Accuracy Class III applications with 6000 and 2x6000 intervals in accordance with OIML R76.

Weighing, Check weighing and Dynamic weighing for animals are standard as is printing which is selectable from 4 languages. It has 100 product memories for check weighing.

Under, OK, Over Status bars and programmable buzzer and screen colour for operator prompting are available for check weighing.

Easy and practical operation via navigation keys with two programmable function keys and 25mm large digits and wide viewing angle, multi-colour backlit LCD display.

The PT272 is powered by AC power with integral mains cable and internal re-chargeable Li-ion long life battery. Powering from 12VDC is possible.

  • Basic Weighing
  • High/low/OK check Weighing with buzzer and display colour change Clock & calendar & part memory locations lb/kg, g/oz switching Live animal weight Totalising for weighing
  • 30,000 displayed divisions
  • OIML R76 Approved
  • Stainless steel IP67 housing
  • Mains powered with 12V DC option
  • 25mm wide angle LCD display with back light
  • 2 programmable function keys and navigation keys provide easy operation Linearity correction Gravity Adjustment Li-Ion long life rechargeable battery Auto Power off Panel mount, desk stand, pole/wall bracket mounting included 2x RS-232C data port standard Ticket printing with Date, Time, Ticket no, Gross, Tare & Net Weight
  • 100 product memories for check weighing
  • Smart dynamic weighing algorithm for animal weighing CE approved

For more information about the New Digital Indicator PT272 from PT Limited click here.

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Minebea Intec France expands into New Premises

Minebea Intec (France) - Minebea Intec in France has recently moved to new premises in Beauvais, Hauts-de-France. With this step the well-known supplier of industrial measuring and inspection technologies continues its successful development in France.

“We have used our move to the new location as an opportunity to make improvements,” said Isabelle Baumlin, Minebea Intec Country Manager in France. “Our new premises offer a modern infrastructure and more space for our warehouse and workshop. Now we are perfectly organized to meet our customers’ needs in and around Hauts-de-France.”

The official inauguration ceremony at the new facility was attended by Dr. Bodo Krebs, President of Minebea Intec: “We look forward to developing and growing a strong and profitable business in France for the future. Our main goal is a better service and strong regional organization for our customers”.

In 2016 the global supplier of industrial weighing and inspection technologies acquired the French companies AaZ Pesage and Centre Pesage, previous partners and weighing specialists in the industrial sector. Since then Minebea Intec is the third-largest weighing and inspection specialist in the French market.

New Address and Contact: Minebea Intec, 1 rue de l’Industrie, 60000 BEAUVAIS // +33 3 44 12 13 50.

Photo Caption: Dr. Bodo Krebs and Minebea Intec team cutting the ribbon in Beauvais.

For more information about the Weighing and Inspection Solutions from Minebea Intec click here.

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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

New CLBT Load Cell from Laumas Elettronica

Laumas Elettronica S.r.l. (Italy) – LAUMAS revealed a new compression/tension load cell. Small size load cell suitable for testing machines and test environment.

Nominal Load: kg 50, 100, 500:
  • 50-100 kg: Aluminum Alloy
  • 500 kg: 17-4 PH Stainless Steel
  • Combined Error < +/- 0.05 %
  • Protection Class IP65

For more information about the New CLBT Load Cell from Laumas click here.

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Schenck Process Unveils Best in Class Ease of Use DISOCONT® Tersus Feeder Control

Schenck Process (Germany) - Schenck Process has recently added new features to its DISOCONT® Loss in Weight feeder control platform that customize, simplify and enhance the user experience. Some of the key additions include a favorite’s folder, customizable calibration sequences, detailed event message text and the use of HTML5 for online equipment monitoring.

Utilizing the Schenck Process Easy Serve Service Tool, a favorite’s folder can be created giving operators quick access to all the different parameters that are critical and unique to their individual process. Parameters that are rarely used can be hidden eliminating the need to search through multiple parameters that are not relevant for the user’s particular process.

A customizable calibration sequence easily leads operators through the required calibrations. Sequence checkmarks indicating that a calibration has been completed, progress bars and detailed status and event messages are just a few of the enhanced operational features available with the DISOCONT® Tersus controller.

A change from Java to HTML5 for web page HMI provides a much wider range of access and compatibility through various web browsers and smart phones including Apple products. Monitoring your process has never been easier.

For more information about the Feeders from Schenck Process click here.

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