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Balanças Marques’ bet in InterWeighing is to keep

Balanças Marques (China) - Balanças Marques makes an excellent balance of its participation in InterWeighing, the world’s largest fair dedicated to the weighing sector.

During three days, the major manufacturers and distributors of weighing equipment were in Shanghai, China. Once again, Balanças Marques represented the best that is done in Portugal, being the only Portuguese company present at InterWeighing.

Paulo Marques, Commercial Director of the recently elected third best weighing company in the world, highlights the huge attendance at the fair and at the stand of Marques Electronic Technology (Ningbo), Balanças Marques company based in that Asian country. "We received again immense visits from professionals from all over the world, highlighting in this edition the many contacts coming from Latin America. And just like last year, the Indian market in particular has once again showed tremendous interest in our products".

There were also several customers of the company passing through the stand, where the focus was in particular on the BM5 XS scale, again voted the world's best retail scale in the 2017 edition of the international prizes Weighing Review Awards, and ETPOS software.

"Our presence at InterWeighing has been increasingly fundamental with each passing year and it is definitely among the best we want always to be, so we are already registered in the 2018 edition," says Paulo Marques.

In a very special year for Balanças Marques, in which celebrates its 50th anniversary, "it was very gratifying to feel an ever-growing international recognition of our brand, to which the distinctions achieved in recent years at the Weighing Review Awards have been greatly contributed, something that several visitors were aware”, concludes the Commercial Director.

For more information about the Weighing Products from Balanças Marques click here.

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New Supplier Entry - Tridyne Process Systems (USA)

Tridyne Process Systems (USA)

Tridyne Process Systems is based out of South Burlington, Vermont and is a manufacturer of Filling, Weighing, Counting and Packaging Solutions. We offer a wide range of dependable, high quality products that range from automatic filling and counting systems, as well as complete packaging systems. Within the packaging machine industry, we are known for our quality and dependable state of the art technology.

Main Products/Services:
Filling & Net Weigh Machines Complete Packaging Systems Industrial Bulk Filling Equipment Conveyor Systems, Etc.

Contact details:
Address: Tridyne Process Systems, 80 Allen Road, 05403 South Burlington, USA.
Phone: (802) 863-6873
FAX: (802) 860-1591
Website: http://www.tridyne.com
Email address: supplieremail@supplieremail.com

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New high speed, portable Data Logger and Digital Display launched by Interface Force Measurements

Interface, Inc. (USA) - Interface Force Measurements, a leader in force measurement announce the launch the Model 9330 high speed, portable data logger and digital display. Packed full of useful features, this new standalone unit offers the option of high speed data capture away from mains power, ideal for use in remote locations.

The Model 9330 displays 24-bit resolution and has an impressive 3750Hz update rate. Incorporating peak and valley capture, it can store up to 6 sensor calibrations and measurements from load cells or torque transducers can be logged at 1000Hz to a standard SD card. This data can then be downloaded to a PC via the built-in USB port and Windows compatible software for off-site analysis.

Adding further versatility, the rechargeable battery can power up to 4 x 350 ohm sensors, but also offers up to 300 hours stand by time and up to 20 hours continue use.

Speaking about this new product, Tony Rokins at Interface Force says: "We are delighted to introduce this versatile new data logger and digital display unit. Its portability and long battery life makes it ideal for taking measurements in isolated locations and the addition of the SD card enables data to be analysed back in the office, laboratory or factory."

For more information about the New Model 9330 Data Logger and Digital Display from Interface, Inc. click here.

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New LCI-80x Crane Safe Load Indicator from Rugged Controls

Rugged Controls, LLC. (USA) - Versatile Rated Capacity Indicator / Limiter for Crane and Lifting Applications.

Rugged Controls presents their latest technology, designed to accommodate all types of cranes working in the construction, material handling, and offshore industry. The LCI-80x Crane SLI monitors key operational and safety parameters, provides alarms and shuts down the hoist at overload or unsafe conditions while recording critical lift data.

Featuring a bright electroluminescent (EL) display, the LCI-80x Crane Safe Load Indicator (SLI) provides viewability in all daylight or nighttime operations and unmatched ease of use. The LCI-80x construction has a stainless steel front panel, sealed tactile pushbuttons, and an IP67 rating. Delivered as a complete system with sensors to monitor load, angle, hook height, wind speed and more, or delivered as an OEM display part for a crane/hoist manufacturer, the LCI-80x is economical and robust solution for crane load monitoring applications.

Rugged Controls’ approach is to allow the operator to view the most critical load information, without having to scan a complex and confusing screen or tablet. The LCI-80x will monitor all sensor data, providing audible and visual warning alarms prior to entering an unsafe lifting scenario. Relays will shut down the crane and prevent overloads, out of radius events, and other errors from occurring.

  • Multiple sensor options for tension, boom radius, angle, anti-two block, windspeed, and other parameters
  • Open architecture allows use of virtually any analog or digital sensor
  • Visual and audible warnings linked to adjustable setpoint parameters
  • Bar graph indicating live load percentage of rated capacity
  • Built in data-logging and uploading of information from USB thumb drive
  • Ability to save and recall lift records and configurations
  • No special tools required for calibration, all features available from the menu
  • Main/Aux hoist (winch), duty, and lines (falls) all selectable via on screen menus

For more information about the New LCI-80x Crane Safe Load Indicator from Rugged Controls click here.

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New Supplier Entry - Erelia (France)

Erelia (France)

ERELIA is a company founded in 1988 on a niche market: software for weighing application. ERELIA become a french leader in software for industrial Weighing and prepackaged products control with a turn-key approach.

Main Products/Services:
Weighing software, Weighing indicators (Value added: data value, innovation and compatible with all brands of scales and checkweighers), Etc.

Contact details:
Address: Erelia, 99 route de Versailles, 91160 Champlan, France.
Phone: +33 (0)1 69 09 61 29
FAX: +33 (0)1 69 09 62 51
Website: http://www.erelia.fr
Email address: supplieremail@supplieremail.com

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Tecsis’ New Model UDA Signal Conditioner/Amplifier for Strain Gage Transducers

Tecsis GmbH (Germany) - Versatile, full-featured amplifier with DIN-mount convenience.

Tecsis introduces the new Model UDA, a universal signal conditioner and amplifier designed for use with all full bridge, strain gage-based transducers. Model UDA’s amplified output is user-selectable for ±5Vdc, ±10Vdc, or 4-20mA. This versatile unit features selectable excitation of 2.5 or 5.0Vdc bridge voltage and requires a supply voltage between 11 and 28Vdc to adapt to industrial, process, or mobile environments.

Model UDA includes coarse and fine zero and span adjustments and a symmetry adjustment for applications requiring precision for both tension and compression load cells. The configurable low pass filter actively removes unwanted high frequency signal components and eliminates aliasing errors. Model UDA is perfect for load, force, torque, or pressure sensor applications requiring stable, repeatable and noise-free analog signals for control or data acquisition.

The unit is housed in a rugged, DIN-mountable enclosure with a clear panel protecting the front-accessible controls. Screw terminals provide connection for power, analog output, shunt calibration, and sensor signals.

For more information about the New Model UDA Signal Conditioner/Amplifier from Tecsis GmbH click here.

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Conweigh Container Weighing Equipment Now Also Weighs Heavy Machinery

Conweigh (Australia) - Container weighing equipment and service provider Conweigh expand their equipment’s range of applications now offers weighing services to oversized, heavy machinery that are too big to weigh using a weighbridge.

Specially developed to weigh containers of any type and dimension, the conWEIGHr weighing pedestals were initially designed to be a portable, 40t-capacity weighing solution that can weigh in 20 to 30 minutes. The NMI and OIML certified equipment is paired with the Conweigh mobile app that captures the pedestals’ weight readings and instantly generates VGM certificates, ready to send to the shipper’s chosen recipients.

The conWEIGHr equipment was first tested for heavy machinery weighing in February 2017 during the weighing of a 50-tonne crane that was too big for a weighbridge.

Within 36 hours after initial customer enquiry, the 50-Tonne Grove RT890E Crane was safely and quickly weighed using four pedestals sets each attached to each outrigger. In less than 30 minutes the Grove Crane accurately weighed at 53.1 tonnes and received on the spot the Weight Declaration Certificate it required to be exported by sea.

Next is the onsite weighing of a 51-tonne mining truck. Through careful planning and coordination with the shipper’s existing equipment, the truck was lifted using two cranes and then weighed using two pedestals sets attached to two bolsters which served as weighing platforms for the truck’s axles.

In less than an hour, the truck was successfully issued a Weight Declaration Certificate that showed an accurate weight of 53.5 tonnes.

Launched in February 2016, Conweigh is one of the pioneers of the new container weighing industry that rose to help shippers comply with the new SOLAS VGM legislation requiring all loaded export containers to be weighed and carry a Verified Gross Mass (VGM) certificate prior to ship loading. The Conweigh all-in-one weighing solution contributes to the optimisation and safety in weighing export shipping containers, and now, heavy machinery.

Conweigh’s new capacity for Heavy Machinery weighing opens up opportunities to efficiencies in the handling of oversized equipment for weighing purposes. Weighing heavy machinery onsite before any transport reduces risks of damages, injuries, unnecessary expenses, and time wasted.

For more information about the Container Weighing Equipment from Conweigh click here.

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Monday, April 10, 2017

Minebea Intec to Present New Products at the “Interpack” Trade Fair

Minebea Intec (Germany) - The supplier of industrial weighing and inspection technologies will present, among other things, its full product portfolio in the area of foreign body detection.

Minebea Intec continues to expand its foreign body detection product range with the introduction of a new X-ray inspection system: “Dymond Bulk” is set to be unveiled at the Interpack trade fair in Düsseldorf, Germany. This innovative inspection system was developed specifically with bulk goods in mind, and is particularly suitable for processes between incoming goods and packaging lines in the food industry.

Dymond Bulk reliably inspects bulk goods like nuts, smaller fruits, frozen vegetables, and also spices, coffee and seeds, and eliminates any foreign bodies it identifies. The X-ray inspection system not only identifies foreign bodies made from metal, plastic and stone, but also bits of dirt and glass, which has obvious benefits for all goods that are introduced into the production process “straight from the field”. “In food production, the ‘sorting and cleaning’ stage for raw materials is by no means a precise science” explains Global Product Manager Michael Zabawski from Minebea Intec Aachen. “The X-ray inspection system Dymond Bulk can make a significant difference here, increasing safety and quality parameters even before the refinement process.”

Dymond Bulk stands out because it is so user friendly. A conscious effort has been made to simplify the complex technology for the user: from real-time detection via colour-based contamination analysis, through to straightforward belt replacement and an easy-to-clean inspection system.

Dumped or Pumped?
When it comes to processing granulated raw materials and foodstuffs, Minebea Intec offers another reliable checkpoint in the form of the Freefall Metal Detection System Vistus. This modular detection system can be equipped with tubes and rejection devices that are suitable even for dusty products or granules. It detects and eliminates all metal foreign bodies including ferrous, non-ferrous and even non-magnetic stainless steels.

The real highlight of the Freefall Metal Detection System is the “True In-Process Validation”. Here, test pieces can be introduced via a lockable slot using an applicator. This process enables proper performance validation—in the centre of the search coil and centrally to the production process.

Statistical Process Controls 3.0:
It is also possible to compile measurement data in a meaningful way. For intelligent and networked data processing, at Interpack, Minebea Intec will be presenting a new software release for statistical process controls: SPC@Enterprise 3.0 converts all measurement data into useful information, even in the areas of foreign body detection and dynamic checkweighing, which help to ensure product quality, food safety and productivity. For efficient monitoring, documentation and control as per pre-packaging legislation, quality and hygiene standards.

For more information about the Weighing Products from Minebea Intec click here.

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Adam Equipment Introduces Additions to Dune Series of Portable Precision Balances

Adam Equipment (UK) - Adam Equipment, a leading manufacturer of weighing equipment for professionals worldwide, has added three new models to its line of Dune portable precision balances available in the United Kingdom, Europe, and Australia.

The addition doubles the size of the Dune series, bringing a wider selection of capacities and readabilities to the line. New models include the DCT 601 and the DCT 2001, which offer readability of 0.1g and capacities of 600g and 2000g. The other new model, DCT 302, offers a capacity of 300g and readability of 0.01g, and is equipped with a 100mm round pan and draft shield

The Dune portable precision balance offers quick and easy weighing in a lightweight, streamlined design. With simple, three-button operation and sturdy ABS plastic construction, the Dune is a smart choice for labs, schools, kitchens, offices, or veterinary facilities.

Precision results are delivered rapidly on a large display, which features 15-mm-high digits. Automatic external calibration is performed through the keypad, which is sealed to protect against dirt and spills. Colour-coded keys facilitate quick recognition of the most frequently used buttons

Easily portable, the Dune is powered by AC adapter (included) or batteries (not included). Auto power-off conserves battery life and saves electricity, while the low-battery indicator alerts users when batteries need replacement. Overload protection helps prevent damage to internal components.

For more information about the New Dune Series of Portable Precision Balances from Adam Equipment click here.

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Hardy Introduces HI 1734-WS Weight Processing Module for Rockwell POINT I/O Systems

Hardy Process Solutions (USA) - Hardy Process Solutions introduces the Hardy HI 1734-WS POINT I/O Series Weight Processing Module, a new plug-in module for Rockwell’s POINT I/O chassis, the fastest growing segment of Rockwell controllers. This module is exceptionally easy to mount, set up, calibrate, and maintain. The HI 1734-WS is a true weight processing module designed for POINT I/O systems, as opposed to passing raw A/D counts through to the PLC for interpretation as in competitive models. It is easy to configure using a Rockwell Automation Add-On-Profile (AOP) and an easy-to-use Faceplate.

The HI 1734-WS is ideal for applications where fast, stable weight data and low cost of ownership are important. It is designed to be a high-performance replacement for analog transmitters with the advantages of noise filtering and vastly superior scale settling times. It is ultra-compact, reducing machine cost and control cabinet footprint. The module also includes Hardy Process Toolbox features: C2® weightless calibration, Integrated TechnicianTM system diagnostics, and WAVERSAVER® immunity from mechanical vibration.

HI 1734-WS highlights include:
  • Fast and EASY to install and commission by snapping modules into terminal blocks onto a POINT I/O Network Adaptor, then using Rockwell AOP file to set up and configure in RSLogix or Studio5000 with no programming required
  • Rockwell’s Adaptor Products allow connectivity to EtherNet/IP, DeviceNet, and ControlNet in linear, star and ring topologies
  • Ultra-low profile – just 0.5” wide and 3” tall
  • Energy efficient – consumes just 1 watt when powering Hardy IT junction boxes and up to 4 load cells

For more information about the New HI 1734-WS Weight Processing Module from Hardy Process Solutions click here.

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Detecto Scale’s New PZ Series Wireless Digital Ingredient Scales

Detecto Scale (USA) - DETECTO’s new PZ series wireless ingredient scales provide a wireless connection between the scale base and indicator which means cables never get in the way for busy food prep stations in commercial kitchens. The PZ series feature a 14 in x 14 in stainless steel platform, 30-lb or 60-lb capacity, large 1-inch-high LCD readout, quick response time, wall-mounting bracket, and NSF certification. The unique Wave-a-Weigh hands-free tare function lets you remove the tare weight without ever pushing a key. This exciting feature allows quicker and cleaner food prep in busy commercial kitchens via the photo eye for touch-free tare functionality (push button tare also included).

The models PZ30W and PZ60W come with everything necessary to get you up and weighing right away, including AC adapters for both the scale base and the display. The PZ series runs on standard off-the-shelf AA batteries (not included). You can position the digital display wherever it’s the most convenient for you, because there are no cables that connect the display to the scale base. You have nearly unlimited mounting options for the versatile remote display, and you can place the scale base anywhere, since they are connected wirelessly.

For more information about the New PZ Series Wireless Digital Ingredient Scales from Detecto Scale click here.

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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Tamtron launched their New Type-Approved Material Handler Scale

Tamtron Group (Finland) - The brand-new newcomer in Tamtron product portfolio is type-approved Tamtron Power Material Handler Scale that is suited for commercial weighing use together with various lifting tools.

The easy-to-use scale is designed for fast-paced material handling in conditions that require great reach such as harbours and terminals, recycling plants and wood processing. The Material Handler Scale weighs material effortlessly while it is being moved, unloaded or loaded and the weighing information can be transferred in real time to ERP or other systems, facilitating efficient material flow management. With the verified scale invoicing according to weighing results is possible.

Changes In Needs Generate New Solutions:
Type-approved Tamtron Power Material Handler Scale replaces its predecessor that wasn’t type-approved in Tamtron’s product portfolio.

”We listen with full attention our customers’ needs and hopes and develop our products and services accordingly. There was clear demand in the market for the type-approved solution”, tells Mikko Keskinen, CEO of Tamtron Group.

“Addition to Material Handler Scale for commercial use we have recently developed for example our timber crane scales according our customers’ needs. The wireless crane scales that were introduced to markets last autumn can be installed to timber crane scales that have no space for hydraulic hoses and during the development process we were also able to make the scale even more accurate.”

Partially the weighing industry development needs arise from for example changes in legislation. This was the case last spring when the International Maritime Organization IMO announced changes in SOLAS regulations according the safety at seas. Tamtron monitored the progress of the legislation change carefully and reacted to the changed demands by developing new type-approved straddle carrier and container stacker scales in fast pace.

“We need to be all the time aware of the changes and needs on the field to be able to hold our position as a forerunner of industrial weighing and weighing information management solutions”, summarizes Keskinen.

Scale Facilitates Efficient Material Flow Management:
The demands for information management and traceability and reporting possibilities that come along are growing all the time in different fields of industry. For this reason Tamtron develops consistently its information management solutions.

From the new Tamtron Power Material Handler Scale weighing information can be transferred to Tamtron WNexus cloud service or, via integration, to a company’s own ERP or other system.

Information produced by the Tamtron Power Material Handler Scale of processed material amounts can be easily and reliably transferred to be used for business purposes, which allows for real-time monitoring of material flow. By analyzing and utilizing accumulating information companies are able to optimize their operations and schedules to create more efficient and transparent overall process.

With WNexus cloud service orders can be sent straight to the Power Material Handler Scale and invoicing can be done according to the weighing results right after which fastens the cash flow.

“The material handler scale approved for commercial use fullfills our offering in well-needed way. It’s also notable that it is possible to collect and manage weighing information from all Tamtron scales, such as material handler scales and traditional truck scales, in the same system, which brings a lot more transparency to our customers’ operations”, tells Mr. Keskinen. ”Our accurate scales are an origin or a fountain of information and as such they are the heart of all our weighing solutions.”

For more information about the New Material Handler Scale from Tamtron Group click here.

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Friday, March 31, 2017

Avery Weigh-Tronix launched the ZK830 Digital Scale

Avery Weigh-Tronix (UK) - High resolution Quartzell™ digital scale which can be set up as either a dedicated counting scale, dedicated checkweigher or standalone bench balance.

With its 1 billion internal count resolution and unique case design, the Quartzell used within the Avery Weigh-Tronix ZK830 delivers outstanding precision. From micro components to larger items, the high precision Quartzell transducer counts with an accuracy not seen in other weighing scales in its class.

The ZK830’s robust design, connectivity options and flexibility make it suitable for use in a wide range of environments; from laboratories, manufacturing, engineering and production lines to shipping and warehouse areas.

The most accurate counting scale on the market:
As a counting scale, the ZK830 offers a sampling accuracy unrivaled by other cell technology on the market today. Quartzell technology allows a wider range of parts to be accurately counted – while still achieving an accuracy of more than 99.75%.

Fast, reliable checkweighing:
Fast, reliable and extremely accurate, as a checkweigher, the ZK830 has been created with the user in mind. The ZK830 hosts easily operated under, over and accept bands and a PLU target weight database capable of holding up to 40 target weights.

Industrial strength bench balance:
The rugged industrial ZK830 base scale has been designed to give outstanding high resolution weighing accuracy in the harshest of industrial environments. Designed to work effectively where other balances can’t function, the ZK830 combines the strength, accuracy and reliability of our renowned BSQ bench base range with a user-friendly indicator.

Key features:
  • Configurable, modular system: flexible to meet your application needs
  • Packed with innovative functional features, designed with the user in mind
  • Outstanding sampling accuracy
  • 100,000 division, non-legal-for-trade, out of the box repeatable accuracy
  • 1 billion internal count resolution
  • Strong rugged base enclosure with over 1100% overload protection


For more information about the New ZK830 Digital Scale from Avery Weigh-Tronix click here.

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New i25 Touch Weighing Terminal from Precia Molen

PRECIA-MOLEN (France) – PRECIA MOLEN’s latest indicator reached the French market on the 25th of March, and scheduled for worldwide launch on September 2017.

Technical Features:
  • Touch & Set:
    • Tailored configuration with one single pressure
    • Formulation – Visualize your recipes
  • Instant Graph:
    • Real-time graphic data (Curve)
    • Real-time graphic data (Histogram)

For more information about New i25 Weighing Indicator from Precia Molen click here.

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New Checkweigher from Hardy Process Solutions

Hardy Process Solutions (USA) - Future Proof, Open Source Check Weighing Machines, Designed for Seamless Integration and Built with Off-the-Shelf Parts, Now Shipping.

Hardy Process Solutions introduces its groundbreaking approach to Checkweigher design, built on a Rockwell Automation platform and using Hardy’s HI4050CW Controller, the Dynamic Checkweigher series delivers performance and ultimate flexibility for user’s current and future product inspection needs.

The Hardy Dynamic Checkweigher is a fully automated system designed to weigh items automatically in-motion. The Checkweigher controller can communicate both upstream and downstream across the Connected Enterprise Network.

Automated control is done with an embedded Rockwell Automation CompactLogix™ PLC while communicating with the high performance Hardy HI 4050CW check weighing controller. The resulting high speed check weighing system can process between 20 to 350 pieces per minute.

“Hardy’s new checkweigher family delivers the benefits of Open Source, Off-the-Shelf and Seamless Integration, enabling customers to maintain/enhance their checkweighers to meet future needs,” explains Tim Norman, Hardy’s senior product manager. “We leveraged Rockwell Automation’s Premier Integration model using Studio 5000 software and Allen-Bradley components. This novel approach seamlessly integrates equipment data, control and analytics into plant-level and enterprise networks and all data tags are visible and available on the Connected Enterprise.”

Each Dynamic Checkweigher has a stainless steel base and cabinet, for maximum durability and easy washdown. Flexible and highly accurate, it weighs products of virtually any shape or size in containers such as boxes, cans, bottles, rigid shrink-wrapped packages or flexible packages. Items compatible with the system include bagged and boxed sugars, raw meats, fruits, vegetables, chemicals, fertilizers, and consumer packaged goods. The different models include:
  • Dynamic C: a chain weigher for up to 10 kg (22 lbs.) of rigid products, such as bottles, cans, cartons operating at up to 350 units/minute
  • Dynamic S: a small belt weigher for up to 10 kg of pouches, trays, direct foods operating at 200 units/minute
  • Dynamic I: intermediate belt weigher for up to 22 kg (50 lbs.) of boxes, tubs, ails and bulk foods operating at 60 units/minute
  • Dynamic L: a large belt weigher for sacks, kegs, drums, bulk bags up to 90 kg (200 lbs.) operating up to 50 units/min

For more information about the New Checkweigher from Hardy Process Solutions click here.

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