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Intuitive-Lite4 Range of Digital Panel Meters from Applied Measurements

Applied Measurements Ltd. (UK) – “The New Intuitive-Lite4 series of digital panel meters are the perfect choice for when you want a high precision display but with no additional plug-in features. The Intuitive-Lite4 series is the ideal option for the budget conscious application”, explained the company.

  • Simple to Use – New Single Layer Menu
  • Low Cost Budget Option
  • Compatible with INT2
  • 10 Point Linearisation for Improved Performance
  • Scale and Offset Independent of Calibration
  • More Filtering and Logic Input Options
  • 20-bit A/D Converter for Superior Resolution
  • Optional IP67 Front Panel Cover For Demanding Environments
  • Available in less than 1 Week From £145 (exc VAT)

Fast Setup:
The ‘advanced’ and ‘easy’ menus have now been combined into one single layer menu making it much faster to setup and simple to use.

The Intuitive-Lite4 series of digital panel meters is directly compatible with the INT2 series making installation into your existing design fast and easy. It features the same front panel designs, dimensions and connections as the previous INT2 series.

Superior Performance & Outstanding Resolution:
“But let’s not confuse lite with low quality. The New Intuitive-Lite4 series not only guarantees you superior performance from its 10 point linearisation but its 20-bit A/D converter delivers outstanding resolution in any application”, stated the Applied Measurements.

“Its 10 point linearisation ensures transducer-related measurement errors are reduced and performance of the overall measuring system is improved. What’s more, the 10-point linearisation is fully user configurable and straightforward to implement, allowing any sensor to be optimized”, they continue.

High Stability:
The Intuitive-Lite4 series allows the effects from noise and instability of the input signal to be reduced by signal filtering adjustment. The Intuitive-Lite4 digital panel meters also include an active filter which helps to eliminate the effects of vibration and other external sources of system noise.

Scale and Offset Adjustment:
Minor adjustments to the scale and offset can be made even after the digital panel meter has been calibrated, without having to send the meter back for re-calibration. “The scale adjustment allows you to change to different engineering units, after the unit has been calibrated. Or, if your weighing assembly changes after the meter was originally calibrated, the offset adjustment enables you to modify the effect of any extra weight”, added the company.

Environmental Protection:
“The Intuitive-Lite4 series of digital panel meters has an IP65 environmental protection rating as standard, making it suitable for most environments. However, if you need your Intuitive-Lite4 meter to be used in a harsh and demanding environment, we can also supply a IP67 immersion protection rated front panel cover”, concluded Applied Measurements.

For more information about the Intuitive-Lite4 Range of Digital Panel Meters from Applied Measurements click here.

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Marsden Weighing Group’s New Heavy Duty Scales handle weights up-to 5 tonnes

Marsden Weighing Group (UK) – Leading industrial weighing scales manufacturer, Marsden, has launched a new range of heavy duty platform scales, suited to weighing heavily-laden pallets, roll cages and dolavs.

The scales in the new ‘5T’ range have a 5000kg capacity and are reinforced for extra strength in order to withstand the increased load.

“Previously, Marsden’s highest capacity off-the-shelf platform scales were only available upto 3000kg. Platform scales with a higher capacity were only built to order. With the 5000kg capacity scales now available off-the-shelf, customers can order before 1pm and receive their scale next day”, shared the company.

Marsden’s Managing Director, Richard Black, said: “After speaking with customers in the most demanding of industries, it was clear that an additional high capacity scale was needed to cope with weighing the heaviest of goods. The new heavy duty weighing scales are built to take on the toughest tasks. They offer strength, durability and reliability - they’re built to last.”

Operations Director, Mark Coates, added: “The new heavy duty platform scales are built for high capacity weighing, and each one meets a different type of need. The P-JIK-5T is built for recording and printing weight data, with an RS-232 port fitted to connect the scale to a PC. The P-DI-620P-5T-APP has an inbuilt printer, perfect for SOLAS weighing, and it’s Trade Approved. The P-I-400-5T is designed for simple check weighing, with an easy to use indicator and a big, bright LED display.”

For more information about the new Platform Scales from Marsden Weighing Group click here.

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Intercomp Set to Support USA Bobsled Team in 2018

Intercomp Company (South Korea) – Intercomp is proud to support the USA Bobsled Team on their quest to claim medals in PyeongChang. Five U.S. sleds are registered to compete in South Korea, beginning Sunday, Feb. 18.

Four two-man sleds, and one four-man sled, were set up using a set of Intercomp’s RFX™ Wireless racing scales. In addition, the team used a set of Intercomp Digital Turn Plates, Digital Angle Gauge, Deluxe Pyrometer and a Digital Durometer to perfect the setup of each sled.

Across four timed runs, athletes will pilot either a two- or four-man sled down a narrow, ice-lined track. For each sled, the time taken to complete the course during each of the four runs are added together, with the winner of the competition determined by the lowest accumulated time. Fast runs will result in sleds reaching speeds over 90mph, while athletes experience cornering forces up to five times the force of gravity.

A pilot, who uses a pulley system to steer the steel runners of the sled, and pusher/brakeman, who is responsible for giving the sled a greater majority of its speed at the top of the hill and stopping the sled at the bottom with the brake, make up a two-person sled. The four-man sled includes a pilot, brakeman and two dedicated pushers. Women compete in two-athlete sleds, while men compete in two- and four-athlete competitions.

“We are looking forward to the start of the competition, next week, and are extremely proud of this partnership with USA Bobsled“, concluded the company.

For more information about the Racing Scales and other Weighing Solutions from Intercomp Company click here.

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Thursday, February 8, 2018

METTLER TOLEDO’s Application streamlines Loss-on-Drying procedure

METTLER TOLEDO (Switzerland) – Differential weighing is a common routine application in most laboratories. A new application included in firmware version 3.50 for METTLER TOLEDO’s MS-TS analytical balances can streamline differential-weighing workflows for loss-on-drying and other important procedures and analyses.

Determining the difference between initial and final weights of samples before and after processing is one of the most frequently used applications in a laboratory. However, routine workflows tend to be time-consuming and error-prone due to the high level of manual operations involved, particularly when handling more than one sample or sample type.

Now, METTLER TOLEDO MS-TS analytical balances offer an alternative to complex manual workflows in industries such as food, chemical, pharmaceuticals, testing labs and water/waste management. The updated firmware integrated in MS-TS balances includes a free, on-board differential-weighing application to improve speed and accuracy when handling samples and ensure the correct attribution of results.

Typical applications for this type of differential-weighing application include:
  • Loss-on-drying/loss-on-ignition
  • Water absorption
  • Wear-off analysis
  • Metal treatment/coating
  • Filter weighing (e.g. in sewage plants)
  • Solution and buffer preparation

The ease of using the application for moisture-content determination is described in a new application note entitled “Moisture Determination in QC: The Drying-Oven Reference Method.” The paper walks readers through a real-world example, showing how the differential-weighing application helps streamline these workflows, especially when combined with a handheld barcode reader and label printer.

To learn how the MS-TS application can help you ensure accuracy and easy sample-handling in all your differential-weighing applications, click the link below. For an example of the firmware in action, download “Moisture Determination in QC: The Drying-Oven Reference Method”.

For more information about the New MS-TS Application from Mettler Toledo click here.

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Straightpoint Pioneers Load Cell Bluetooth Technology

Straightpoint (UK) – A new Bluetooth app for smart devices, named after Straightpoint’s (SP) Handheld plus display unit, is now available for download and easy connection to the manufacturer’s recently launched range of load cells that boast the same technology. “The innovative pairing is set to revolutionise the way data is captured and supplied in below-the-hook and other force measurement applications”, explained the company.

The HHP app, available on iOS and Android platforms, uses Bluetooth (wireless technology for exchanging data over short distances) to collect information from a single load cell up to 50m away. Further, the app can package up the data collected and send it onto a recipient in the form of an Excel spreadsheet.

The app can package up data collected and send it onto a recipient in the form of an Excel spreadsheet

The free-of-charge app adds convenience and cost efficiency to the vast majority of applications involving SP equipment where a single force measuring device is used in close proximity to a reader and / or data-logging system. Until now, wireless readings were only possible on the handheld system, while the company’s multiple wireless load cell controller (SW-MWLC) software was required to convert data into another format.

Those existing products remain integral to the SP offering; the Handheld plus has a range of up to 700m (2,300 ft.) and the SW-MWLC package displays and logs data from up to 100 SP wireless load cells simultaneously. This is cutting-edge technology in its own right but is suited to more demanding, specialist applications for which the app is not designed. Capacity isn’t a dictating factor to its use, although the heavier the load the more likely it is that multiple load cells will be used and the operator will be at a greater distance from it.

David Ayling, director at SP, said: “We’ve been experimenting with Bluetooth technology for some time—it’s been used with our Clamp On Line Tensionmeter (or COLT)—but that research was part of a journey towards the landmark launch of the new load cells and accompanying app. Distributors and partners have lauded its ability to send reports from the same device that captures the data and noted the inherent convenience of having the app on a smart device that is on their person.”

The HHP app is user friendly but can be downloaded in simulation mode so users can practice before utilising it in a real-life application. It is compatible with any SP product that fits the usage criteria, which can be selected via a straightforward menu. Units of measurement and calibration settings are among other variables that can be specified with equal simplicity.

Ayling concluded: “The launch of the Bluetooth range chimes with a gravitational pull towards IoT [Internet of Things] and could be game-changing in that we’re not aware of any other solutions on the market that harness the benefits of this technology through a mobile app. Once again we’ve demonstrated our pioneering intent and we’re keen to monitor uptake through download numbers in the coming weeks.”

The new Bluetooth app is named after SP’s Handheld plus display unit

For more information about the New HHP App from Straightpoint click here.

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Minebea Intec delves deeper into Russia

Minebea Intec (Russia) – The leading industrial weighing and inspection supplier Minebea Intec is expanding its global presence with the opening of a new sales and service office in Saint Petersburg, Russia. This step continues the company’s successful market development in Eastern Europe and is fully aligned with its promise of “globally standing beside our customers”.

With its broad weighing and inspection product portfolio such as checkweighers, metal detectors, X-ray inspection systems, platform scales, load cells, vessel and silo scales along with its extensive services and aftersales, Minebea Intec, formerly known as Sartorius Intec, is closer to its customers in Russia than ever before. The company has been present in the Russian market for many years with its local partner network; Minebea Intec products are already installed in the production lines of major global processing companies all over the country. With its new subsidiary “Minebea Intec RUS” in Saint Petersburg, the company now supplies a wide range of industries its industry-specific innovative technologies.

“The Russian processing industries increasingly have more stringent requirements on quality and safety. Our precise and engineered weighing and inspection solutions fulfil their needs of the near future. Our new sales and service team will stand beside our Russian customers throughout the entire life cycle of our products and solutions, providing them with state-of-the-art products, technical consultancy in their local language as well as fast and reliable service,” says Frank Wieland, Chief Sales Officer at Minebea Intec.

The global supplier of industrial weighing and inspection technologies with headquarters in Hamburg, Germany, is part of the MinebeaMitsumi Group, one of the leading suppliers of high-precision industrial equipment and components. The Group, based in Tokyo, has over 78,000 employees worldwide and reported a consolidated net turnover of JPY 638,926 million (approx. EUR 4.8 billion) for 2016.

Minebea Intec places great focus on its customers. The company’s structure and organisation ensure that market requirements and requests are met expediently. The customers can expect an extensive range of tailor-made solutions, developed under the premise of innovation, performance and cost-effectiveness. The German Quality seal and the continuous investment in the development of leading technologies represent the quality of its products and services. The product portfolio includes platform scales, load cells, vessel and silo scales, checkweighers, metal detectors, X-ray inspection systems and user-friendly software solutions.

Address: LLC Minebea Intec Rus, Kievskaya Street 6, 196084, Saint Petersburg, Russia

For more information about the Minebea Intec in Russia click here.

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The Targeted Use of HBM Load Cells in Temo Pese Weighing Solutions

HBM - Hottinger Baldwin Messtechnik GmbH (Italy) – Temo Pese has been making industrial scales in Calto (RO) Italy since 1892 and has continued to grow over the years thanks to the company’s passion for its work, which has let it reach and maintain a position of leadership on the mechanical scale market; a position the company consolidated with its electronic weighbridges and other electronic weighing systems. The company’s scales are mainly made of steel or concrete, and it also installs prefabricated weighing platforms in pits.

Innovation, passion, customer relations, professional competence, in-depth knowledge of supply and distribution infrastructures, guaranteed compliance with obligatory and even higher standards: these are the main characteristics of the Italian company from Veneto, focused on continuously innovating and improving its products on the basis of over 120 years of experience in the sector. The fourth generation is currently managing the company and its objective remains the same, to be a reference point in the industrial scale sector, continuing to offer the very best of Italian quality all over the world (in Switzerland, Germany and Slovenia in particular).

Synergies with key suppliers play a major role in Temo Pese's business model. Suppliers have been carefully selected over the years for their capacity and ability to offer not only the components they supply, but also their trustworthy advice, technical assistance and co-design.

Alberto Bimbatti, the co-owner of Temo Pese, says:
"One concrete example of such synergy is the highly evolved provisioning service provided by HBM, a leading German multinational in the field of measuring systems. We started working with this supplier in 2016, and have had excellent results in the production of a new line of concrete truck scales, which are not very common in Italy but in full expansion in the foreign market."

The concrete weighbridge

TCA concrete truck scale of highest quality:
"The TCA concrete truck scale," continues Bimbatti "was designed and developed to provide a solution of the very highest quality, implementing the advantages of traditional steel weighbridges, including the simplicity of transporting and handling, the flexibility of installation and the limited building work required, with a version made entirely out of reinforced concrete. Pairs of HBM C16 load cells (6, 8 or 10 depending on the truck scale model) are installed to provide the best results for the features and performance required, and to meet our specific needs. The technical service provided by HBM's technicians was essential both when choosing the model of load cell to use and when designing the weighing system, as offering the very highest quality represents a prime objective for both partners."

"The C16A column load cells," explains Dario Masato, HBM Italia Sales engineer, "were chosen above all as they’re very strong, precise and reliable, which makes them suitable for any type of application, even the highest level one's, such as Temo truck scale."

C16A: "Very strong, precise and reliable"

Made out of vibrated concrete

Steel plates

The TCA weighing modules are made of vibrated concrete with the following features:
  • Brushed, non-slip surface offering the greatest safety for both vehicles and people in transit when the truck scale is wet, covered with snow or ice;
  • Treated with EverCreate Vetrofluid. This is a special waterproofing agent for protecting concrete also in negative pressure up to 10 atm (water column 100 m) that makes it extremely resistant to temperature changes, attacks from chlorides, sulphates and de-icing salts, the formation of mold, algae and moss, as well as preventing reinforcement oxidation;
  • Low profile bridge (the angle irons are hot dip galvanized), keeps the amount of building work required to install the weighbridge flush with the pit to a minimum;
  • Certified anchor bushings both on the weighing platform and on the profile of the module guarantee the greatest safety also when moving the truck scale in the future.

"We've successfully used the C16 cells in other types of scales, such as modular metal truck scale with three 6x3 m modules, assembled in a framework of eight IPE beams with a longitudinal section of 270 mm. The truck scale framework is covered with 1 cm-thick chequered steel plate. The weight of the modules is supported by brackets welded to the base of each module rather than the two coupling bolts, for greater structural strength. There is a trap door above each load cell for servicing and cleaning. The cables run through fairleads in each module to the junction box. The junction box is mounted on a central module bracket to keep it as dry as possible," explains Bimbatti. Prefabricated reinforced concrete flush pit-mounted weighbridges are some of Temo Pese’s top products, and the company from Veneto is the only manufacturer of this type in Italy. These weighbridges can be quickly installed with significant savings in terms of building work costs (the pit can be installed in one day and the truck scale installation takes another day) for a safe and efficient weighing system of highest quality.

Installed weighing modules

These prefabricated modules are made of three types of vibrated concrete, which can be combined in a pit wide enough for a 3 m-wide weighbridge of any length:
  • Box-section module: two of these modules are used at the ends, where the first pairs of load cells are installed;
  • C module: each of these houses a pair of load cells, and the number depends on the type of truck scale, and as a consequence the number of load cells required;
  • Side spacer module: unlike the other two, the length of this module changes depending on the total length of the pit.

For more information about the Load Cells from HBM click here.

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New Headquarters of Radwag Balances and Scales

RADWAG Balances and Scales (Poland) – RADWAG Balances and Scales has moved its operation to the new headquarters at Toruńska 5, Radom.

A modern building with a total area of 8000 m2 is a workplace for 400 office and production workers. The new headquarters is architecturally fresh due to a world-unique solutions. The facility has been equipped in accordance with the latest quality standards. The manufacturing process is carried out according to KANBAN system.

Brand-new laboratories enable production of the equipment with the highest precision. The new premises hold numerous conference rooms, among them a huge auditorium with amphitheatre seating for 150, and catering facilities.

“Both the owners and the employees enjoy the new premises”, shared the company.

New Address: Radwag Balances and Scales
Toruńska 5
26-600 Radom
Phone: +48 (48) 386 60 00

For more information about the Weighing Products and Solutions from RADWAG Balances and Scales click here.

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New NTEP Certification for Load Cell Mod. 190 from Utilcell

Utilcell (Spain) – The load cell Mod. 190 (15…400 kg & 30…900 lb) has obtained the metrological certification NTEP Class III / Single Cell 5.000 divisions, complying with the metrological requirements of USA and Canada.

This model has the International Test Certificate OIML and the Protective in Potentially Explosive Atmospheres ATEX. In addition, it has high performance protection IP68 and IP69K. The main applications are in the direct platforms up 800x800 mm and filling machines.

For more information about the Load Cell Mod. 190 from Utilcell click here.

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Ishida X-Ray Flexibility Ensures Premium Product Quality

Ishida Europe Ltd. (Russia) – Ishida X-ray inspection technology is helping to maintain the premium quality reputation of one of Russia's most popular traditional snack brands.

The ‘ROSTRAGROEXPORT’ company was founded by Mr Boris Aleksandrov in 1995, who spotted a niche in the Russian food market for a good quality traditional curd snack. Its ‘B.Y. Aleksandrov’ brand, named after the company’s founder, represents the ‘ideal’ curd bar created using only the finest natural ingredients. Currently there are 16 different kinds of ‘B.Y. Aleksandrov’ bars covered with the finest milk, dark or white Belgian chocolate. The range also includes a special set of 6 small chocolate-covered sweet cottage cheese bars with a small board game or toy.

Because the ‘B.Y. Aleksandrov’ brand is positioned as the highest quality product on the Russian dairy market, maintaining impeccable quality control is the key requirement for the ‘ROSTRAGROEXPORT’ company.

After production the cottage cheese bars are sealed in the ‘flow-pack’ foil and are then placed in individual small carton boxes. Following this, packages of 12 individual boxes are formed. There is no possibility to use common metal detectors for quality control as the ‘flow-pack’ foil is metallized. More significantly, the metal detectors are not able to identify if a product has any glass or plastic insertions broken or empty packaging.

The Ishida IX-GA-4075 X-ray inspection system is able to perform a number of quality control procedures. It can detect potential contaminants in the curd bars, such as metal parts from the production machinery, metal flakes which may be present from the containers in which sugar is stored, and stones from the harvesting of the raisins. The system can also spot damaged packs, and uses weight estimation to identify missing packs or items, for example missing toys in the children packs.

The IX-GA-4075 is operating reliably in conjunction with current line speeds of up to 60 packs per minute in a 24/7 production environment.

Key to the machine’s versatility is Ishida’s unique Genetic Algorithm (GA) technology, which uses image data analysis over a number of inspections to build up a more precise calibration protocol. Any case that is out of the protocol is memorized as a problem and is rejected. This enables permanent or common recurring defects to be more easily identified and their location in the pack to be pinpointed.

The ‘ROSTRAGROEXPORT’ company representatives say the Ishida IX-GA-4075 delivers a number of important competitive benefits. “The X-ray system’s ability to successfully detect all types of contaminants is a vital safety check, which is particularly essential for a product so popular among adults and children,” explains Mr Pavel Kubakhov, head of innovations and new technologies department.

“No less important is the fact that the high level of quality assurance is necessary for the supermarkets and retail chains that we deal with. Due to our X-ray system, we have a full record of every pack inspection so we can prove the quality of our product and packaging, which is useful in the event of any subsequent consumer complaint.”

“The Ishida IX-GA-4075 is performing extremely reliably,” says Mrs Lubov Lukashevitch, head of cottage cheese bars production. “Since its installation, we have had no problems or breakdowns. The machine is configured with software in Russian and is extremely easy to operate and maintain. We have inputted 40 presets, and changeovers between products for inspection take just a few seconds.”

Above all the IX-GA-4075 represents a sound investment for the company. “Ultimately you cannot put a price on quality or the cost implications if quality levels fall in any way”, concludes Mr Kubakhov. “On that basis alone, there is no question that the machine will have paid for itself.”

For the moment up to 400,000 packs of ‘B.Y. Aleksandrov’ bars are produced daily, representing around 30% of the company’s total production. Since its launch in 2008, total production has grown eight times.

For more information about the X-Ray Inspection Solutions from Ishida Europe click here.

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International Road Dynamics, a Quarterhill Company, Awarded US $3.7 Million Contract

International Road Dynamics Inc. (USA) - Quarterhill Inc., announced that its wholly owned subsidiary, International Road Dynamics Inc. ("IRD"), has been awarded a contract valued at more than US $3.7 million with the Idaho Transportation Department (“ITD”) to supply and install a Mainline Electronic Screening System at the Sage Junction Port of Entry.

This system will weigh and measure commercial vehicles at highway speeds using IRD’s Single Load Cell Weigh-In-Motion (“WIM”) scales. Automated License Plate Recognition and Automated Vehicle Identification systems will work in conjunction with the WIM to confirm vehicle credentials and weight compliance. Vehicle information will be gathered and queried against the IRD intelligent Roadside Operations Computer (“iROC”) database. Decisions will be made in real-time whether vehicles may bypass weigh stations or report for further inspection. Notification is provided to the commercial vehicle via an in-vehicle transponder and roadside signaling.

During peak times, weigh stations often exceed capacity and are forced to close or allow commercial vehicles to bypass the weigh station until the backlog of trucks is cleared. By utilizing IRD's mainline electronic screening and WIM systems, commercial vehicle enforcement facilities can focus on high-risk vehicles, allowing compliant carriers with good safety records to bypass. Not only does this greatly improve the effectiveness of the facility, but it also provides a considerable benefit to the trucking industry by reducing weigh station wait times, fuel costs, and greenhouse gas emissions.

Mr. Terry Bergan, IRD’s President and CEO stated: "Currently, Idaho employs the IRD iROC e-screening system at 4 locations throughout the State. This contract complements IRD's previous deployments in Idaho by further expanding the State’s network of fully automated weigh station facilities. We look forward to working with ITD on this project."

About IRD:
IRD is a highway traffic management technology company specializing in supplying products and systems to the global Intelligent Transportation Systems industry. IRD is a North American company based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada with sales and service offices throughout the United States and overseas. Private corporations, transportation agencies and highway authorities around the world use IRD's products and advanced systems to manage and protect their highway infrastructures.

About Quarterhill:
Quarterhill is a diversified investment holding company focused on growing its business by acquiring technology companies in the Industrial Internet of Things (“IIoT”) segment across multiple verticals. Quarterhill targets companies with a broad range of products and services that capture, analyze and interpret data, and that have strong financial performance, excellent management teams, strong intellectual property underpinnings and significant opportunities to develop long-term recurring and growing revenue streams. Quarterhill is listed on the TSX and NASDAQ under the symbol QTRH.

For more information about the Weigh-In-Motion Solutions from International Road Dynamics Inc. click here.

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Coop. Bilanciai’s Selecta Integra, Two Functions One Solution

Coop. Bilanciai (Italy) – High speed automatic check-weighing and the detection of metallic contaminants for a complete check of the product.

“The ergonomic robust design coupled with incredible reliability, make the Selecta Integra the ideal solution to meet the requirements of the food industry and the mass-market retailers”, stated the Coop. Bilanciai.

  • 20 g - 3000 g

  • 600 g div 0,2 g
  • 1200 g div. 0,2 g
  • 3000 g div. 0,5 g

  • High pack per minute range up to: 240 pz/min. packs/minute
  • With quick-to-remove conveyor belts for ease of cleaning and a conveyor surface suited for humid products/environments
  • Essential for the quality control needed to check the quantities contained
  • Easy cleaning and sanitation
  • Easy and user-friendly graphic interface: Large 10.4” colour display with touch screen
  • Indicator Lights to immediately signal the selection progress
  • Easy connection and data export: Possibility of connecting to remote systems via network, USB and Wi-Fi and exporting reports in PDF format
  • MID approval
  • Metal Detector BRC Conformity
  • Various ejection systems according to the type of product: Air jet; Flip ejector; Pusher; Trap ejector
  • Various step generators: Conveyor belts; Timing screw Side-grip guides
  • Available in Stainless Steel and Niploy Aluminium Version, or Full Stainless Steel


For more information about the Selecta Integra Checkweigher and Metal Detector from Coop. Bilanciai click here.

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New FM Approval for Utilcell Load Cells to Work in Hazardous Locations

Utilcell (Spain) – Utilcell has obtained the FM Approval (Factory Mutual Approval) special to work in hazardous locations. So far, the approved Utilcell Load Cells models are: 140, 160, 190, 260, 300, 350, 480, 630 and 740. These load cells have been tested properly according to the requirements of Intrinsic Safety of the USA and Canada.

For more information about the Load Cells from Utilcell click here.

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Cardinal Scale’s New ARMOR Truck Scales with Digital SmartCells

Cardinal Scale (USA) – “Cardinal Scale’s new ARMOR® series digital truck scales with SmartCell® load cells offer unmatched performance built to last a lifetime of heavy-duty weighing use. Every facet of the digital truck scale weighbridge and electronics have been specifically built for long-lasting endurance, minimal upkeep, and IoT monitoring convenience”, explained the company.

ARMOR® truck scales feature 135-ton capacity, 50-ton CLC, no moving parts below the scale deck including the load cells, more structural steel than the competition, SmartCell® stainless steel waterproof digital load cells, and IoT-enabled iSite remote monitoring software.

The state-of-the-art, debris-inhibiting load cell stand design limits obstructions to the scale’s performance with the digital load cells mounted high within the stand near the scale deck. The load cell stands are fabricated from one-inch-thick steel to minimize rust and corrosion damage and ensure long-term strength and durability. The long-lasting baked-on tan powder coat paint finish ensures a lifetime of trouble-free protection. The Cloud-based iSite remote monitoring software offers e-mail and/or text alerts to ensure your scale is performing during peak operations.

The NTEP legal-for-trade ARMOR® series arrives fully prepared for quick installation with load cell stands pre-installed. Cardinal Scale’s unique axis® frictionless centering system provides gravity-driven dynamic centering to restrain deck movement and vibration. Each ARMOR® weighbridge features interconnecting load blocks and receivers for efficient, no-bolt installation. Enhanced rodent protection is standard throughout the truck scale using braided wiring and conduit integral throughout each scale module. Every ARMOR® truck scale is 100% assembled, pre-calibrated, and tested before shipping.

For more information about the New ARMOR Truck Scales with Digital SmartCells in Steel and Concrete from Cardinal Scale click here and here.

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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

HBM’s New Ultra-Robust WTX110-A Weighing Terminal

HBM - Hottinger Baldwin Messtechnik GmbH (Germany) – Complete Solutions in Weighing Technology: HBM Expands Its WTX Series with the New Ultra-Robust WTX110-A Weighing Terminal.
  • Ideally suitable for utilization in harsh environments and compliant with the stringent hygiene requirements of the food, chemical, or pharmaceutical industries
  • Convenient soft-key control through a high-resolution, 4.3-inch TFT color display
  • Ethernet TCP/IP ensures easy and secure remote access

HBM Test and Measurement has expanded its high-class WTX series with a new version for use with analog load cells - the new, legal-for-trade WTX110-A weighing terminal. The robust WTX110-A weighing terminal combines the key technical and legal features of cutting-edge and future-proof weighing electronics. All the housing versions offer the IP69K degree of protection and thus can be put to use in the harsh environments prevalent in the chemical or pharmaceutical industries. They comply with the stringent requirements for hygiene measures of the food industry.

The WTX110-A stands out for its tremendous user-friendliness. Its use on-site is significantly easier than conventional weight indicators due to its high-class, 4.3-inch color display and convenient soft-key control.

Well prepared for the future:
The WTX110-A has one particularly outstanding feature – it facilitates extremely easy configuration or calibration as well as other servicing measures. These can be carried out quickly and conveniently on site or in a distributed system using HBM’s PanelX weighing software. This enables, for instance, a remote calibration to be performed via the Internet quickly and cost-effectively. An encrypted connection ensures secure data exchange through (remote) access via both PanelX software and the WTX Mobile App. HBM is one of the first manufacturers of weighing technology products that offer this highly innovative option for future applications in the Industrial Internet of Things.

More than just components – complete weighing solutions from HBM:
The WTX110-A terminal is an all-rounder, which is ideally suitable for being combined with load cells from HBM’s range of products, thus, offering complete weighing solutions from a single source. Users have been benefiting from the many years of experience HBM has as the global market leader. HBM provides a complete and highly precise measurement chain, ranging from the load cell, through the electronics, to a secure remote access and service, all at a fair price.

For more information about the New WTX110-A Weighing Terminal from HBM click here.

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