Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Research Xchange Forum 2017

Research Xchange Forum 2017 - 22. | 23. February 2017, at Sartorius College, Goettingen, Germany.

Trends and Challenges in Oncology
Learn about the latest Insights from the fields of oncology and exchange ideas as to their Translation into viable Solutions. Our Research Xchange Forum provides keynote lectures from internationally renowned academics and leading biopharma R&D executives, addressing the latest developments in cancer research and treatments.

Interesting for you?
  • This forum is ideal for professionals in R&D and personnel in the following industries:
  • Pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies
  • Universities & research institutes
  • Contract services and research laboratories
  • Government agencies
What to expect?
  • Complete your forum experience with optional demo & discussion sessions about how to significantly boost your research results when it comes to virus quantification and cell screening. Moreover, get a chance for an exclusive inside view into the working processes of Sartorius with our plant tour
  • Gain cross-sectoral insights, understand their problems, processes and workflows
  • Be involved in the latest developments in cancer research and therapies
  • Establish contacts and collaborations with like-minded companies and academics

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Thursday, November 24, 2016

Scaletron Industries has introduced a New Automatic Volumetric Feeder

Scaletron Industries, Ltd. (USA) - New Automatic Volumetric Feeder Saves Time, Improves Dosage Accuracy in Water Treatment and Chemical Process Management.

Scaletron Industries has introduced a new line of volumetric screw feeders for metered dispensing of powdered or pelletized chemicals into water, wastewater and chemical treatment processes. The Model VMF-28™ auger-style feeders feature a fully integrated Scaletron scale. Precise dosage amounts are automatically weighed and added to treatment processes without requiring an operator to measure and weigh amounts. Data is displayed at a central monitoring station where operators can quickly make adjustments as necessary from the control panel.

Besides saving operators time, the new VMF feeders improve accuracy because the integrated scale continually monitors weight loss or gain. Heat, moisture and other environmental variables can cause additives like lime and carbon to absorb or dissipate water which changes the compound’s weight. These subtle changes can go undetected when a measured amount of additive sits on a loading tray waiting to be used. This can result in not enough, or too much material being introduced into the treatment process. The Scaletron feeder eliminates this risk by providing operators with constant real time assessment of the total mass of additive being used.

Said Scaletron president, Ed Dougherty, “A lot of ad hoc systems are out there where somebody has attached a scale to a feeder.” Dougherty said the Scaletron VMF feeders give customers added assurance of quality and accuracy. “We have over thirty years experience in designing and manufacturing scales for municipal and industrial processing facilities,” Dougherty said. “The scale technology in the VMF feeders is expert technology integrated by engineers highly experienced in weighing materials for dosage operations. The VMF units are precision instruments designed specifically to provide better accuracy in managing these types of operations.”

Featuring rugged and durable steel construction, the Scaletron VMF feeders have a corrosion resistant finish. The new feeders accurately meter dosing additives such as alum, carbon, lime, polymers, soda ash and other dry powders or pelletized materials.

VMF feeders use a heavy-duty, gear-driven auger to continually feed material from the built-in stainless steel hopper at a rate of 0.2 to 35.4 cu. ft. per hour. Hopper capacity is 2.8 cu. ft. with larger sizes available.

The Model VMF-28 Volumetric Screw Feeders are available with 0.75″ to 2.5″ diameter solid augers to dispense material from the supply hopper into treatment processes. Also offered are 1.5” to 2.5” diameter open helix style augers. In addition, a wide range of accessories are available including independently controlled vibratory agitators; lift-off, hinged or fixed lids for hopper; hopper extensions for additional capacity; bag loaders for 50 lb. bags; mixing tanks and wetting cones; base stands, loading platforms and bulk bag unloaders; plus dust collectors and explosion proof systems.

The integrated scale in both models employs four load cells each with an adjustable stainless steel leveling bolt. The scale measures changes in volume to 0.5% accuracy. Controls are housed in a NEMA 4X, UL-approved enclosure. The VMF-28 models are compatible with Scaletron’s line of scale indicators and controllers. These include the Model 1020&trade: 5 Digit Controller and Model 1020-B™ 5 Digit Batching Controller V5 which are programmable units that monitor and automate dosing and dispensing processes.

For more information about the New VMF-28 Volumetric Screw Feeders from Scaletron Industries click here.

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Utilcell launches the New SWIFT COM

Utilcell (Spain) – UTILCELL launches the new SWIFT COM as an extension of the SWIFT Weighing Indicators and High-speed Transmitters family. Is specially designed to work in automation and centralized control applications and offers an optimized design without screen, keyboard and calibration switch making this new transmitter a very competitive solution.

For more information about the New SWIFT COM from Utilcell click here.

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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

New Video from Siemens shows the advantages of SIWAREX Weighing Technology in the SIMATIC environment

Siemens (Germany) – SIWAREX stands for seamless integrated weighing technology in the SIMATIC environment. Continuous connection technology and diagnosis, free editable user interfaces and secure, direct communication via the CPU system bus allow the realization of weighing systems on the highest level. As an integrated part of the TIA Portal, all requirements of modern and complex weighing systems and their environment can be easily realized.


For more information about the SIWAREX Weighing Technology from Siemens click here.

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Trimble installed its 10.000th Loadrite L2180 Loader Scale

Trimble Inc. (Germany) – Trimble recently reached a significant milestone with the installation of its 10,000th LOADRITE L2180 loader scale. Since its release in 2009, the L2180 has become the world’s most popular on-board weighing system.

The landmark LOADRITE L2180:
In spring 2016, German construction and recycling enterprise, Gollan Recycling GmbH, received Trimble’s 10,000th LOADRITE L2180 loader scale. Installed by local LOADRITE dealer SITECH Germany, the landmark unit is confirmation of the product’s performance, reliability and alignment to customer workflows. The 10,000th device is installed in a Caterpillar 962 wheel loader, primarily used for loading materials like scrap metal or plastics that are to be recycled. In total, Gollan’s fleet includes 30 wheel loaders, and ten excavators that are equipped with the LOADRITE weighing system.

“The 10,000th LOADRITE L2180 is another milestone that recognizes LOADRITE loader scales are the industry standard,” explained Kevin Lai, On-board Weighing Segment Manager. “Top mining and aggregate producers, construction and recycling companies around the world use LOADRITE products because their operation depends on accuracy and reliability. The success of the LOADRITE L2180 is built on tested and proven LOADRITE weighing technology and a superior dealer support network.”

“We use LOADRITE loader scales in our wheel loader, and excavators, and they help to streamline our daily operations. With the loader scales, we can precisely keep track of the material masses we are handling. This is especially important when we are dealing with valuable recycling materials like scrap metal”, said Markus Steeger, Head of Marketing from Gollan Recycling GmbH. “Supported through a long-standing relation with the German SITECH team, the LOADRITE solutions have helped us deliver better, more accurate and reliable work to our customers.”

The LOADRITE L2180 is the most advanced wheel loader scale in a range of high-performance onboard weighing products available from Trimble for loaders, excavators, conveyors and haul trucks. With a simple but intuitive interface and a range of powerful features including connectivity to web-based reporting, the L2180 is easy to use and enables the operator to load quickly and precisely. Regardless of the time of day, temperature, operator or machine, the advanced L2180 delivers accurate and reliable results and monitoring. It uses rotary position sensors to continuously monitor boom position over the entire lift. This multi-point weighing ensures accurate results even in rough conditions.

"This symbolic achievement confirms Trimble’s leadership in the field of on-board weighing, since acquisition of the LOADRITE product portfolio” noted Johan Smet, General Manager of Trimble Weighing, “The original company was founded in 1978 on the principle of providing end-user focused systems, fitting intuitively into a specific industry’s work processes, and offering world-class reliability and service. We wanted to enable the user to focus on the job rather than on the technology. Being true to our core principles is what has helped us and our distributors achieve this milestone.”

LOADRITE L-Series loader scales:
Designed to provide more accurate payload measurement for front wheel loaders, the LOADRITE L-Series proves itself as the industry leader by enabling more efficient worksite processes, tailored to the industry’s needs. The L2180 is the most advanced as well as the most popular model. It has an extensive loading productivity improvement features and data monitoring capability to track efficiency and productivity. For applications where the primary focus is weight monitoring, the user-friendly L2150 is an alternative choice.

LOADRITE’s precise weighing system was the first loader scale in the world to achieve the Legal for Trade (LFT) status, measuring payloads with less than 1 percent margin of error. This accuracy allows users to directly invoice customers without the reliance on truck scales or weigh bridges, saving time and efforts.

About Gollan GmbH:
Gollan Enterprises was founded in 1955 by Hildegard and Gerhard Gollan. With roots as a two-man operation based in Beusloe, Germany, the company has grown into a multi-faceted enterprise, successful in real estate, construction, recycling and automotive services, with more than 400 employees and ten locations in northern Germany.

For more information about the Loadrite L2180 Loader Scales from Trimble click here.

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Utilcell’s Mod. 740 and 740D Load Cell now with 50t Capacity

Utilcell (Spain) – UTILCELL incorporate in the general catalogue of standard products the capacity of 50t for the Model 740 and 740D thus covering more capacities in-between 15t and 600t.

The Model 740 is a leader in truck scales and high capacity weighing systems.

For more information about the Load Cell Mod. 740 from Utilcell click here.

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Monday, November 21, 2016

Ishida Europe launched the New Ishida Sentinel™ Customer Care Software Solution

Ishida Europe Ltd. (UK) - Weighing and packing line equipment specialist Ishida Europe has introduced a unique remote customer care software solution that combines machine performance monitoring with comprehensive data capture and in-depth analysis. This enables food manufacturers and packers to operate their lines to maximum performance and efficiency, and avoid unnecessary and unwanted downtime.

The new Ishida Sentinel™ software connects compatible Ishida machines, anywhere in the world, to a central system manned by Ishida engineers. This provides complete monitoring of machines, however widely distributed, with Ishida experts on hand to identify and rectify any faults or poor performance.

With a number of different Sentinel™ pack options available, customers can mix and match the different services to their needs. In addition to the monitoring and reporting pack, a variety of intervention options are also available. Customers can for example select live performance monitoring, with Ishida engineers keeping a continual check on their line’s performance and informing them when this drops or a fault occurs.

In this way, uptime is maximised and potential and recurring problems can be identified early and dealt with before they become critical.

Equally important, Ishida Sentinel™ is able to produce clear, easy-to-read daily or weekly reports from production line data that can be easily accessed by designated personnel. These reports (available in multiple languages) enable quick and preventative actions to be taken, often without the need for an engineer call-out.

Nearly all equipment that contributes valuable information to the packing line management process can be linked into Ishida Sentinel™ including multihead weighers, checkweighers, tray sealers, graders and bag-makers. Contact with Ishida engineers can be made by email, phone or directly using a video conferencing VOIP access feature via a webcam that is fitted to individual machines’ Remote Control Units.

In addition, the Ishida Sentinel™ Web Client facility provides instant access from any Smart phone, tablet, laptop or PC worldwide so that machine operation can be monitored and assessed at any time or place.

Ishida has incorporated a high level of security into the software design to create a fully secure, virus-immune network that ensures remote access can only be performed by authorised personnel.

“Performance monitoring and reporting is not part of most companies’ core business, nor is the gathering of such information generally an area of expertise, yet they can play a huge role in helping to create a more profitable and efficient operation,” comments Ian Atkinson, Multihead Weigher Business Manager at Ishida Europe.

“With Ishida Sentinel’s™ full data capture and analysis capabilities, our new software relieves operators of a whole area of ‘information gathering’ tasks, and they can instead concentrate on using clear-cut, tailored information to make rapid, informed decisions.”

Ian Hodgson, Ishida Europe’s Control Systems Manager, adds: “The Ishida Sentinel™ Web Client facility allows factory personnel to directly monitor machine operation and assess performance whenever and wherever they wish. In this way, our new software is like a ‘use-anywhere window’ onto real-time production data.”

“More and more businesses are adopting fully-integrated production and packing lines to get the best out of each piece of equipment in order to maximise throughput and minimise costs,” continues Ian Atkinson. “Ishida Sentinel™ is simply pushing this concept further, enabling companies to achieve optimum benefits from this approach.”

For more information about the New Ishida Sentinel™ from Ishida Europe click here.

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New Weighing Indicator i40 JB from Precia Molen

PRECIA-MOLEN (France) - The i40 indicator has been designed to easily integrate with any industrial process involving weight measurement.

This capacity has two main aspects:
  • Numerous connection possibilities to the industrial networks built around PLCs or PCs
  • Varied mechanical presentations that leave total installation freedom to installation designers
The i40 JB new version has been designed for applications with local weight processing and display.

Classic installations require a junction box that sums up signals coming from load cells and a connection cable between the box and the indicator.

This multiplication of connections is costly as connections have to comply with various requirements (water sealing, electromagnetic resistance, etc.).

It is also complex to install: fastening of the various elements, installation and protection of cables…

Following these observations, the idea to integrate load cell connections and the indicator into one single box emerged.

The i40 JB is IP66 protected, with a local display and accommodates all the options that are available on the other housing versions.

For more information about the New Weighing Indicator i40 JB from Precia Molen click here.

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EXCELL Launches TM Wireless Transmitter for Platform Scales

Excell Precision Co., Ltd. (Taiwan) - EXCELL introduced TM, a wireless transmitter for platform scale designed to help turn your regular scale platform into wireless.

The TM is discrete and simple to install on the scale platform. Wireless, real-time, data transmission of weight and product information can be networked and communicated to Excell family indicators, smartphone/tablet, and Excell BLE dongles at distance up to 60m.

"At EXCELL, we emphasize safety and reliability in the product development stage and in manufacturing products of the highest quality," said C.C Lo, President and CEO at EXCELL. "Cables are considered a safety hazard because they are fragile and breakable. With TM, we avoid the hassle of connecting cables between the platform and the indicator. It’s easier for platform to be moved frequently in the warehouse or factory while the indicator is at a fixed location."

"We have found an increasing requirement for wireless transmission capabilities in the scale field, particularly in the industrial automation and warehouse sectors, where there is an increased use of wireless weighing data management for certain applications," said Jeff Chien, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at EXCELL. "With TM, scale users will be able to convert their scale platform to wireless and apply that to a wide range of applications in any tough environment, where wireless transmission is required."

Those collected weighing data and product information can be transmitted to a computer or server via Excell BLE Dongle, a weighing data receiver, for further data analysis and management.

For more information about the New TM Wireless Transmitter from Excell Precision click here.

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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

T-Scale’s New T28-III series Weighing Scale

T-Scale International Co., Ltd. (Taiwan) - T-Scale’s new T28-III series weighing scale with the 3 color back light check weighing function.

The T28-III series Weighing Scale has the capacity range 3kg ~ 30kg with the max 15,000d.

The scale has a very compact structure with dimension of 157.6x243x238.9mm (HxWxL) and plate size of 230x190(mm). ABS housing is the robust and durable structure making it ideal for all retail & industrial use.

The scale has the dual power source of rechargeable battery pack and 100/240VAC 50/60Hz adaptor for reliable use at the all markets and its display has the 25mm LCD with three colors LED back light for both operator and optional customer display to view. It has 3 quick membrane keys for to operate Zero, Tare, and Check Weighing & Second Weighing Unit.

For more information about the New T28-III Series Weighing Scale from T-Scale International click here.

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New Supplier Entry - Braymont UK Your Digital Scale Experts (UK)

Braymont UK Your Digital Scale Experts (UK)

'Braymont UK Your Digital Scale Experts' supply precision Balances and Scales, using advanced strain gauge technology.

  • Free 24hr UK Postage
  • Free no-nonsense Warranties
  • Free Expert Advice
  • Express International Shipping
We provide weighing solutions for Laboratories, Schools, Chemists, Zoo's, Kitchens, Health Clubs, Vet's, Farms, Warehouses, Industrial and Agricultural areas... basically anywhere that requires highly accurate weighing equipment.

Main Products/Services:
Vet / Animal / Platform Scales, Counting Scales, Laboratory Balances, Washdown ip66 + ip65 Scales, Legal For Trade / EC Type Approved Scales, Retail Scales, Warehouse Scales, Crane Scales, Weigh Beams, Wheelchair Scales, Baby / Toddler Scales, Truck / Pallet Scales, Jewellery Scales, Moisture Analysers, Physician / Health Scales, Accessories incl Thermal Printers, Paper, Cables, Dust Sheets, Anti-Vibration Tables, Etc.

Contact details:
Address: Braymont UK, C/O 'The Offices', 123 Southchurch Blvd, ss24ur Southend, UK.
Phone: 01702583003
Website: http://www.braymontscales.co.uk
Email address: supplieremail@supplieremail.com

Social Network Profiles:

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Monday, November 14, 2016

New image/design in the ABD Scale from Baxtran

Giropès SL (Spain) – Baxtran introduced a new image and design in the ABD scale.

Scale Features:
  • Compact checkweighing scale and user-friendly for weight control
  • Scale with backlight LCD display and digits of 23 mm
  • With ABS housing and stainless steel pan
  • Hold 4 modes: filter for animals, peak value, stable weight and stable weight with auto cancel in zero
  • Checkweighing function visual and alarm signals

For more information about the New ABD Scale from Baxtran click here.

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SG Systems launches standard Quickbooks Plugin

SG Systems (USA) – Following a succession of inquiries from Quickbooks Enterprise Users, SG Systems & Holmes Computer Consultants are delighted to launch a new integration plugin, which enables a seamless interface between the 2 software systems.

Detailed within the link below, the interface allows commodities, formulations, sales orders and purchase orders to be exported automatically from Quickbooks Enterprise into the SG Systems V5 Database. The bi-directional interface allows data to flow between the 2 systems without the need for human interaction.

The interface effectively allows shop floor data from receiving, through shipping to be controlled and collected automatically, reducing common manual data transfer errors.

For more information about the New Quickbooks Plugin from SG Systems click here.

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Obesity survey: GPs see four or more obese patients daily

Marsden Weighing Group (UK) - A survey has revealed that 66% of GPs and pharmacies see more than four obese patients per day - despite a third of patients understanding the health risks of being overweight.

And as many as 40% of all patients seen by doctors are clinically overweight.

The survey, conducted by weighing scales manufacturer Marsden, asked 6000 GPs and pharmacies for their thoughts on how the obesity crisis is affecting them and their patients.

The research was carried out to mark World Obesity Day, and found that diabetes is the biggest health issue caused by obesity, according to 50% of respondents. Findings also show that GPs and pharmacies view processed food, advertising and a lack of exercise as the main causes of the obesity epidemic.

According to the NHS, The UK currently has the highest rate of obesity in Western Europe, with 24.9% of the population affected. This rate has trebled in the last 30 years and the NHS suggests it could affect more than half of the UK by 2050.

A report by the Government in August encouraged GPs to weigh patients ‘by default’ to help reduce the number of obese and overweight patients. The UK’s obesity crisis is currently costing the NHS more than £5bn per year, according to the Daily Telegraph.

Neil Rowland-Hall of Willingham Pharmacy, Cambridge said: “Patients do not take responsibility for their own health, or that of their partners or children.

“They (the patients) must be aware of the health risks associated with obesity, but choose not to do much about it.”

David Smith, Marketing Manager at Marsden, added: “The results of this survey strengthen views that obesity is one of the greatest health risks currently facing the NHS.

“At Marsden we are keen to make more people aware of this growing epidemic. We’ve also recently launched an affordable medical scale to allow GPs to obtain more accurate weight readings, so they can provide the most appropriate advice to patients.”

For more information about the Report from Marsden Weighing Group click here.

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Adam Equipment Introduces New Higher-Capacity MDW Health and Fitness Scales

Adam Equipment (UK) - MDW 200 joins Adam’s line of mechanical health and fitness scales.

Adam Equipment, a leading manufacturer of weighing equipment for professionals worldwide, has added the MDW 200 mechanical scale to its MDW line of health and fitness scales. The MDW 200 mechanical health and fitness scale offers a capacity of 200kg/440lb and is shipping globally.

MDW mechanical scales provide an affordable weighing solution for health practitioners and fitness enthusiasts throughout the world. With traditional design and basic operation, MDW mechanical scales are ideal for medical offices, schools, gyms and fitness centers, or any setting where power is unavailable. The MDW 200 joins Adam Equipment’s MDW 160M mechanical scale, which offers a capacity of 160kg/350lb.

MDW mechanical scales feature sturdy, rugged construction, with metal housing, base, and pillar. The non-slip platform offers secure footing for users when stepping on and off the scale. An adjustable zero point ensures accurate results with every use. Precise weighing is fast and easy, with notched counter weights on a graduated beam. The MDW mechanical scale provides results in kilograms and pounds.

The MDW series of health and fitness scales also includes digital versions. Powered by an AC adapter or battery, the MDW digital scale offers convenient operation in any setting. MDW’s four-button keypad is simple to operate and sealed, helping to keep the scale clean and sanitary. Built-in wheels allow smooth transport of the scale, and a height rod provides measurements in centimeters and inches. MDW digital scales include wheels for transport.
  • MDW 250L electronic scale offers a capacity of 250kg/550lb.
  • MDW 300L electronic scale offers a capacity of 300kg/660lb. The MDW 300L features the ability to calculate body mass index and provides an RS-232 interface for speedy transmission of results to computers or printers.
About Adam Equipment
For more than 40 years, Adam Equipment has designed and manufactured precision balances and scales for professionals worldwide in the laboratory, medical, education, industrial, food, animal/veterinary and jewellery markets. Adam is committed to offering an extensive selection of weighing equipment with best-in-class value. Headquartered in the United Kingdom, the company has strategically established offices in the United States, South Africa, Australia, China and Germany to provide product support and speedy delivery to distributors.

For more information about the New MDW Health and Fitness Scales from Adam Equipment click here.

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