Tuesday, April 9, 2013

New Supplier Entry - PRECIA-MOLEN (France)


PRECIA-MOLEN designs and manufactures, sales and maintains weighing equipment and solutions for all industry sectors.

A comprehensive range of products and solutions to meet the specificities of your business:

  • Laboratory Scales
  • Industrial Scales
  • Load Indicators and Transmitters
  • Road, Rail and Road-Rail Weighbridges
  • Load Cells
  • Dynamic Weighing (Checkweighing, Batching and Grading)
  • On-board Weighing
  • Continuous Weighing
  • Continuous Dosing
  • Automatic Bulk Scales
  • Systems and Applications
PRECIA-MOLEN is a global company with headquarters, product design and manufacturing bases in France, operating companies in the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Poland, Czech Republic, Morocco, India, Norway, Brazil, Romania and Australia.

A SERVICE TEAM WORLDWIDE for the installation of new equipment, after sales service, maintenance and calibration.

Main Products:
Laboratory Scales, Industrial Scales, Load Indicators and Transmitters, Road, Rail and Road-Rail Weighbridges, Load Cells, Dynamic Weighing (Checkweighing, Batching and Grading), On-board Weighing, Continuous Weighing, Continuous Dosing, Automatic Bulk Scales, Systems and Applications, etc.

Contact details:
Address: Le Ruissol BP 106 07001 PRIVAS CEDEX, France.
Website: http://www.preciamolen.com
Email address: pmcontact@preciamolen.com
Phone: +33 4 75 66 46 00
FAX: +33 4 75 65 83 30

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