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New Supplier Entry - Pand Industrial Group (Iran)

Pand Industrial Group (Iran)

For the past twenty years, Pand Industrial Group has been providing optimum solution to the automation and electronic fields in Iran. Originated from Pand Industrial Group, in 2007, Pandtec became the foundation of innovative and customized Weighing Solutions to all sectors of weighing and measuring Industries in Iran. With hundreds of customers across the country, we emphasize on careful monitoring of world market trends to provide quality products, state of the art technology, and top-tier service.

Our marketing staff delivers comprehensive insight and analysis about companies that drive the weighing industry; while our technical staff consists of knowledgeable specialists exclusively certified to organize and coordinate projects and provide in-depth training and instruction to customers.

Pandtec is an exclusive representative for world class weighing component manufacturers such as Scaime, Flintec, Keli Sensing Technology, Cross Zlin, Arpege Master K, and Dini Argio in Iran.

By integrating the following products in our systems we present the best solution to our consumers according to their existing needs.

Main Products:
Load cells, Weighing indicators, Axel-Weighers, Wheel-Weighers, Anti- Explosion, Tanks, Silos, Mixers Weighing Systems, Drum Filling Machines, Bag Filling Machines, Checkweighers, Crane Scales, Belt Scales, Weigh in Motion Systems, Etc.

Contact details:
Address: Pand Industrial Group, No. 3, sahand Str., Andisheh str., Beheshti str., Tehran, Iran
Phone: 98 021 88762387
FAX: 98 021 88769694
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