Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Vetec introduces new Mechanical Overload Switch for Hoists and Cranes

Vetec Weighing & Radio Technology (Denmark) - Vetec’s new mechanical overload switch is developed in 2013 and holds a range of improved features that makes it easy to use and optimizes crane safety.

Improved Features:

  • Reduced size, 150mm/ optimal lifting height.
  • Very easy and precise to install and adjust with simple tools.
  • It is possible to visually see when the switch is adjusted correctly.
  • The same model can be adjusted ot fit different wire-sizes and kilo/tons.
  • Hysteresis 4% Full Scale.
  • Available ex. Stock (DK)

Danish Development and Manufacturing
Vetec products are developed by an in-house technical department located in Denmark and supplied to crane and offshore industries world wide.

For more information about the Vetec’s Mechanical Overload Switches click here.

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